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IPS000: ISI President's Invited Speaker

World Bank goals on eliminating extreme poverty & boosting shared prosperity: Implications for data and policy
Kaushik Basu      Abstract       Video

IPS001: Probabilistic and statistical contributions in climate research

Modelling of extreme rainfall in space and time
Anthony C. Davison, R. Huser      Abstract      

A multi-site hourly precipitation weather generator based on a frailty-contagion approach
Erwan Koch      Abstract      

IPS002: Improving health statistics in the context of measuring quality of life

The role of statistics on health status in the context of measuring QoL
Jennifer Madans      Abstract       Paper      

Selecting indicators for the health dimension in measuring QoL
Michael Wolfson      Abstract      

Methods and materials of health expectancy
Yasuhiko Saito      Abstract      

The role of HIS/HES/DIS for measuring the health dimension
Mika Gissler, Antti Tuomi-Nikula      Abstract       Paper      

IPS003: Statistical challenges for the analysis of social networks

Estimating network degree distributions from sampled networks: An inverse problem
Eric D. Kolaczyk, Yaonan Zhang, Bruce D. Spencer      Abstract      

Community detection and learning in social networks
Emmanuel Viennet      Abstract      

Perpendicular latent space models for multiview network data
Tyler H. McCormick, Michael Salter-Townshend      Abstract      

IPS004: New developments in multilevel model inference from complex sample survey data

Empirical bias corrections for fitting multilevel models under informative sampling
Solange Correa Onel, Danny Pfeffermann      Abstract       Paper      

Multivariate hierarchical normal modelling under informative sampling
Pedro Luis do Nascimento Silva, Fernando Antonio Da Silva Moura      Abstract       Paper      

A composite likelihood approach to analysis of survey data with sampling weights incorporated under two-level models
Grace Y. Yi, J.N.K. Rao, Haocheng Li      Abstract       Paper      

IPS005: Issues related to major redesigns in national statistical offices

Issues related to major redesigns in national statistical offices
Peter Morrison      Abstract       Paper      

Redesign in a statistical office - Sociodemographic statistics in the Office for National Statistics
Paul A. Smith      Abstract       Paper      

Innovations in Australia’s social statistics information program
Gemma Van Halderen, Eric Morris      Abstract       Paper      

Design and implementation of the Integrated Business Survey in China
Xiuhua Tian      Abstract       Paper      

IPS006: Statistical methods in the study of palaeoclimate

Paleoclimate reconstruction using statistical nonlinear forward models
Peter F. Craigmile, Martin P. Tingley, Jiangyong Yin      Abstract       Paper      

Bayesian palaeoclimate inference from pollen in Southern Italy
Andrew C. Parnell, James Sweeney, Thinh K. Doan, Michael Salter-Townshend, Judy R.M. Allen, Brian Huntley, John Haslett      Abstract       Paper      

IPS007: Improving agricultural statistics through methodological validation and research

From Guesstimates to GPStimates: Land area measurement and implications for agricultural analysis
Calogero Carletto, Sydney Gourlay, Paul Winters      Abstract      

Assessing the effect of slope and weather conditions on area measurement using GPS
Naman Keita      Abstract      

Missing(ness) in action: Selectivity bias in GPS-based land area measurements
Talip Kilic, Alberto Zezza, Calogero Carletto, Sara Savastano      Abstract       Paper      

Milking the data: Measuring household milk production in extensive livestock systems. Experimental evidence from Niger
Alberto Zezza, Giovanni Federighi, Calogero Carletto      Abstract      

IPS008: History I: Jacob Bernoulli's Ars Conjectandi and the emergence of probability

Jacob Bernoulli and the founding of mathematical probability
Edith Dudley Sylla      Abstract       Paper      

Statistics and philosophy of probability - Six degrees of separation
Krzysztof Burdzy      Abstract      

An overview of Monte Carlo methods, from importance sampling to MCMC, to ABC
Christian P. Robert      Abstract      

