Contributed Sessions

CPS001: Official statistics: Census

Census innovations: Integrating the population and housing census with the Agricultural Census
Nancy Chin      Abstract       Paper      

Characteristics of households using electronic questionnaire in the 2011 Population Census in Hong Kong
Tat Shing Tsang      Abstract       Paper      

Usage of geospatial technologies in census for producing statistics
Mohamed Ali Al Marri      Abstract       Paper      

Advancement in dissemination processes from Census 2005 to Census 2011 - Case study of the Abu Dhabi Emirate
Ghanem Khalfan Almehairbi      Abstract       Paper      

Development and challenges of the mobile-based population and housing census mapping system
Junwoo Jeon      Abstract       Paper      

Factors affecting the decision to participate in the internet option for the 2010 Census of Korea
Sungjin Kim, Eunkoo Lee      Abstract       Paper      

Assessment of drawing impacts of the questionnaire in Brazilian Census of 2010
Luiz Felipe Walter Barros, Gilson Gonçalves de Matos, Marden Barbosa de Campos, Gabriel Mendes Borges      Abstract       Paper      

CPS002: Official statistics: Social statistics

Health, poverty and vulnerability between generations in Senegal
Hilaire Guy Adetona Hounkpodote      Abstract       Paper      

Conditions for a universal HIV screening test in Ivory Coast: A sample selected bias estimation and two new unbalanced logit estimations approach
Eric Dongmo Tejiogni      Abstract       Paper      

Another indicator in measuring the fertility situation of a place with very few births born outside wedlock
Billy Y.G. Li      Abstract       Paper      

The complementary estimate of the Great East Japan Earthquake for the Labour Force Survey
Shinichi Nagao      Abstract       Paper      

Estimation and quality of household income data from Cambodia socio-economic survey
Vanndy Nor      Abstract       Paper      

The use of the victimisation survey and administrative data to examine crime under-reporting in South Africa
Joseph Lukhwareni      Abstract       Paper      

A gender analysis of youth household expenditures in Uganda
Stella Nassolo, Betty Nandawula      Abstract       Paper      

CPS003: Official statistics: Economic statistics

Capitalisation of research and development expenditure in Gross Domestic Product
Daniel Kin-Leung Chan      Abstract       Paper      

Development and application of Statistical Business Register Guidelines in African countries
Michael J. Colledge, Besa Muwele      Abstract       Paper      

Building a new system of business statistics in Moldova: The experience and vision for the future
Oleg Cara, Ion Partachi, Lilian Galer, Iurie Mocanu      Abstract       Paper      

Changing landscape of Hong Kong's retail sales
Christine M.C. Cheung      Abstract       Paper      

Business Survey Frame for coordinated statistical production
Masato Aida      Abstract       Paper      

Sovereign debt, investment and economic growth in Cameroon
Borel Ntsafack Nguimfack, William Ngamou      Abstract       Paper      

Small domain estimation applied to the Brazilian service annual survey
Denise Britz do Nascimento Silva, Andre Felipe Azevedo Neves, Solange Correa Onel      Abstract       Paper      

CPS004: Official statistics: Modelling and analyses

An age-structured two-sex model for Household Dynamics in Sydney
Mohammad-Reza Namazi-Rad, Payam Mokhtarian      Abstract      

Multiple imputation of missing values in economic surveys: Comparison of competing algorithms
Masayoshi Takahashi, Takayuki Ito      Abstract       Paper      

Static input-output model mathematical base and practical application
Ahmed Fathy Ahmed      Abstract      

A post-aggregation error record extraction based on naive Bayes for statistical survey enumeration
Kiyomi Shirakawa      Abstract       Paper      

Selective editing approach: An application
Maysa Sacramento de Magalhaes, Rodrigo S. Von Doellinger, Pedro N. Silva      Abstract       Paper      

Frequency tables disclosure control for the Abu Dhabi Census 2011
Miriam Hodge, Hanan Aldarmaki      Abstract       Paper      

CPS005: Official statistics: Estimation and quality assurance

Ethiopian Data Quality Assessment Frame Work (EDQAF)
Aberash Tariku Abaye      Abstract       Paper      

Establishing remote access to confidential German micro labor market data
Jörg Heining, Stefan Bender      Abstract       Paper      

A note on double sampling estimate and post estimation with BLS outlier adjustment
Seokdong Kim, Sangeun Lee      Abstract       Paper      

