Keynote and Invited Sessions

IPS000: ISI President's Invited Speaker

World Bank goals on eliminating extreme poverty & boosting shared prosperity: Implications for data and policy
Kaushik Basu      Abstract       Video

IPS001: Probabilistic and statistical contributions in climate research

Modelling of extreme rainfall in space and time
Anthony C. Davison, R. Huser      Abstract      

A multi-site hourly precipitation weather generator based on a frailty-contagion approach
Erwan Koch      Abstract      

IPS002: Improving health statistics in the context of measuring quality of life

The role of statistics on health status in the context of measuring QoL
Jennifer Madans      Abstract       Paper      

Selecting indicators for the health dimension in measuring QoL
Michael Wolfson      Abstract      

Methods and materials of health expectancy
Yasuhiko Saito      Abstract      

The role of HIS/HES/DIS for measuring the health dimension
Mika Gissler, Antti Tuomi-Nikula      Abstract       Paper      

IPS003: Statistical challenges for the analysis of social networks

Estimating network degree distributions from sampled networks: An inverse problem
Eric D. Kolaczyk, Yaonan Zhang, Bruce D. Spencer      Abstract      

Community detection and learning in social networks
Emmanuel Viennet      Abstract      

Perpendicular latent space models for multiview network data
Tyler H. McCormick, Michael Salter-Townshend      Abstract      

IPS004: New developments in multilevel model inference from complex sample survey data

Empirical bias corrections for fitting multilevel models under informative sampling
Solange Correa Onel, Danny Pfeffermann      Abstract       Paper      

Multivariate hierarchical normal modelling under informative sampling
Pedro Luis do Nascimento Silva, Fernando Antonio Da Silva Moura      Abstract       Paper      

A composite likelihood approach to analysis of survey data with sampling weights incorporated under two-level models
Grace Y. Yi, J.N.K. Rao, Haocheng Li      Abstract       Paper      

IPS005: Issues related to major redesigns in national statistical offices

Issues related to major redesigns in national statistical offices
Peter Morrison      Abstract       Paper      

Redesign in a statistical office - Sociodemographic statistics in the Office for National Statistics
Paul A. Smith      Abstract       Paper      

Innovations in Australia’s social statistics information program
Gemma Van Halderen, Eric Morris      Abstract       Paper      

Design and implementation of the Integrated Business Survey in China
Xiuhua Tian      Abstract       Paper      

IPS006: Statistical methods in the study of palaeoclimate

Paleoclimate reconstruction using statistical nonlinear forward models
Peter F. Craigmile, Martin P. Tingley, Jiangyong Yin      Abstract       Paper      

Bayesian palaeoclimate inference from pollen in Southern Italy
Andrew C. Parnell, James Sweeney, Thinh K. Doan, Michael Salter-Townshend, Judy R.M. Allen, Brian Huntley, John Haslett      Abstract       Paper      

IPS007: Improving agricultural statistics through methodological validation and research

From Guesstimates to GPStimates: Land area measurement and implications for agricultural analysis
Calogero Carletto, Sydney Gourlay, Paul Winters      Abstract      

Assessing the effect of slope and weather conditions on area measurement using GPS
Naman Keita      Abstract      

Missing(ness) in action: Selectivity bias in GPS-based land area measurements
Talip Kilic, Alberto Zezza, Calogero Carletto, Sara Savastano      Abstract       Paper      

Milking the data: Measuring household milk production in extensive livestock systems. Experimental evidence from Niger
Alberto Zezza, Giovanni Federighi, Calogero Carletto      Abstract      

IPS008: History I: Jacob Bernoulli's Ars Conjectandi and the emergence of probability

Jacob Bernoulli and the founding of mathematical probability
Edith Dudley Sylla      Abstract       Paper      

Statistics and philosophy of probability - Six degrees of separation
Krzysztof Burdzy      Abstract      

An overview of Monte Carlo methods, from importance sampling to MCMC, to ABC
Christian P. Robert      Abstract      

IPS009: IAOS forum - A panel discussion on new challenges facing official statistics

Panel discussion
Marjo Bruun      Abstract      

Panel discussion
Carmelita Nuguid Ericta      Abstract      

Panel discussion
Jil Matheson      Abstract      

Panel discussion
Eduardo Nunes      Abstract      

Panel discussion
Walter Josef Radermacher      Abstract      

IPS010: Statistics of extremes and re-sampling methodologies

Bridging centrality and extremity: Refining empirical data depth using extreme value theory
Regina Liu, John Einmahl, Jun Li      Abstract      

Bootstrapping endpoint
Zhouping Li, Liang Peng      Abstract       Paper      

The role of bootstrap methodologies in the estimation of a negative extreme value index
Frederico Caeiro, M. Ivette Gomes      Abstract       Paper      

IPS011: Chronological text mining

A system for temporally-sliced correspondence analysis visualization
Bojana Dalbelo Baši?, Artur Šili?, Annie Morin, Jean-Hugues Chauchat      Abstract      

Dynamic of a speech: Tracking the discursive strategy
Mónica Bécue-Bertaut      Abstract      

CAText, interactive exploration of chronological text corpora
Nguyen-Khang Pham, Annie Morin      Abstract      

Use of statistical testing for determining the values of parameters for an unsupervised feature construction algorithm
Marian-Andrei Rizoiu, Julien Velcin, Stéphane Lallich      Abstract      

IPS012: Statistical methods for identification of biosignatures of treatment response

HORSES: Hexagonal Operator for Regression with Shrinkage and Equality Selection
Johan Lim, Woncheol Jang, Nicole Lazar, Ji Meng Loh      Abstract       Paper      

Canonical k-means clustering for functional data
Thaddeus Tarpey, Eva Petkova      Abstract       Paper      

Modeling strategies for developing treatment response indices
Eva Petkova, Zhe Su      Abstract       Paper      

Model selection criteria based on computationally intensive estimators of the expected optimism
Joseph E. Cavanaugh, Andrew A. Neath      Abstract       Paper      

IPS013: Applications on modeling time correlated count processes

Modelling the total loss distribution based on dependent operational risk frequency counts
Claudia Czado, Eike C. Brechmann, Sandra Paterlini      Abstract      