IPS009: IAOS forum - A panel discussion on new challenges facing official statistics

Panel discussion
Marjo Bruun      Abstract      

Panel discussion
Carmelita Nuguid Ericta      Abstract      

Panel discussion
Jil Matheson      Abstract      

Panel discussion
Eduardo Nunes      Abstract      

Panel discussion
Walter Josef Radermacher      Abstract      

IPS010: Statistics of extremes and re-sampling methodologies

Bridging centrality and extremity: Refining empirical data depth using extreme value theory
Regina Liu, John Einmahl, Jun Li      Abstract      

Bootstrapping endpoint
Zhouping Li, Liang Peng      Abstract       Paper      

The role of bootstrap methodologies in the estimation of a negative extreme value index
Frederico Caeiro, M. Ivette Gomes      Abstract       Paper      

IPS011: Chronological text mining

A system for temporally-sliced correspondence analysis visualization
Bojana Dalbelo Baši?, Artur Šili?, Annie Morin, Jean-Hugues Chauchat      Abstract      

Dynamic of a speech: Tracking the discursive strategy
Mónica Bécue-Bertaut      Abstract      

CAText, interactive exploration of chronological text corpora
Nguyen-Khang Pham, Annie Morin      Abstract      

Use of statistical testing for determining the values of parameters for an unsupervised feature construction algorithm
Marian-Andrei Rizoiu, Julien Velcin, Stéphane Lallich      Abstract      

IPS012: Statistical methods for identification of biosignatures of treatment response

HORSES: Hexagonal Operator for Regression with Shrinkage and Equality Selection
Johan Lim, Woncheol Jang, Nicole Lazar, Ji Meng Loh      Abstract       Paper      

Canonical k-means clustering for functional data
Thaddeus Tarpey, Eva Petkova      Abstract       Paper      

Modeling strategies for developing treatment response indices
Eva Petkova, Zhe Su      Abstract       Paper      

Model selection criteria based on computationally intensive estimators of the expected optimism
Joseph E. Cavanaugh, Andrew A. Neath      Abstract       Paper      

IPS013: Applications on modeling time correlated count processes

Modelling the total loss distribution based on dependent operational risk frequency counts
Claudia Czado, Eike C. Brechmann, Sandra Paterlini      Abstract      

Hierarchical Bayesian spatio-temporal Conway-Maxwell Poisson models with dynamic dispersion
Scott H. Holan, Guohui Wu, Christopher K. Wikle      Abstract      

On a threshold autoregression
Wai Keung Li      Abstract      

IPS015: Statistics for protein structure prediction and protein interaction

Introduction to proteomics and the statistical aspects of protein research
Michael G. Schimek, Kanti V. Mardia      Abstract      

Bayesian parameter estimation for protein contact potentials
Scott C. Schmidler, Xiang Zhou      Abstract      

A Bayesian model for protein secondary structure prediction
David B. Dahl, Qiwei Li, Marina Vannucci, Hyun Joo, Jerry W. Tsai      Abstract       Paper      

Combining the multicanonical ensemble with generative probabilistic models of local biomolecular structure
Jes Frellsen, Thomas Hamelryck, Jesper Ferkinghoff-Borg      Abstract       Paper      

IPS016: Statistical and stochastic analysis of jumps in insurance

Some statistical estimation problems in ruin theory
Susan M. Pitts      Abstract       Paper      

On statistical inference for Levy-driven models
Hiroki Masuda      Abstract      

On the optimal dividend problem for jump-diffusions under fixed transaction costs
Jostein Paulsen      Abstract      

IPS017: Crime and statistics: A dangerous liaison? Issues, challenges and future directions

The impact of victimisation on the daily activities of South Africans - A case study of the 2011 Victims of Crime Survey
Pali Lehohla      Abstract       Paper      