Use of administrative records for producing official statistics in Japan
Shinji Ueda, Masao Takahashi      Abstract       Paper      

Implementing selective editing at Statistics Finland
Marjo Pyy-Martikainen      Abstract       Paper      

How ISO based quality management system helps to monitor and ensure quality in statistics
Vilija Lap?nien?, Laura Lukšait?-Balakauskien?      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical methods for the detection of falsified data by interviewers and application survey data in Africa
Souleymane Diakite      Abstract       Paper      

Evaluation of census information through a quality indicator of the questionnaires
Gabriel Mendes Borges, Marden Barbosa de Campos, Gilson Gonçalves de Matos, Luiz Felipe Walter Barros      Abstract       Paper      

CPS006: Official statistics: Survey methodology and researches

Use of hand held for CPI price data collection in Egypt
Noura Hassan Ahmed Talaat Mostafa      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical web-based monitoring of the Philippine Livestock Program
Mary Ann Cruz Magtulis, Generoso G. de Guzman      Abstract       Paper      

What were the changes in consumption choices among Hong Kong's young households in recent years?
James L.Y. Cheng      Abstract       Paper      

New module to forecast new weights for CPI
Hani Tareq Al-Ahmed, Saleh Al-Kafri      Abstract       Paper      

Some challenges of the production, analysis and dissemination of social statistics in the 'developing world'
Dimitri Della Faille      Abstract       Paper      

The practice and exploration of GIS-based commercial housing price statistical system - The example of Shenzhen
Sha Li, Xiaoli Chong, Weiwen Wang, Jijin Geng, Zuozheng Xie      Abstract       Paper      

Research on Shenzhen's role in facilitating the transformation of Chinese migrant workers
Zuozheng Xie, Genrou Zhong, Hongbing Yu, Ning Tian, Yisen Wang      Abstract       Paper      

CPS007: Statistical education

Utilizing a construct of teacher capacity to examine national curriculum reform in statistical thinking: A comparative study between China and Australia
Qinqiong Zhang, Li Tan, Max Stephens      Abstract       Paper      

Development of elementary school teacher's self-regulated learning scale
Meng Meng, Daoling Fu      Abstract       Paper      

Empirical research on the model of elementary school mathematics teaching material's difficulty
Qing-You Cai      Abstract       Paper      

Study of the determinants of the demand for schooling in Cameroon
Tsakou Nazel Georges      Abstract       Paper      

Census at school: Gathering real data from and about school students in elementary school in Greece
Evanthis Chatzivasileiou, Ioannis Michalis, Christina Tsaliki, Apostolia Gioupsani      Abstract       Paper      

Issues and challenges of statistical literacy in higher education
Peter Kovacs      Abstract       Paper      

Visualization of states in online educational games
Juergen Symanzik, Ani Aghababyan, Taylor Martin      Abstract       Paper      

CPS008: Applications of statistics: Others (3)

Challenges of robust statistical characterization using digital image correlation technique for structural applications
Mark R. Gurvich      Abstract       Paper      

A new multiple discrete-continuous choice model for percentage-based data
Xiaoling Lu, Xin Wang, Hing-Po Lo      Abstract       Paper      

Systematic approach to seasonal adjustment of time series data: Methods and example
Chuanzhong Sun      Abstract       Paper      

Determinants of child work in Cameroon: Taking into account non-linearity of the income and the space dependence
Jean Faustin Kaffo, Christophe Kana Kenfack, Celestin Chameni Nembua      Abstract       Paper      

Evaluating student's correlation graphing capability using SOLO taxonomy
Ken W. Li, Merrilyn Goos      Abstract       Paper      

A study on statistical human joint models with application to the long-distance running
Kosuke Okusa, Toshinari Kamakura      Abstract       Paper      

Informal inferential reasoning using computer-based simulations to model statistical questions
Theodosia Prodromou      Abstract      

The reverse dimple in space-time covariance models
Ali Mohammadian Mosammam      Abstract       Paper      

CPS009: Applications of statistics: Business and economics

Bayesian panel vector autoregressive models
Komla Mawulom Agudze      Abstract      

Larger datasets lead to more inaccurate credit scoring
Mimi Mei Ling Chong, Matt Davison      Abstract       Paper      