Hierarchical Bayesian spatio-temporal Conway-Maxwell Poisson models with dynamic dispersion
Scott H. Holan, Guohui Wu, Christopher K. Wikle      Abstract      

On a threshold autoregression
Wai Keung Li      Abstract      

IPS015: Statistics for protein structure prediction and protein interaction

Introduction to proteomics and the statistical aspects of protein research
Michael G. Schimek, Kanti V. Mardia      Abstract      

Bayesian parameter estimation for protein contact potentials
Scott C. Schmidler, Xiang Zhou      Abstract      

A Bayesian model for protein secondary structure prediction
David B. Dahl, Qiwei Li, Marina Vannucci, Hyun Joo, Jerry W. Tsai      Abstract       Paper      

Combining the multicanonical ensemble with generative probabilistic models of local biomolecular structure
Jes Frellsen, Thomas Hamelryck, Jesper Ferkinghoff-Borg      Abstract       Paper      

IPS016: Statistical and stochastic analysis of jumps in insurance

Some statistical estimation problems in ruin theory
Susan M. Pitts      Abstract       Paper      

On statistical inference for Levy-driven models
Hiroki Masuda      Abstract      

On the optimal dividend problem for jump-diffusions under fixed transaction costs
Jostein Paulsen      Abstract      

IPS017: Crime and statistics: A dangerous liaison? Issues, challenges and future directions

The impact of victimisation on the daily activities of South Africans - A case study of the 2011 Victims of Crime Survey
Pali Lehohla      Abstract       Paper      

The evolving role of self-report surveys of criminal victimization in a system of statistics on crime and the administration of justice
James Patrick Lynch      Abstract       Paper      

Quantification of losses caused by delinquency in Ecuador
Yannira Chávez, Paul Medina, Patricia Cortez      Abstract       Paper      

To measure or not to measure. The Mexican case
Mario Palma Rojo      Abstract       Paper      

Using kernel methods to visualise crime data
Kieran Martin, Martin Ralphs      Abstract       Paper      

IPS018: Discrete choice experiments

Incorporating analyst uncertainty in model specification and respondent processing strategies into efficient designs for logit models
John M. Rose, Michiel C.J. Bliemer      Abstract      

Design and analysis of discrete choice experiments for models with response time
William Li, Stefano Barone, Alberto Lombardo, Deqiang Zou      Abstract      

Designing for attribute-level best-worst choice experiments
Deborah J. Street, Stephanie Knox      Abstract       Paper      

IPS019: Sources of influence in developing statistical literacy

Statistical literacy and multivariate thinking
James Robert Nicholson, Jim Ridgway, Sean McCusker      Abstract      

Connected worlds: Statistical literacy in art, science, public health and social issues
Neil Lutsky      Abstract      

Emerging trends in data visualisation: Implications for producers of official statistics
Alan Smith      Abstract       Paper      

IPS020: Model-assisted approaches to combining information from different surveys (survey data integration)

Estimation of totals and regression parameters by combining data from independent surveys
J.N.K. Rao, Jae Kwang Kim      Abstract       Paper      

Improved estimation for June Area Survey incorporating several information
Zhengyuan Zhu, Jae Kwang Kim, Shu Yang      Abstract       Paper      

Composite calibration estimation integrating data from different surveys
Takis Merkouris      Abstract       Paper      

IPS021: Statistical reasoning in law

Evidence evaluation for multivariate discrete data
Colin G.G. Aitken, Erica Gold      Abstract       Paper      

Evaluation of forensic evidence in DNA mixture using RMNE
Fan Xia, Wing K. Fung, Yuk-Ka Chung      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical issues in the measure of accuracy of narcotics dogs and their implications in legal cases
Joseph L. Gastwirth      Abstract      

IPS022: Quantile regression - Recent development of theory and applications

Variable selection in high-dimensional quantile varying coefficient models
Yanlin Tang, Huixia Judy Wang      Abstract      

Self-consistent estimation of censored quantile regression
Limin Peng      Abstract      

Estimation and testing of varying coefficients in quantile regression
Xingdong Feng, Liping Zhu      Abstract      

IPS023: Modernisation of business statistics

Identical variables in different business and trade-related statistics - A challenge for European statistics
Joachim Weisbrod, Mirjam Weber, Bjoern Witting      Abstract       Paper      

Building the statistical data warehouse to improve statistics
Harry Goossens       Paper      

Revision project of the business register and business statistics in Finland
Sami Saarikivi      Abstract       Paper      

IPS024: Survey sampling: Advanced approaches in computational statistics

Robust inference in two-phase sampling designs with application to unit nonresponse
David Haziza, Jean-François Beaumont, Cyril Favre-Martinoz      Abstract       Paper      

Spatial network sampling in small area estimation
Monica Pratesi, Roberto Benedetti, Stefano Marchetti, Federica Piersimoni      Abstract       Paper      

Doubly balanced spatial sampling with spreading and restitution of auxiliary totals
Yves Tillé, Anton Grafström      Abstract       Paper      

IPS026: Statistical methods for analyzing financial data

Matching quantiles estimation and selecting representative portfolios
Qiwei Yao, Nikolaos Sgouropoulos, Claudia Yastremiz      Abstract      

Sparse vector autoregressive modeling
Richard A. Davis, Pengfei Zang, Tian Zheng      Abstract      

Fast estimation of multiple-regime threshold autoregressive model
Chun Yip Yau, Chong Man Tang      Abstract      

IPS027: Administrative censuses: Approaches when national population registers are not complete, or not available

Integrated rolling census
Luisa Burck, Dan Ben Hur      Abstract       Paper      

The new register-based census of Germany - A multiple source mixed mode approach
Sabine Bechtold      Abstract       Paper      

Beyond 2011 - A new paradigm for population statistics?
Peter Benton, Andy Teague, Alistair Calder, Jane Naylor      Abstract       Paper      

A Bayesian method for deriving population statistics from multiple imperfect data sources
John Bryant, Patrick Graham      Abstract       Paper      

IPS028: Distributional inferences in statistics

Inference distributions for a parameter: Are they calibrated?
D.A.S. Fraser      Abstract      