The evolving role of self-report surveys of criminal victimization in a system of statistics on crime and the administration of justice
James Patrick Lynch      Abstract       Paper      

Quantification of losses caused by delinquency in Ecuador
Yannira Chávez, Paul Medina, Patricia Cortez      Abstract       Paper      

To measure or not to measure. The Mexican case
Mario Palma Rojo      Abstract       Paper      

Using kernel methods to visualise crime data
Kieran Martin, Martin Ralphs      Abstract       Paper      

IPS018: Discrete choice experiments

Incorporating analyst uncertainty in model specification and respondent processing strategies into efficient designs for logit models
John M. Rose, Michiel C.J. Bliemer      Abstract      

Design and analysis of discrete choice experiments for models with response time
William Li, Stefano Barone, Alberto Lombardo, Deqiang Zou      Abstract      

Designing for attribute-level best-worst choice experiments
Deborah J. Street, Stephanie Knox      Abstract       Paper      

IPS019: Sources of influence in developing statistical literacy

Statistical literacy and multivariate thinking
James Robert Nicholson, Jim Ridgway, Sean McCusker      Abstract      

Connected worlds: Statistical literacy in art, science, public health and social issues
Neil Lutsky      Abstract      

Emerging trends in data visualisation: Implications for producers of official statistics
Alan Smith      Abstract       Paper      

IPS020: Model-assisted approaches to combining information from different surveys (survey data integration)

Estimation of totals and regression parameters by combining data from independent surveys
J.N.K. Rao, Jae Kwang Kim      Abstract       Paper      

Improved estimation for June Area Survey incorporating several information
Zhengyuan Zhu, Jae Kwang Kim, Shu Yang      Abstract       Paper      

Composite calibration estimation integrating data from different surveys
Takis Merkouris      Abstract       Paper      

IPS021: Statistical reasoning in law

Evidence evaluation for multivariate discrete data
Colin G.G. Aitken, Erica Gold      Abstract       Paper      

Evaluation of forensic evidence in DNA mixture using RMNE
Fan Xia, Wing K. Fung, Yuk-Ka Chung      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical issues in the measure of accuracy of narcotics dogs and their implications in legal cases
Joseph L. Gastwirth      Abstract      

IPS022: Quantile regression - Recent development of theory and applications

Variable selection in high-dimensional quantile varying coefficient models
Yanlin Tang, Huixia Judy Wang      Abstract      

Self-consistent estimation of censored quantile regression
Limin Peng      Abstract      

Estimation and testing of varying coefficients in quantile regression
Xingdong Feng, Liping Zhu      Abstract      

IPS023: Modernisation of business statistics

Identical variables in different business and trade-related statistics - A challenge for European statistics
Joachim Weisbrod, Mirjam Weber, Bjoern Witting      Abstract       Paper      

Building the statistical data warehouse to improve statistics
Harry Goossens       Paper      

Revision project of the business register and business statistics in Finland
Sami Saarikivi      Abstract       Paper      

IPS024: Survey sampling: Advanced approaches in computational statistics

Robust inference in two-phase sampling designs with application to unit nonresponse
David Haziza, Jean-François Beaumont, Cyril Favre-Martinoz      Abstract       Paper      

Spatial network sampling in small area estimation
Monica Pratesi, Roberto Benedetti, Stefano Marchetti, Federica Piersimoni      Abstract       Paper      

Doubly balanced spatial sampling with spreading and restitution of auxiliary totals
Yves Tillé, Anton Grafström      Abstract       Paper      

IPS026: Statistical methods for analyzing financial data

Matching quantiles estimation and selecting representative portfolios
Qiwei Yao, Nikolaos Sgouropoulos, Claudia Yastremiz      Abstract      

Sparse vector autoregressive modeling
Richard A. Davis, Pengfei Zang, Tian Zheng      Abstract      

Fast estimation of multiple-regime threshold autoregressive model
Chun Yip Yau, Chong Man Tang      Abstract      