Measuring the intensity of local unit's locational concentration with regard to the neighborhood externality with GIS
Hiromi Mori, Noriaki Sakamoto, Hirokazu Hasegawa      Abstract       Paper      

The effect of China's real exchange rate appreciation in the next decade - An investigation of a recursive dynamic CGE analysis
Xin Li      Abstract       Paper      

Income shocks, food expenditures, calorie intake and body weight: A multilevel structural equation modelling analysis
Stephanie von Hinke Kessler Scholder, George Leckie      Abstract       Paper      

An econometric study of the labor demand in Hong Kong
Ho Ming Lau      Abstract       Paper      

The generalized filter trading rule under time varying volatility
Ling Xin      Abstract       Paper      

CPS010: Applications of statistics: Finance

Maximum entropy risk model in financial management
Dhara Singh Hooda      Abstract       Paper      

Index development for a market with heavy-tailed distributions
Yoko Tanokura, Hiroshi Tsuda, Seisho Sato, Genshiro Kitagawa      Abstract       Paper      

Cross-sectional vine copula factor model
Yuk Ting Yeung, Mike K.P. So      Abstract       Paper      

Spatial GARCH: A spatial approach to multivariate volatility modelling
Svetlana A. Borovkova, H.P. Lopuhaä      Abstract       Paper      

Risk-averse inference using higher moment coherent risk measures
Spiridon I. Penev, But-Elle Hatooka      Abstract       Paper      

Modeling inflation rates as long memory seasonal processes
Daniel Takata Gomes, Caroline Ponce de Moraes      Abstract       Paper      

A comparison of risk return relationship in the portfolio selection models
Ken Hung, C.W. Yang, Yifan Zhao      Abstract       Paper      

CPS011: Applications of statistics: Actuarial science and environmental studies

Ensemble operational air quality in Europe - Improving modeling platforms with statistical modeling
Anthony Ung, Laure Malherbe, Frederik Meleux, Bertrand Bessagnet, Laurence Rouil      Abstract       Paper      

Evaluation of statistical methods for forecasting mortality: The Lee-Carter method and its alternative
Taku Yamamoto, Hiroaki Chigira, Chisako Yamamoto      Abstract       Paper      

Claim incidence models with varying exposure in automobile insurance
Linda Elin Walter      Abstract       Paper      

A comparative study on the relationship between environment and economy based on the classical statistics and Bayesian statistics - A case study of Gansu province
Jun Li Wang, Dequn Zhou, Peng Zhou, Yongyu Wang, Maoxi Tian      Abstract       Paper      

An ordered probit model for seismic intensity data
Clarissa Ferrari, Michela Cameletti, Valerio De Rubeis, Patrizia Tosi      Abstract      

A technique of incorporating spatial dependence in MSSA forecasts
Richard Opaka Awichi      Abstract       Paper      

Local atmospheric pollution evolution through time series analysis
Giuliana Passamani, Paola Masotti      Abstract       Paper      

CPS012: Applications of statistics: Reliability and quality improvement

Reliability and profit analysis of a computer system with hardware repair and software replacement subject to conditional arrival time of server
Suresh Chander Malik      Abstract       Paper      

Analysis of a computer system with arrival time of the server and priority to h/w repair over s/w replacement
Joginder Kumar Sureria      Abstract       Paper      

Correlation paradox of binary classification system
Tamar Gadrich, Emil Bashkansky      Abstract       Paper      

Multi-criteria variable selection for process monitoring
Luan Jaupi, Philippe Durand, Dariush Ghorbanzadeh, Dyah E. Herwindiati      Abstract       Paper      

Designed experiments in development of a predictive index for pancreas cancer
Klaus Kaae Andersen, Julia S. Johansen, Nicolai A. Schultz, Christian Dehlendorff      Abstract      

A general bias correction method for the estimation of Weibull common shape parameter
Yan Shen      Abstract       Paper      

Bootstrap confidence interval for modified linear regression estimation of the population mean
Sri Haryatmi kartiko      Abstract       Paper      

Quantifying nanoparticle dispersion in polymer nanocomposites using TEM micrographs
Xiaodong Li, Jionghua Jin, Dawei Huang, Dan Yu, Zhong Zhang, Hui Zhang      Abstract      

CPS013: Applications of statistics: Others (1)

Parameter estimation of production functions based on Social Accounting Matrices (SAM) in General Equilibrium (GE) model framework computation
Guido Ferrari, Luca Secondi      Abstract       Paper      