Integrating confidence intervals, likelihoods and confidence distributions
Tore Schweder, Nils Lid Hjort      Abstract       Paper      

Dempster-Shafer recombination of confidence distributions
Jan Hannig, Min-ge Xie      Abstract      

IPS029: New advances in the design and analysis of experiments

A particle filter approach to Bayesian sequential design with a focus on model discrimination
James M. McGree, C.C. Drovandi, A.N. Pettitt      Abstract      

Analysis of computer experiments with qualitative and quantitative factors
Chunfang Devon Lin, Xinwei Deng      Abstract      

IPS030: Inference for high dimensional data with low sample size

Effective PCA for high-dimensional data and its applications
Makoto Aoshima, Kazuyoshi Yata      Abstract      

A unified optimization framework for regularized multivariate analysis
Genevera I. Allen      Abstract      

Some inference problems for the spiked covariance matrix in the high dimensional context
Addy Bolivar-Cime, Victor Perez-Abreu      Abstract      

General consistency results of PCA in high dimension
Sungkyu Jung      Abstract      

IPS031: Computing in R with large data

The YUIMA project: A computational framework for simulation and inference of stochastic differential equations
Stefano M. Iacus      Abstract       Paper      

Parspatstat: An R package for large-scale spatial analysis with parallel computing
Hao Yu, Jonathan S.W. Lee, Reg J. Kulperger      Abstract       Paper      

Distributed parallel clustering in R with large data
George Ostrouchov, Wei-Chen Chen      Abstract      

IPS032: Building on foundation courses in statistics for client disciplines

Challenging the state of the art in post-introductory statistics: Preparation, concepts, and pedagogy
Nathan L. Tintle, Beth Chance, George Cobb, Allan Rossman, Soma Roy, Todd Swanson, Jill VanderStoep      Abstract       Paper      

Applied statistics for forensic psychology students
Denny H. Meyer, Brian Phillips, Joanna Dipnall      Abstract      

Lessons from advanced statistics workshops for researchers in other disciplines
John Andrew Harraway      Abstract       Paper      

A second course in statistics
Jeffrey A. Witmer      Abstract       Paper      

IPS033: Matrix sampling, split-questionnaire: Design and estimation

Split questionnaire designs: Are they an efficient design choice?
David Steel, James O. Chipperfield, Margo L. Barr      Abstract       Paper      

Split questionnaire design for massive surveys
Feray Adiguzel, Michel Wedel      Abstract       Paper      

Split questionnaire design for panel surveys
Trivellore Eachambadi Raghunathan      Abstract      

Integration of matrix sampling and multiple-frame methodology
John L. Eltinge      Abstract       Paper      

IPS034: Applied stochastic models in Business and Industry journal session

Component-based predictive and exploratory path modeling and multi-block data analysis
Vincenzo Esposito Vinzi, Laura Trinchera      Abstract       Paper      

IPS035: Advances in generalized linear and nonlinear mixed model with environmental applications

Poisson nonlinear mixed models for dose-response curve data
Yanan Fan, R. Ma      Abstract      

Error controls in multiple testing under dependence
Youngjo Lee, Donghwan Lee      Abstract      

Analysis of water quality data using generalized linear model with multivariate non-normal random effects
Abdel El-Shaarawi      Abstract      

IPS036: History II: Pierre Remond de Montmort, Thomas Bayes, and probability in China

Après 1713: Bernoulli, Montmort et Waldegrave
David R. Bellhouse      Abstract      

A conjecture on why Bayes did not send off his essay
Kai Wang Ng      Abstract      

Transmission of probability theory into China
Man Keung Siu, Ko Wei Lih      Abstract       Paper      

IPS037: Dependence in extremes

Estimation of the marginal expected shortfall: The mean when a related variable is extreme
John H.J. Einmahl, Juan-Juan Cai, Laurens De Haan, Chen Zhou      Abstract      

Large deviations for empirical measures arising in importance sampling
Henrik Hult, Pierre Nyquist      Abstract      

The art of seeking hidden risks
Sidney I. Resnick      Abstract      

Hidden regular variation: Fine-tuning risk assessment
Bikramjit Das, Abhimanyu Mitra, Sidney Resnick      Abstract      

IPS038: Time use surveys - Experiences and perspectives for the future

German Time Use Survey 2012/13
Anette Stuckemeier, Carola Kühnen      Abstract       Paper      

Experiences with the light-version time diary in Finland
Hannu Pääkkönen      Abstract       Paper      

Efforts to understand and improve response to the American Time Use Survey
Rachel Krantz-Kent      Abstract       Paper      

Collecting measures of subjective well-being in time use surveys
Layla Ricroch      Abstract       Paper      

IPS040: Megaclasses in statistics education: A 360 degrees view

Thirty five years of mega classes and still evolving
Jessica Utts      Abstract      

Learning statistics in an Australian mega-class - The view from students, lecturers and researchers
Peter Petocz      Abstract       Paper      

Dealing with megaclasses in an online environment
Kay Lipson      Abstract       Paper      

Megaclasses in statistics education: Establishing a research framework in a complex domain
Irena Ograjenšek, Iddo Gal      Abstract       Paper      

IPS041: Rankings, use of ranks, and survey sampling

An overview of some concepts for potential use in ranking populations based on sample survey data
Tommy Wright, Martin Klein, Jerzy Wieczorek       Paper      

Ranking methods that address explicit goals
Thomas A. Louis      Abstract       Paper      

Ranking methods for high-dimensional data
Peter Gavin Hall      Abstract      

IPS042: Recent advances in failure time data analysis

Joint analysis of bivariate longitudinal ordinal outcomes and competing risks survival times with nonparametric distributions for random effects
Ning Li, Robert M. Elashoff, Gang Li, Chi-Hong Tseng      Abstract      

Quantile regression in varying-coefficient models under length-biased sampling with right censoring
Yong Zhou, Xuerong Chen, Alan T.K. Wan      Abstract      

Testing mark-specific vaccine efficacy with missing marks
Yanqing Sun, Peter B. Gilbert      Abstract       Paper      