IPS027: Administrative censuses: Approaches when national population registers are not complete, or not available

Integrated rolling census
Luisa Burck, Dan Ben Hur      Abstract       Paper      

The new register-based census of Germany - A multiple source mixed mode approach
Sabine Bechtold      Abstract       Paper      

Beyond 2011 - A new paradigm for population statistics?
Peter Benton, Andy Teague, Alistair Calder, Jane Naylor      Abstract       Paper      

A Bayesian method for deriving population statistics from multiple imperfect data sources
John Bryant, Patrick Graham      Abstract       Paper      

IPS028: Distributional inferences in statistics

Inference distributions for a parameter: Are they calibrated?
D.A.S. Fraser      Abstract      

Integrating confidence intervals, likelihoods and confidence distributions
Tore Schweder, Nils Lid Hjort      Abstract       Paper      

Dempster-Shafer recombination of confidence distributions
Jan Hannig, Min-ge Xie      Abstract      

IPS029: New advances in the design and analysis of experiments

A particle filter approach to Bayesian sequential design with a focus on model discrimination
James M. McGree, C.C. Drovandi, A.N. Pettitt      Abstract      

Analysis of computer experiments with qualitative and quantitative factors
Chunfang Devon Lin, Xinwei Deng      Abstract      

IPS030: Inference for high dimensional data with low sample size

Effective PCA for high-dimensional data and its applications
Makoto Aoshima, Kazuyoshi Yata      Abstract      

A unified optimization framework for regularized multivariate analysis
Genevera I. Allen      Abstract      

Some inference problems for the spiked covariance matrix in the high dimensional context
Addy Bolivar-Cime, Victor Perez-Abreu      Abstract      

General consistency results of PCA in high dimension
Sungkyu Jung      Abstract      

IPS031: Computing in R with large data

The YUIMA project: A computational framework for simulation and inference of stochastic differential equations
Stefano M. Iacus      Abstract       Paper      

Parspatstat: An R package for large-scale spatial analysis with parallel computing
Hao Yu, Jonathan S.W. Lee, Reg J. Kulperger      Abstract       Paper      

Distributed parallel clustering in R with large data
George Ostrouchov, Wei-Chen Chen      Abstract      

IPS032: Building on foundation courses in statistics for client disciplines

Challenging the state of the art in post-introductory statistics: Preparation, concepts, and pedagogy
Nathan L. Tintle, Beth Chance, George Cobb, Allan Rossman, Soma Roy, Todd Swanson, Jill VanderStoep      Abstract       Paper      

Applied statistics for forensic psychology students
Denny H. Meyer, Brian Phillips, Joanna Dipnall      Abstract      

Lessons from advanced statistics workshops for researchers in other disciplines
John Andrew Harraway      Abstract       Paper      

A second course in statistics
Jeffrey A. Witmer      Abstract       Paper      

IPS033: Matrix sampling, split-questionnaire: Design and estimation

Split questionnaire designs: Are they an efficient design choice?
David Steel, James O. Chipperfield, Margo L. Barr      Abstract       Paper      

Split questionnaire design for massive surveys
Feray Adiguzel, Michel Wedel      Abstract       Paper      

Split questionnaire design for panel surveys
Trivellore Eachambadi Raghunathan      Abstract      

Integration of matrix sampling and multiple-frame methodology
John L. Eltinge      Abstract       Paper      

IPS034: Applied stochastic models in Business and Industry journal session

Component-based predictive and exploratory path modeling and multi-block data analysis
Vincenzo Esposito Vinzi, Laura Trinchera      Abstract       Paper      

IPS035: Advances in generalized linear and nonlinear mixed model with environmental applications

Poisson nonlinear mixed models for dose-response curve data
Yanan Fan, R. Ma      Abstract      

Error controls in multiple testing under dependence
Youngjo Lee, Donghwan Lee      Abstract      