Stochastic model of the dynamics of Chagas disease in urban scenarios
Maria Del Carmen Fabrizio, Norberto J. Bartoloni      Abstract       Paper      

Determinants of anaemia among young children in Nigeria: A Bayesian hierarchical modelling
Ezra Gayawan, Samson B. Adebayo, Ekundayo D. Arogundade      Abstract      

Use of pseudo-likelihood approach in longitudinal educational surveys
Zhihui Fu      Abstract       Paper      

Sparse principal component analysis incorporating stability selection
Martin Sill      Abstract       Paper      

Bayesian population projections with model uncertainty
Peter W.F. Smith, Arkadiusz Wisniowski, Jakub Bijak, James Raymer      Abstract      

CPS014: Applications of statistics: Others (2)

Application of robust statistical optimal designs for growth rate models in predictive food microbiology
Jean-Pierre Gauchi, Jean-Christophe Augustin      Abstract       Paper      

Structural equation modeling in the assessment of a vaccine quality
Viviana Parreño, Maria Virginia López, Marta Quaglino, Norberto J. Bartoloni      Abstract      

Vertical data integration for melanoma prognosis
Kaushala Jayawardana, Samuel Mueller, Sarah-Jane Schramm, Graham J. Mann, Jean Yang      Abstract       Paper      

A coupled finite mixture model for transcriptional module discovery
Han Li, Xiaodan Fan      Abstract       Paper      

Survival analysis of dental implants
Andrew Kai Ming Kwan, Fu Lee Wang, Tak-Kun Chow      Abstract       Paper      

The evaluation of evidence for autocorrelated Data: With an example relating to traces of cocaine on banknotes
Amy Wilson, Colin Aitken, Richard Sleeman, Jim Carter      Abstract       Paper      

Questions that count: A livestock module for multi-topic household surveys
Ugo Pica-Ciamarra, Alberto Zezza, Derek Baker, Nancy Morgan      Abstract       Paper      

A novel statistical image fusion rule for noisy source images
Tamanna Howlader, Fatema Tuz Jhohura, S.M. Mahbubur Rahman      Abstract       Paper      

CPS015: Survey methodology

Measures of privacy in randomized response surveys for quantitative stigmatizing variables
Mausumi Bose      Abstract       Paper      

Model fitting tests in the analysis of panel data
Marcel D.T. Vieira      Abstract       Paper      

Comparative studies on survey sampling bias in cross-cultural social research
Yuejun Zheng      Abstract       Paper      

Bayesian randomized response technique
Siu Wa Chung, Mike K.P. So      Abstract       Paper      

Empirical likelihood confidence regions for regression parameters under unequal probability sampling
Yves Guy Berger      Abstract       Paper      

Estimation of confidence intervals for quantiles under unequal probability sampling using a new empirical likelihood approach
Omar De La Riva Torres, Yves G. Berger      Abstract       Paper      

A composite estimator for cut-off sampling
Hee-Jin Hwang, Key-Il Shin      Abstract       Paper      

CPS016: Survey sampling

A new sampling scheme for partial non-response situations with multiple objectives
Showkat Maqbool      Abstract       Paper      

Improved estimation of population mean in stratified random sampling using information on auxiliary attribute
Nursel Koyuncu      Abstract       Paper      

Economic efficiency of the LTPD sampling plans for inspection by variables when the remainder of rejected lots is inspected
Nikola Kasprikova, Jindrich Klufa      Abstract       Paper      

Cut-off sampling for log-normal distribution
Sang Eun Lee, Key-Il Shin      Abstract       Paper      

Designing household samples in Brazil using the 2010 Census enumeration area frame
Smela Batista Arantes, Pedro Luis Do Nascimento Silva      Abstract       Paper      

Using principal component scores as stratification variable: An alternative to multiple frame sampling methodology
Kevin Carl Peña Santos, Erniel B. Barrios      Abstract       Paper      

Surveying kindergarten children in the absence of a sampling frame: A study in indirect sampling
Hans Kiesl      Abstract       Paper      

The first phase order sampling for the second phase stratification
Danute Krapavickaite      Abstract       Paper      

CPS017: Survey estimation

A highly accurate simple small area confidence interval method
Masayo Yoshimori, Partha Lahiri      Abstract       Paper      