Estimating dependence in multivariate competing risks data
Thomas H. Scheike      Abstract      

IPS043: Measuring the real size of the world economy: Methodological and quality improvements of the International Comparison Program (ICP)

Improved methods to estimate PPPs for ICP 2011 and possible impact on results
Frederic A. Vogel, Paul Konijn      Abstract       Paper      

Quality assurance framework and enhanced data validation procedures for ICP price surveys
Nada Hamadeh, Majed Skaini      Abstract       Paper      

GDP exhaustiveness, consistency, and methods of estimating GDP expenditure values in the context of international comparisons
Chellam Palanyandy, Kyung Sam Min, Michel Mouyelo-Katoula       Paper      

Improved PPP extrapolation approaches
Paul McCarthy, Nada Hamadeh      Abstract       Paper      

IPS044: Recent advances in nonparametric and functional data analysis

Smoothing spline modeling via adaptive bases sampling
Ping Ma      Abstract      

Statistical inference for functional data via simultaneous confidence regions
Lijian Yang      Abstract      

Functional SIR and SAVE based on series expansion
Heng Lian      Abstract      

Testing for lack of fit in functional regression models
Valentin Patilea, Samuel Maistre      Abstract       Paper      

IPS045: Strategies and structures for student engagement and ownership in statistical learning

Exam results and riots: Teaching sociology via authentic contemporary data
Jim Ridgway, James Nicholson, Sean McCusker      Abstract      

Student engagement in university statistics classes - A [recent] student's perspective
William J.M. Probert      Abstract      

Engaging students in statistics education: Situated learning in statistics projects
Pieternel S. Verhoeven      Abstract       Paper      

IPS046: ISBIS new researchers session

Consistent cross-validation for tuning parameter selection in high-dimensional variable selection
Yang Feng, Yi Yu      Abstract       Paper      

High dimensional hypothesis screening using P-value perturbation
Ali Shojaie, Moulinath Banerjee, George Michailidis      Abstract      

Estimating optimal treatment regimes from a classification perspective
Baqun Zhang      Abstract      

IPS047: Developing statisticians through building the profession

Comparing codes of conduct/ethics across societies, and their relevance to professional statisticians
David Morganstein, Daniel Levine      Abstract      

Professional accreditation and continuing professional development
Roeland Beerten      Abstract       Paper      

Communication about professional statisticians within and outside the profession: Key messages to key audiences
Nicholas I. Fisher      Abstract       Paper      

IPS048: Statistical methods for climate problems

Uncertainty quantification and climate model experiments
Stephan R. Sain      Abstract      

The significance of wind on the multivariate time series modelling of algal bloom dynamics
Gilbert Lui, Wai Keung Li, Kenneth M.Y. Leung, Joseph H.W. Lee      Abstract      

A framework for spatiotemporal stochastic weather simulation
William Kleiber      Abstract      

IPS049: Data visualization for youth appeal

Seeing is believing?
Kate Richards, Neville Davies, Gamma Parkinson, Dominic Martignetti      Abstract       Paper      

On visualising our way around road blocks
Chris J. Wild      Abstract      

Data visualisation and statistics from the future
Theodosia Prodromou      Abstract       Paper      

IPS050: Statistical methods in new frontiers

A constrained mixed effects model based on semilinear differential equation for cell polarity signaling in tip growth of pollen tubes
Xinping Cui, Zhen Xiao, Nicolas Brunel, Zhenbiao Yang      Abstract      

Empirical Bayes variable selection using iterative conditional modes/medians
Dabao Zhang, Vitara Pungpapong, Min Zhang      Abstract      

Design and analysis for computer experiments with both qualitative and quantitative variables
Jianfeng Yang, Hengzhen Huang, Dennis K.J. Lin, Min-Qian Liu      Abstract      

IPS052: High dimensional methods for bioinformatics and genetics

Copy number haplotype inference with Hidden Markov Model and localized haplotype clustering
Wen-Ping Hsieh, Yen-Jen Lin      Abstract      

Systems biology approach to analysis of cancer heterogeniety
Seiya Imoto      Abstract      

A classification method incorporating interactions among variables for high-dimensional data
Maggie Haitian Wang, Shaw-Hwa Lo, Tian Zheng, Inchi Hu      Abstract      

IPS053: Novel statistical designs of clinical trials

A novel rank test for bivariate outcomes where one is a surrogate
Pamela A. Shaw, Michael P. Fay      Abstract      

Statistical design and data monitoring for personalized medicine interventions
Benjamin French, Jungnam Joo, Nancy L. Geller, Stephen E. Kimmel, Jonas H. Ellenberg      Abstract      

Clinical trial designs for testing biomarker-based personalized therapies
Mei-Chiung Shih, Tze Leung Lai, Philip W. Lavori, Branimir I. Sikic      Abstract      

IPS054: Statistical methods in genetics studies

Statistical methods for detection and analysis of copy number variations
Ning Hao, Yue Selena Niu, Heping Zhang      Abstract      

Association mapping of complex diseases: Gene-gene and gene-environment interactions
Iryna Lobach      Abstract      

Test of parent-of-origin effects in family studies
Rui Feng, Yinghua Wu, Gun Ho Jang, Jose M. Ordovas, Donna Arnett      Abstract      

Meta?analysis of correlated traits using summary statistics from GWAS
Xiaofeng Zhu, Tao Feng      Abstract      

IPS055: Nonlinear financial time series modeling

COMFORT-CCClass: A common market factor non-Gaussian returns model
Marc S. Paolella, Pawel Polak      Abstract      

Bayesian unit root test in double threshold heteroskedastic models
Cathy W.S. Chen, Shu-Yu Chen, Sangyeol Lee      Abstract      

Subsampling Inference in threshold ARMA models
Muyi Li, Dong Li      Abstract      

Bayes factors for assessing dynamic quantile forecasts
Richard Gerlach, Cathy W.S. Chen      Abstract       Paper      

IPS056: Youthful science: Statistical learning in high dimensions

Text mining
David Banks      Abstract      

Low-rank approximations and weighted low-rank approximations: An application to statistical genetics
Paulo Canas Rodrigues      Abstract      