Missing values imputation in a load curves sample: An approach combining time series and survey sampling techniques
Anne de Moliner      Abstract       Paper      

Calibration versus other reweighting methods in surveys
Seppo Laaksonen      Abstract       Paper      

A comparison of methods to estimate poverty indexes in small samples
Giuseppe de Abreu Antonaci, Pedro L.N. Sliva, Fernando Moura      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical characteristics of environmental consciousness and pro-environmental behavior in East Asia
Mie Fujiki, Yuejun Zheng      Abstract       Paper      

On recent developments of cross-sectional weighting schemes for children in the Swiss Household Panel
Martina Rothenbühler, Eric Graf, Alina Matei      Abstract       Paper      

Environmental attitudes and behaviour towards Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant nearby Hong Kong
Iris M.H. Yeung, William Chung      Abstract       Paper      

CPS018: Statistical theory and methodology: Theory of statistics (1)

Simultaneous selection and estimation of the largest normal mean by confidence statement approach
Yoshikazu Takada      Abstract       Paper      

Examining the role of a non-informative prior function through weakly informative prior densities
Takemi Yanagimoto, Toshio Ohnishi      Abstract       Paper      

Measuring the distance between images and image uncertainty using wavelet decompositions and the Earth mover's Distance
Roy E. Welsch, Yunfan Tang      Abstract       Paper      

Anderson-Darling type goodness-of-fit statistic based on a multifold integrated empirical distribution function
Satoshi Kuriki, Hsien-Kuei Hwang      Abstract       Paper      

On the bootstrap approach for support vector machines and related kernel based methods
Andreas Christmann, Robert Hable      Abstract       Paper      

Dual roles of maximizing likelihood and Shannon entropy in Bayesian prediction
Toshio Ohnishi, Takemi Yanagimoto      Abstract       Paper      

Hardy's condition in the moment problem for probability distributions
Gwo Dong Lin, Jordan Stoyanov      Abstract       Paper      

Detection of a random sequence of disorders
Krzysztof J. Szajowski, Aleksandra Ochman-Gozdek      Abstract       Paper      

CPS019: Statistical theory and methodology: Statistical modelling

Detecting a wide diversity of associations in very large data sets
Susan Ruth Wilson, Christopher Pardy      Abstract       Paper      

On a mixture of Gaussian copula graphical model
Wai Ming Li, Mike K.P. So      Abstract       Paper      

Nonparametric regression for spherical data
Charles C. Taylor, Marco Di Marzio, Agnese Panzera      Abstract      

Errors-in-variables beta regression models
Silvia L.P. Ferrari, Jalmar M.F. Carrasco, Reinaldo B. Arellano-Valle      Abstract       Paper      

Measure of symmetry with minimum variance for square contingency tables
Kouji Yamamoto, Kouji Tahata, Sadao Tomizawa      Abstract       Paper      

Zero-inflated Poisson regression mixture models
Hwa Kyung Lim, Wai Keung Li, Philip Leung Ho Yu      Abstract       Paper      

Expectation maximization algorithms for estimating Bernstein copula density
Xiaoling Dou, Satoshi Kuriki, Gwo Dong Lin      Abstract       Paper      

CPS020: Statistical theory and methodology: Statistical inference (1)

Informative measures of significance for constructing intelligent feature weights
Samuel Mueller, Tanya P. Garcia, Raymond J. Carroll      Abstract       Paper      

Construction of efficient fractional factorial designs for general factorials under a baseline parametrization
Rahul Mukerjee      Abstract       Paper      

Variable selection in Cox regression models with varying coefficients
Toshio Honda, Wolfgang Karl Hardle      Abstract       Paper      

On generalized degrees of freedom and their application in linear mixed model selection
Chong You, Samuel Müller, John Ormerod      Abstract       Paper      

Depth based methods for estimation a conditional distribution function in data streams
Daniel Kosiorowski      Abstract       Paper      

Model selection for semiparametric Bayesian models with application to overdispersion
Jinfang Wang, Yiping Tang       Paper      

Maximum likelihood logistic regression with auxiliary information for probabilistically linked data
Gunky Kim, Ray Chambers      Abstract       Paper      

Contaminated variance-mean mixing model
Thomas Fung, Joanna J.J. Wang, Eugene Seneta      Abstract       Paper      

CPS021: Statistical theory and methodology: Statistical inference (2)

Deterministic algorithms for robust covariance and regression
Peter J. Rousseeuw, Mia Hubert, Tim Verdonck, Kaveh Vakili, Dina Vanpaemel      Abstract      

Two digit testing for Benford's Law
Dieter William Joenssen      Abstract       Paper      

Theoretical considerations for multivariate functional data analysis
Yoshiharu Sato      Abstract       Paper      

A model selection criterion for LASSO
Ho Yin Ho, Man-Yu Wong      Abstract      

Fuzzy clustering based correlation and its application to principal component analysis
Mika Sato-Ilic      Abstract       Paper      

Identifying special structures in interval-data via model-based clustering
Paula Brito, A. Pedro Duarte Silva, Jose G. Dias      Abstract       Paper      

Quaternary-code designs: A better choice of design for experimentation
Frederick Kin Hing Phoa      Abstract       Paper      

CPS022: Statistical theory and methodology: Time series analysis

Poisson autoregressive and moving-average models for forecasting non-stationary seasonal time series of tourist counts in Mauritius
Vandna Jowaheer, Naushad Ali Mamode Khan, Yuvraj Sunecher      Abstract       Paper      

Bootstrap joint prediction regions
Michael Wolf, Dan Wunderli      Abstract       Paper      

Wavelet estimation of functional coefficient regression models
Pedro Alberto Morettin, Michel H. Montoril, Chang Chiann      Abstract       Paper      

Bootstrapping realized bipower variation
Gang Feng, Jens-Peter Kreiss      Abstract      

Extensions of the autoregressive Sieve bootstrap to multivariate and spatial time series
Marco Meyer, Jens-Peter Kreiss      Abstract      

Multivariate linear processes with observations taken at different frequencies in each component
Tobias Niebuhr, Marco Meyer      Abstract      

Measuring bivariate average treatment effect
Patrick Franco Alves, Gustavo T.L. Da Costa      Abstract       Paper      

A Bayesian approach to indirect-VaR TGARCH models
Yuzhi Cai      Abstract      

CPS023: Statistical theory and methodology: Others

Joint modelling of spatial correlation of infant and child mortality in Afghanistan
Oyelola A. Adegboye, Danelle Kotze      Abstract      

Nonparametric approach for spatial-temporal model
Tingjin Chu      Abstract       Paper      

An algorithm for Bayesian variable selection in high-dimensional generalized linear models
Vitara Pungpapong      Abstract       Paper      

Bayesian hierarchical spatial-temporal models
Yixin Wang, Mike K.P. So      Abstract       Paper      

A strategy for multiple linkage disequilibrium mapping methods to validate additive QTL
Yi Li, Jong-Joo Kim, Kwan-Suk Kim      Abstract       Paper      

The standardized robust LM test of spatial lag model and its asymptotical performance
Lihu Liu, Zhengming Qian      Abstract      

A class of semiparametric estimator for long-range dependent multivariate processes
Silvia Regina Costa Lopes, Guilherme Pumi      Abstract       Paper      

CPS024: Statistical theory and methodology: Theory of statistics (2)

Stochastic guaranteed cost control of Markovian jumping singular systems
Grienggrai Rajchakit      Abstract      

Delta method on bootstrapping of autoregressive process
Bambang Suprihatin, Suryo Guritno, Sri Haryatmi      Abstract       Paper      

Estimation for binomial proportions from pooled samples using an objective prior
Lizanne Raubenheimer, Abrie J. Van Der Merwe      Abstract       Paper      

Superiority conditions of shrinkage estimator in Laplacian class of elliptical models
Mohammad Arashi, A. Bekker      Abstract       Paper      

A randomized nonparametric statistic for multivariate multisample testing hypothesis
Hidetoshi Murakami      Abstract       Paper      

Realized skewness at high frequency and link to conditional market premium
Zhi Liu, Kent Wang, Junwei Liu      Abstract       Paper      

Optimal design of cumulative sum control charts under shift uncertainty
Lianjie Shu, Wenpo Huang, Wei Jiang      Abstract       Paper      

Outlier detection using the outlier probability for robust linear regression
Ka-Veng Yuen, He-Qing Mu      Abstract       Paper      

CPS025: Statistical computing

Semiparametric Poisson regression model in clustered data
Erniel B. Barrios, Eiffel A. de Vera      Abstract       Paper      