Calibrated shrinkage ridge estimation for high dimensional data analysis
Ejaz S. Ahmed, Xiaoli Gao      Abstract      

IPS057: Statistical challenges in astronomy

Big data in observational astronomy
G. Jogesh Babu      Abstract      

Estimating the number and location of structural breaks in astrophysical source populations
Thomas C.M. Lee      Abstract      

Wavelet spectral analysis for irregularly sampled astronomical time series
Debashis Mondal, Donald B. Percival      Abstract      

The impact of the new astrostatistics on the development and future of statistics
Joseph M. Hilbe      Abstract       Paper      

IPS058: Postgraduate student's session

Inferential problems for a Y-linked gene branching model with blind choice
Cristina Gutiérrez Pérez, Miguel González Velasco, Rodrigo Martínez Quintana      Abstract       Paper      

Surname diversity in the UK
Fiona McElduff      

Graphical augmentations to the funnel plot assess the impact of additional evidence on a meta-analysis
Dean Langan, Julian P.T. Higgins, Walter Gregory, Alexander J. Sutton      Abstract       Paper      

Quantifying the uncertainty of changepoints in time series
Christopher Fu Ho Nam, John A.D. Aston      Abstract      

A data-adaptive principal component analysis
Yaeji Lim, Hee-Seok Oh      Abstract       Paper      

Functional linear regression for functional response via sparse basis selection
Kyunghee Han, Hyejin Shin      Abstract       Paper      

Pattern-mixture model of the Cox proportional hazards model with missing binary covariates
Tae-Mi Youk, Juwon Song      Abstract       Paper      

Building location and dispersion models for experiments with nested plot structure
Po-Hsu Chen, Shao-Wei Cheng      Abstract      

Optimal sample size allocation for accelerated degradation test
I-Chen Lee, Sheng-Tsaing Tseng      Abstract       Paper      

Modelling HIV progression using multistate Markov models
Tarylee Reddy, Henry Mwambi      Abstract      

Common components to construct biplots for three mode data
Darryn Williams, Sugnet Lubbe      Abstract      

IPS059: Learning to teach and assess statistics at the tertiary level

Developing statistics inferential concepts in introductory courses
Stephanie C. Budgett, Maxine Pfannkuch      Abstract       Paper      

Discovering profundity in what we initially thought was obvious and simple
Tim Dunne, Tim Low      Abstract       Paper      

Balancing nature, nurture, experience and training in learning to teach statistics in higher education
Helen Louise MacGillivray      Abstract      

IPS060: Developing undergraduate curricula for statistical workplaces now and future

On broadening statistics curricula
Deborah Nolan      Abstract      

Training undergraduates for successful employment in a changing environment
Murray Cameron, Stephen Bush      Abstract      

Statistical curricula development at the University of Hong Kong
Philip Leung Ho Yu, Wai Keung Li      Abstract      

IPS061: Statistical analysis in educational assessment

Statistical moderation in high stakes examinations in Hong Kong: Statistical, political and educational Issues
Kit-Tai Hau      Abstract      

Making computerized adaptive testing a diagnostic tool
Hua-Hua Chang      Abstract      

Some models and procedures for cognitive diagnosis modeling
Jimmy de la Torre      Abstract      

Data-driven learning of Q-matrix with applications to educational testing
Jingchen Liu      Abstract      

IPS062: Malliavin calculus and applications

Asymptotic expansion methods for stochastic processes and their applications to statistics and finance
Nakahiro Yoshida      Abstract      

Stein's method with Malliavin calculus
Ivan Nourdin      Abstract      

IPS063: Network modeling in biological, computer, public health, and social sciences

Statistical models for social networks
Philippa E. Pattison, Garry L. Robins, Peng Wang      Abstract      

Modelling and comparing protein interaction networks using subgraph counts
Charlotte M. Deane, Tiago Rito, Gesine Reinert      Abstract      

Inferring biological networks from genomics data
Hongyu Zhao      Abstract      

Utilization of neural network for disease forecasting
Oyas Wahyunggoro, Adhistya Erna Permanasari, Ahmad Chamsudin      Abstract       Paper      

IPS064: The challenge from web panel surveys

Web panels for official statistics?
Jelke Bethlehem, Fannie Cobben      Abstract       Paper      

A standard with quality indicators for web panel surveys: A Swedish example
Mats Nyfjäll      Abstract       Paper      

Web panel surveys – Can they be designed and used in a scientifically sound way?
Jörgen Svensson      Abstract       Paper      

IPS065: Random probability measures and their applications

Multiresolution Gaussian processes
Emily B. Fox, David B. Dunson      Abstract      

Optimal filtering and the dual process
Matteo Ruggiero, Omiros Papaspiliopoulos      Abstract      

Hitting distributions of stable processes via path censoring and self-similarity
Juan Carlos Pardo Millan      Abstract      

Convex minorants of random walks and Lévy processes
Gerónimo Uribe Bravo      Abstract      

IPS066: Careers in analytics

A career in analytics - How far do you want to go?
Song Er Hiok      Abstract      

A necessary tool and skill in bank risk management: SAS and its applications in Basel modeling lab
Yu Yong      Abstract      

Use analysis to make change in a traditional industry
Nanxiang Gao      Abstract      

Analytic melody in banking
Long Yu      Abstract      

Market research and analysis using the SAS system
Mo Zheng      Abstract      

IPS068: Promoting statistics to youth through the International Statistical Literacy Project

Promoting statistics to youth through the International Statistical Literacy Project
Sharleen Denise Forbes, Pedro Campos, Reija Helenius      Abstract       Paper      

Statistics under 21
Marina Peci      Abstract       Paper      

Statistics are interesting - How do we get youngsters inspired?
Katri Johanna Soinne      Abstract       Paper      

Radical statistics: Teachers and students on the highwire
Bruno de Sousa, Dulce Gomes, Regina Bispo, Elisa Duarte      Abstract       Paper      

IPS069: Improving statistics teaching: Bringing statisticians and educators together

New perspectives: A statistician and a statistics educator discuss the lessons learned from cross disciplinary sojourns
Jennifer J. Kaplan, Vincent Melfi      Abstract       Paper      