Openstyle academic hotpots extracting algorithm based on penalized network random block model
Xing Wang      Abstract       Paper      

Holonomic descent minimization method for the restricted maximum likelihood estimation
Rieko Sakurai, Toshio Sakata      Abstract       Paper      

Efficient computation of maximum likelihood estimators of hierarchical subspace models
Hara Hisayuki      Abstract       Paper      

An optimization approach applied the multivariate optimal allocation in stratified sample designs
José André M. Brito, Gustavo Silva Semaan, Flávio Marcelo Tavares Montenegro      Abstract      

Metric learning for nearest neighbor classification
Akarin Phaibulpanich, Kerby Shedden      Abstract       Paper      

Sliced inverse regression for the interval-valued symbolic data
Han-Ming Wu      Abstract      

A social network based surveillance and spatio-temporal visualization tool
Lilia Leticia Ramirez, Yulia R. Gel, Mary E. Thompson, Eileen De Villa, Matt McPherson      Abstract      

CPS026: Research on statistical theory and practices in China

BRICS international competitiveness on innovation capacity-evidence from cross countries comparison
Bin Gu, Yilin Wu      Abstract       Paper      

IPFP: An improved parallel FP-growth algorithm for frequent itemsets mining
Dawen Xia, Zili Zhang, Yanhui Zhou, Zhoubo Rong      Abstract       Paper      

Research on the construction of industrial R&D price index in China - Taking large and medium-sized industry for example
Facang Zhu, Yan Zhang      Abstract       Paper      

Expanded dual system estimation model and its matching properties in census coverage error measurement
Ran Tao      Abstract       Paper      

Asymptotic expansions for moments of skew normal extremes
Xin Liao, Zuoxiang Peng, Saralees Nadarajah      Abstract       Paper      

Quasi maximum likelihood estimation for non-stationary TGARCH(1, 1) models
Hui Wang, Jiazhu Pan      Abstract       Paper      

CPS027: Research on statistical method and application in China

Processing trade, sunk costs, firm heterogeneity and export behavior
Xiaojuan Xu, Minxue Gao      Abstract       Paper      

Analysis of living status of the married migrant youth based on a sampling survey
Qin Yin, Yong Wen, You-Liang Shuai, Zhan-Hong Zong, Pei Xu      Abstract       Paper      

The study of direct energy consumption of urban residents in China based on the modified IPAT- LMDI model
Shigai Chai      Abstract       Paper      

The human capital investment model based on the stochastic control problem
Yang Yu      Abstract       Paper      

New trends in the research of young people's digital life in mainland China: Case study of current digital life status of citizens of two Beijing districts
Keqing Yang, Huixin Ke      Abstract       Paper      

A study on sample assessment method in sampling survey
Yi Zhou, Zuyuan Xiong, Li Zhu      Abstract       Paper      

CPS028: Statistical measurement of urban development (Beijing)

Studies on the sharing of government information resources
Wen Zhang, Xiaowei Hou, Chunxian Wu, Kongming Qiu, Xiaolu Wang, Bin Wang, Shijun Xu      Abstract       Paper      

Comparative research on innovation capabilities among enterprises in Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai
Zhao Jin, Zexing Chen, Xiaomei Song, Bin Wang, Peng Zhang      Abstract       Paper      

Analysis on factors influencing Beijing's aim for per capita GDP to reach $20,000
Sining Huang, Li Xie      Abstract       Paper      

Evaluation and monitoring system on urban modern agriculture in Beijing
Xiao Qiong Yang, Sujie Meng, Jinzeng Wang, Dongchun Ma, Yanyan Wang, Dongjuan Zhan      Abstract       Paper      

Law of real estate development in international metropolises and its inspiration on Beijing
Changyuan Zhong, Qinfang Xia, Youliang Li, Yan Feng, Tao Shen      Abstract       Paper      

Characteristics and regular pattern study of floating population in Beijing
Hui An, Yanzhou Gu, Jiangqian Pang, Ge Yang, Zengyong Li      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical methods and empirical research on consumer services in Beijing
Yan Xu      Abstract       Paper      

Research on statistical and investigating methods of utilizing new energy and renewable energy in Beijing
Ting Xue, Leqiang Wang, Rui Zhou, Qilong Zhang, Xiuyu Fang, Weichen Lai, Xin Li      Abstract       Paper      

CPS029: Winners of 2012 SASA Young African Statisticians Competition (I)

Optimal bank's liquidity supply by the central bank: A microeconomic approach
Jules Valery Tinang Nzesseu      Abstract       Paper      

Least squares estimation based on order statistics in location-scale families of distributions
Ruaan Van Zyl, Robert Schall      Abstract       Paper      

The MDS-GUI: A graphical user interface for comprehensive multidimensional scaling applications
Andrew William Timm, Sugnet Gardner-Lubbe      Abstract       Paper      

The construction of a partial least squares biplot
Opeoluwa Oyedele, Sugnet Gardner-Lubbe      Abstract       Paper      

Using vital registration to quantify HIV mortality in South Africa between 1997 and 2009
William Tinashe Msemburi, R.E. Dorrington, D. Bradshaw, Sa Nbd Team      Abstract       Paper      

Estimating the causal effect of school size on educational attainment
Oswald Koussihouèdé      Abstract       Paper      

An application of correspondence analysis to social psychology
Mercy Munemo      Abstract       Paper      

CPS030: Winners of 2012 SASA Young African Statisticians Competition (II)

Quantitative trait linkage analysis for different human family types
Ushma Galal, Lize Van Der Merwe      Abstract       Paper      

Road accidents in Kenya: A case of poor road network or human error?
Leacky Kamau Muchene      Abstract       Paper      

Impact of adoption of improved rice varieties on income and poverty reduction among rice farmers in Cameroon
Banawe Plambou Anissa      Abstract       Paper      

Direct tax revenue and its contribution to Uganda's economic growth
Newton Britin Akiza      Abstract       Paper      

Poverty alleviation in Burkina Faso: An analytical approach
Hervé Jean Louis Guene      Abstract       Paper      

Determinants and impact of non-registration birth on the children in Cameroun
Tchagang Ariane Wakap      Abstract       Paper      

Modelling occupational exposure using a random effects model: A Bayesian approach
Justin Harvey, Abrie J. Van Der Merwe      Abstract       Paper      

CPS031: Participants sponsored by World Bank Fund (I)

Comparison of some selected values of the constants of Basit and Shahbaz selection procedure under unequal probability sampling without replacement
Omotola Omotayo Dawodu      Abstract       Paper      

Variable selection with the modified Buckley-James method and the Dantzig selector for high-dimensional survival data
Md Hasinur Rahaman Khan, J. Ewart H. Shaw      Abstract       Paper      

A projection based nonparametric test of conditional quantile independence with an application to bank's systemic risk
Milan Nedeljkovic      Abstract      

Statistical inference based on progressively type II censored data from Weibull model
Mohammad Z. Raqab, Raed R. Abu Awwad, Intesar Al-Mudahakha      Abstract       Paper      

Assessing discriminatory ability of random effects logistic models for clustered binary outcomes
Mohammad Shafiqur Rahman, Gareth Ambler, Rumana Omar      Abstract       Paper      

Modeling volatility of price of some selected agricultural products in Ethiopia: ARIMA-GARCH applications
Yegnanew Alem Shiferaw      

Assessing the impact of environmental degradation on children's health: The contribution of stochastic modeling
Mahamadi Balima      

Exploring the impact of scaling techniques on classification accuracy of nmr metabolomic data using plsa-da and opls-da
Jean-Pierre Labuschagne      Abstract      

CPS034: Awardees of Wakimoto Memorial Fund and Cochran-Hansen Prize

Model-based clustering with non-parametric initialization
Kyungduk Lim      Abstract      

Berry-Esséen bounds and almost sure CLT for the quadratic variation of the bifractional Brownian motion
Aazizi Soufiane      Abstract       Paper      

Performance of bilinear autoregressive moving average models: Using demographic time series data
Samuel Abera Zewdie, Ermias Dessie      Abstract       Paper      

The impact of demographic changes on economic growth in Egypt
Mahmoud Mohamed Elsarawy      Abstract       Paper      

Determinants of export diversification at all margins. Case Study: South Korea
Embareka Farouk      Abstract       Paper      

An unequal-probability replication variance estimator for large-entropy sampling designs
Escobar López Emilio      Abstract      

The best estimation for high-dimensional Markowitz mean-variance optimization
Hua Li, Zhidong Bai, Wing-Keung Wong      Abstract       Paper