Good practice in using statistics in statistics education research
Gemma Parkinson, Neville Davies      Abstract       Paper      

Working together to improve statistics education: A research collaboration case study
Maxine Pfannkuch, Chris J. Wild      Abstract       Paper      

The role of external speakers (working statisticians) in the higher education statistics classroom
Shirley Yvonne Coleman      Abstract       Paper      

IPS070: Recent developments in nonparametric statistics on manifolds with applications to biology, medical imaging and machine vision

The structure of space and long term behaviour of Fréchet means
Huiling Le      Abstract      

(Semi-)intrinsic statistical analysis on stratified spaces
Stephan F. Huckemann      Abstract       Paper      

Nonparametric density estimation on manifolds with applications to shape analysis
Abhishek Bhattacharya      Abstract       Paper      

IPS071: Quality in official statistics

Influence of governance issues on the quality of official statistics
Edvard Outrata      Abstract       Paper      

Quality improvement of administrative registers statistically exploited to generate the indicator-based decision-making system in the State of Yucatan, Mexico
Federico Segui, Amparo Ballivian, Indu John-Abraham, Alejandro Medina, Julio Ortegon, Ignacio Romero      Abstract       Paper      

Quality assurance of official statistics in Hong Kong
Ka Lin Chan      Abstract       Paper      

The policeman and the statistician - On the quality of the raw data in official statistics
Anton Färnström      Abstract       Paper      

IPS072: International contrasts in educational frameworks for teaching statistics to non-specialists

Changing educational framework in the transition to new educational standards at Russian universities of life science and their impact on the teaching of statistics
Lyman McDonald, Galina Kamyshova      Abstract       Paper      

Teaching statistics to non-specialists in Mainland China
Wei Yuan      Abstract       Paper      

The assessment of statistics learning by large-scale standardized tests: some evidences in the Italian primary and secondary education
Stefania Mignani, Roberto Ricci      Abstract       Paper      

IPS073: Response to natural disasters

Managing the impact of floods in Eastern Australia on Australian official statistics
Paul Schubert, Evrim Aydin Saher      Abstract       Paper      

Floods in Pakistan 2010 and 2011
Muhammad Akram Janjua      Abstract       Paper      

The impact of the great East Japan earthquake on the labor market and industrial production in the disaster-striken prefectures
Isao Takabe, Minoru Nogimori, Tomohiko Inui      Abstract       Paper      

Managing the effect of a disaster on official statistics
Gary Roger Dunnet, Richard Penny      Abstract       Paper      

IPS074: Experimental design in industry and business

Mixture experiments: From D- to I-optimality
Peter Goos, Bradley Jones, Utami Syafitri      Abstract      

Designed experiments for semi-parametric models and functional data with a case-study in tribology
David Woods, Christopher J. Marley, Susan M. Lewis      Abstract       Paper      

Constrained optimal experimental design
Lulu Kang      Abstract      

IPS075: The business of weather and agriculture

Non-linear statistical models to improve wind power forecasts
Pilar Muñoz, Josep A. Sánchez-Espigares, Dolores M. Márquez      Abstract       Paper      

Composite likelihood approach for multivariable spatio-temporal processes
Ryan H.L. Ip, Wai Keung Li      Abstract      

Improved point scale simulated climate projections for use in crop modelling
Philip Nicholas Kokic      Abstract      

IPS076: Recent developments in asymptotic statistics of stochastic processes

Threshold estimation for stochastic differential equations with jumps
Yasutaka Shimizu      Abstract       Paper      

A test for the rank of the volatility process: The random perturbation approach
Mark Podolskij, Jean Jacod      Abstract       Paper      

Discriminant analysis for stochastic differential equations based on sampled data
Masayuki Uchida      Abstract      

On ADF goodness of fit tests for stochastic processes
Yury A. Kutoyants      Abstract       Paper      

IPS077: Credit risk

Utility maximization for a defaultable security with discrete monitoring
Jun Sekine      Abstract      

A double HMM approach to Altman Z-scores and credit ratings
Tak Kuen Siu, Robert J. Elliott, Eric S. Fung      Abstract      

Bayesian analysis of structure credit risk models with micro-structure noises and jump diffusion
Hoi Ying Wong, Sau-Lung Chan, Kwok-Wah Ho      Abstract      

Price formation in limit order markets with bilateral trading agreements
Martin D. Gould, Nikolaus Hautsch, Mason A. Porter, Stacy Williams, Mark McDonald, Daniel J. Fenn, Sam D. Howison      Abstract       Paper      

IPS078: Towards an integrated statistical system of social accounts

Macro-integration techniques to reconcile labour market statistics from different sources
Nino Mushkudiani, Jacco Daalmans, Jeroen Pannekoek      Abstract       Paper      

Quality assessment in systems with registers and sample surveys
Anders Wallgren, Britt Wallgren      Abstract       Paper      

Microdata integration for labour account
Pernille Stender, Thomas Thorsen      Abstract       Paper      

IPS079: Analysis of distributional data

Analysis of distribution valued data using techniques of FDA
Masahiro Mizuta      Abstract       Paper      

Clustering in contemporary mixed-valued data
Lynne Billard, Jaejik Kim      Abstract       Paper      

A hierarchical conceptual clustering based on the quantile method for mixed feature-type data
Manabu Ichino, Paula Brito      Abstract      

IPS080: New developments in small area estimation and applications

Benchmarking and design-consistency in small area estimation
Parthasarathi Lahiri      Abstract      

An outlier robust block bootstrap for small area estimation
Ray Chambers, Payam Mokhtarian      Abstract       Paper      

A review of poverty mapping procedures
Isabel Molina, J.N.K. Rao      Abstract       Paper      

IPS081: Statistical methods in educational evaluation

Additional samples with overlapping and balancing conditions: Theoretical aspects and application to students’ assessment data
Thierry Rocher, Marc Christine      Abstract       Paper      

Using Item Response Mixed (IRM) models to improve the comparability of educational assessment scores
Tufi Machado Soares      Abstract       Paper      

Item Response Theory (IRT) and large scale learning assessment in Brazil
Ruben Klein      Abstract       Paper      

England’s multilevel model based value-added school league tables: Measuring and communicating statistical uncertainty to parents
George Leckie      Abstract       Paper      

IPS082: GIS and census

Planning for the future, building on decades of success: The role of geospatial data at the Census Bureau
Michael R. Ratcliffe      Abstract       Paper      

Application of GIS in the 2011 Australian Census and thoughts for 2016
Alister Donald Nairn      Abstract       Paper      

Exploring and monitoring change in educational level on national, regional and city level
Katja Vilkama, Marja Tammilehto-Luode      Abstract       Paper      

Did the dream become reality? Twenty five years of using GIS for census analysis
Derek Bond      Abstract       Paper      

IPS085: Transforming national statistics offices through information management

Plug and play statistical components - The cornerstone for future proofing Australia’s statistical systems
Frank Pun Ki Yu, Gillian Nicoll, Michael Meagher      Abstract       Paper      

Information management as tool for standardisation in statistics
Barteld Braaksma, Kees Zeelenberg      Abstract       Paper      

Innovate or perish - Italy's Stat2015 modernisation programme
Emanuele Baldacci      Abstract       Paper      

New ways of working on the collaboration platform of the Government Statistical Service of Hong Kong, China
Anthony S.K. Mak      Abstract       Paper      

ABS iPhone App - The way of the future?
David Sullivan      Abstract       Paper      

IPS086: Benchmarking in classification research

Measurement of quality in cluster analysis
Christian Hennig      Abstract      

Resampling methods for exploring cluster stability
Friedrich Leisch      Abstract      

The role and nature of simulation studies in evaluating approaches to cluster analysis
Douglas Steinley      Abstract      

Stimulating benchmarking in classification research: A challenge taken up by the International Federation of Classification Societies
Iven Van Mechelen      Abstract      

IPS087: Analytic inference for data from complex surveys

Testing for informativeness in analytic inference from complex survey data
Jean D. Opsomer, F. Jay Breidt, Wade Herndon, Ricardo Cao, Mario Francisco Fernández      Abstract       Paper      

Fitting models to complex survey data accounting for nonignorable sampling and nonresponse
Danny Pfeffermann, Moshe Feder      Abstract       Paper      

Rank tests with data from a complex survey
Alastair John Scott, Thomas Lumley      Abstract       Paper      

Testing of parametric models fitted to high-dimensional contingency tables using complex survey data
Chris J. Skinner, Irini Moustaki      Abstract       Paper      

IPS088: Implementation of Core Skills Framework (CSF) for training official statisticians

Training official statisticians in India
TCA Anant      Abstract      

Training official statistician in Africa
Innocent Ngalinda, Albina Andrew Chuwa      Abstract      

Training statisticians: Experience of the Russian Federation
Alexander Surinov       Paper      

IPS089: Recent advances in statistical machine learning and its biomedical applications

Machine learning methods for individualizing real-time treatment policies
Susan A. Murphy, Richard S. Sutton      Abstract      

Joint estimation of multiple dependent Gaussian graphical models
Yufeng Liu, Yuying Xie, William Valdar      Abstract      

Genetic association test based on nonparametric stratification of propensity scores
Heping Zhang, Yaji Xu, Chi Song, Yuan Jiang      Abstract      

Clustering and classification of metagenomes with sequence features
Xuegong Zhang      Abstract      

IPS090: Recent developments in imputation

Handling nonignorable nonresponse using generalized calibration with latent variables
M. Giovanna Ranalli, Alina Matei, Andrea Neri      Abstract       Paper      

Hot deck imputation for multivariate missing data
Jae-Kwang Kim, Wayne A. Fuller      Abstract       Paper      

Balanced k-nearest neighbor imputation
Caren Hasler, Yves Tillé      Abstract       Paper      

IPS091: Statistics in finance and the service sector

Cross-country interaction of business cycles in statistical modeling of economic growth
Elena V. Zarova      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical quality techniques for the service sector
Fugee Tsung, Jian Li      Abstract       Paper      

Generalized Brownian - Laplace processes and financial modeling
Jose K.K. Kanichukattu      Abstract       Paper      

IPS092: Some perspectives on comparative statistical inference

Principles of statistical inference
Nancy Reid, David Cox      Abstract      

Confidence, likelihood, probability
Nils Lid Hjort, Tore Schweder      Abstract      

Bayesian vs. classical estimation in practice
Francisco J. Samaniego      Abstract      

IPS093: Latest development and issue of government statistics

Challenges encountered in developing new area of official statistics in Hong Kong
Leslie Wai-Kong Tang      Abstract       Paper      

Implications of the financial and economic crisis on the European statistical system
Konrad Pesendorfer      Abstract       Paper      

Main changes in the official statistical production process of China
Ronghua Xu      Abstract       Paper      

IPS094: Future of the population census

The 2010 round of population and housing censuses: A global review
Keiko Osaki Tomita      Abstract      

Future of the population census
C. Chandramouli      Abstract       Paper      

Future developments on the Canadian Census of Population
Marc Hamel, Yves Béland      Abstract       Paper      

IPS095: Measuring the development and well-being of societies

Measuring the development and well-being of societies
Paul Cheung      Abstract      

The study of analyzing digital divide with data mining technique and setting up the cloud-platform to improve it
Ben-Chang Shia      Abstract       Paper      

Well-being indicators in Hong Kong
Osbert W.Y. Wang      Abstract       Paper      

IPS096: Some progresses on probability theory

Strong law of large numbers of some models related to branching processes
Yanxia Ren      Abstract      

Hitting time distributions for denumerable birth and death processes
Yong-Hua Mao, Yu Gong, Chi Zhang      Abstract       Paper      

Generalized Dyson Brownian motion, McKean-Vlasov equation and eigenvalues of random matrices
Xiangdong Li      Abstract      

Strong law of larger numbers for capacities
Zengjing Chen      Abstract       Paper      

IPS097: Statistical analysis of complex data

Empirical likelihood for estimating equations with nonignorably missing data
Niansheng Tang, Puying Zhao, Hongtu Zhu      Abstract      

Analyzing longitudinal data with informative observation and terminal event times
Liuquan Sun      Abstract      

Estimating a unitary effect summary based on combined survival and quantitative
Huazhen Lin, Yi Li, Ming T. Tan      Abstract      

Generalized semiparametric latent variable models for analyzing multidimensional and mixed mode data
Xinyuan Song      Abstract      

IPS101: Special invited panel on career development

Business analytics and big data: What do statisticians need to succeed?
Robert N. Rodriguez      Abstract      

What is expected from future statisticians for them to adapt to the future of the profession?
Jef L. Teugels      Abstract      

IPS102: How can the statistics community help its younger members in the early stages of their careers?

Mentoring of professional statisticians under auspices of accredited statistical program: Example of Statistical Society of Canada (SCC)
Judy-Anne W. Chapman      Abstract       Paper      

Mentoring and development of government statisticians: Experiences as a senior government official and parent
Cynthia Z.F. Clark      Abstract       Paper      

Panel discussion entitled Listening to the needs of young mentees: a forum in honour of Martha Aliaga's mentoring work
Helen Louise MacGillivray      

IPS103: IARIW-session on the measurement of well-being

How's life and the measurement of well-being
Martine Durand      Abstract      

Recent and future developments related to GDP and beyond
Walter Josef Radermacher      Abstract       Paper      

Measuring national well-being - A UK perspective
Glenn James Everett      Abstract       Paper      

Measurement of quality of life and well being in France: The drivers for subjective well being
Philippe Cuneo, Fabrice Lenglart, Claire Plateau      Abstract       Paper      

IPS104: Research, collaborations, and opportunities at the international level: A panel discussion

Panel discussion
Zhi-Ming Ma      Abstract      

Panel discussion
Bimal Roy      Abstract      

Panel discussion
Ron Wasserstein      Abstract      

IPS105: The diversity of biometry

Spatiotemporal modeling to measure the effects of mutations and selection pressures
Hirohisa Kishino, Teruaki Watabe, Reiichiro Nakamichi, Shuichi Kitada      Abstract       Paper      

Nonlinear mixed models for disease incidence and severity: Modeling plant diseases in tropical crops
Raúl Edgardo Macchiavelli      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical methodology for the 2012 U.S. Census of Agriculture
Linda J. Young, Andrea C. Lamas, Denise A. Abreu, Shu Wang, Daniel Adrian      Abstract       Paper      

IPS106: Big data

What is the big deal about big data?
Vijay N. Nair      Abstract      

Massive weather (re)forecast data: Challenges and opportunities for statisticians
Tilmann Gneiting      Abstract      

Big data and complex modeling challenges in astronomy and solar physics
David A. van Dyk      Abstract      

Statistical techniques for big data optimization
Tong Zhang      Abstract      

IPS107: The UN fundamental principles of official statistics - Applicability and implementation

Panel discussion
Paul Cheung      Abstract      

Panel discussion
Olav Ljones      Abstract      

Panel discussion
Carmelita Nuguid Ericta      Abstract      

Panel discussion
Mario Palma Rojo      Abstract      

IPS108: Sharing data, code and publications - Making research reproducible

The reproducible research movement in statistics
Victoria Stodden      Abstract       Paper      

Data partnerships for major research challenges
Ron Sandland      Abstract      

Why data availability is such a hard problem
Alan F. Karr      Abstract      

Open access, open data and scholarly publishing
Kathryn D. Sharples      Abstract      

International support for data openness and transparency
Misha V. Belkindas, Eric V. Swanson      Abstract       Paper      

IPS109: The Higgs Boson: Statistical issues in weighing the evidence

The lattice QCD problem of particle physics and its statistical architecture
Nozer D. Singpurwalla      Abstract      

An MCMC based solution to the QCD problem of particle physics
Joshua Landon      

The assessment of evidence in the discovery of a Higgs Boson
David A. van Dyk      Abstract      

IPS110: Developing a master sampling frame for integrated agricultural and rural surveys

Using satellite imagery and geo-referencing technology for building a master sampling frame
Elisabetta Carfagna      Abstract       Paper      

Indirect sampling as a general approach for defining unbiased sampling strategies for integrated agricultural surveys
Pietro Gennari, Piero Demetrio Falorsi, Clara Aida Khalil      Abstract       Paper      

Development of a master sampling frame for agricultural and rural statistics: The experience of Ethiopia
Aberash Tariku Abaye      Abstract       Paper      

IPS111: Memorial session: Remembering G.E.P. Box, J. Durbin, C. L. Kincannon and K. Singh

George Box: The legacy of an ‘Accidental Statistician’
Bovas Abraham      Abstract      

Jim Durbin – A statistician on a world stage
Denise Lievesley      Abstract      

Charles Louis Kincannon – Career civil servant and official statistician
Cynthia Z.F. Clark      Abstract      

Kesar Singh: Reminiscences of a talented statistician
Regina Liu      Abstract      

IPS112: Statistical inference – An unresolved issue in statistics education

Informal inferential reasoning: A computer-based training environment
Joachim Engel, Tim Erickson      Abstract       Paper      

The role of statistical inference in teaching and achievement of students
Ramesh Kapadia      Abstract       Paper      

Teaching statistical inference from multiple perspectives integrating diverging schools of inference
Ödön Vancsó      Abstract       Paper      

A comparative educational study of statistical inference
Manfred Borovcnik      Abstract       Paper      

IPS113: Insurance and financial risks: Actuarial science approaches

Risk measures with applications to actuarial premiums and insurance solvency
Marc J. Goovaerts, Daniël Linders      Abstract      

Sequential testing revisited: Linking statistics and ruin theory
Hansjoerg Albrecher, Peiman Asadi, Jevgenijs Ivanovs      Abstract      

Measuring herd behavior in stock markets
Jan Dhaene, Daniël Linders, Wim Schoutens      Abstract      

A mixture model approach to operational risk management
Sheldon X. Lin, Lan Gong, Andrei Badescu      Abstract      

IPS114: International Year of Statistics and Karl Pearson Lecture

Special presentation about The International Year of Statistics 2013
Ron Wasserstein      Abstract      

Karl Pearson Lecture: Statistical issues in modern scientific research
Peter McCullagh      Abstract