Analysis of water quality data using generalized linear model with multivariate non-normal random effects
Abdel El-Shaarawi      Abstract      

IPS036: History II: Pierre Remond de Montmort, Thomas Bayes, and probability in China

Après 1713: Bernoulli, Montmort et Waldegrave
David R. Bellhouse      Abstract      

A conjecture on why Bayes did not send off his essay
Kai Wang Ng      Abstract      

Transmission of probability theory into China
Man Keung Siu, Ko Wei Lih      Abstract       Paper      

IPS037: Dependence in extremes

Estimation of the marginal expected shortfall: The mean when a related variable is extreme
John H.J. Einmahl, Juan-Juan Cai, Laurens De Haan, Chen Zhou      Abstract      

Large deviations for empirical measures arising in importance sampling
Henrik Hult, Pierre Nyquist      Abstract      

The art of seeking hidden risks
Sidney I. Resnick      Abstract      

Hidden regular variation: Fine-tuning risk assessment
Bikramjit Das, Abhimanyu Mitra, Sidney Resnick      Abstract      

IPS038: Time use surveys - Experiences and perspectives for the future

German Time Use Survey 2012/13
Anette Stuckemeier, Carola Kühnen      Abstract       Paper      

Experiences with the light-version time diary in Finland
Hannu Pääkkönen      Abstract       Paper      

Efforts to understand and improve response to the American Time Use Survey
Rachel Krantz-Kent      Abstract       Paper      

Collecting measures of subjective well-being in time use surveys
Layla Ricroch      Abstract       Paper      

IPS040: Megaclasses in statistics education: A 360 degrees view

Thirty five years of mega classes and still evolving
Jessica Utts      Abstract      

Learning statistics in an Australian mega-class - The view from students, lecturers and researchers
Peter Petocz      Abstract       Paper      

Dealing with megaclasses in an online environment
Kay Lipson      Abstract       Paper      

Megaclasses in statistics education: Establishing a research framework in a complex domain
Irena Ograjenšek, Iddo Gal      Abstract       Paper      

IPS041: Rankings, use of ranks, and survey sampling

An overview of some concepts for potential use in ranking populations based on sample survey data
Tommy Wright, Martin Klein, Jerzy Wieczorek       Paper      

Ranking methods that address explicit goals
Thomas A. Louis      Abstract       Paper      

Ranking methods for high-dimensional data
Peter Gavin Hall      Abstract      

IPS042: Recent advances in failure time data analysis

Joint analysis of bivariate longitudinal ordinal outcomes and competing risks survival times with nonparametric distributions for random effects
Ning Li, Robert M. Elashoff, Gang Li, Chi-Hong Tseng      Abstract      

Quantile regression in varying-coefficient models under length-biased sampling with right censoring
Yong Zhou, Xuerong Chen, Alan T.K. Wan      Abstract      

Testing mark-specific vaccine efficacy with missing marks
Yanqing Sun, Peter B. Gilbert      Abstract       Paper      

Estimating dependence in multivariate competing risks data
Thomas H. Scheike      Abstract      

IPS043: Measuring the real size of the world economy: Methodological and quality improvements of the International Comparison Program (ICP)

Improved methods to estimate PPPs for ICP 2011 and possible impact on results
Frederic A. Vogel, Paul Konijn      Abstract       Paper      

Quality assurance framework and enhanced data validation procedures for ICP price surveys
Nada Hamadeh, Majed Skaini      Abstract       Paper      

GDP exhaustiveness, consistency, and methods of estimating GDP expenditure values in the context of international comparisons
Chellam Palanyandy, Kyung Sam Min, Michel Mouyelo-Katoula       Paper      

Improved PPP extrapolation approaches
Paul McCarthy, Nada Hamadeh      Abstract       Paper      

IPS044: Recent advances in nonparametric and functional data analysis

Smoothing spline modeling via adaptive bases sampling
Ping Ma      Abstract      

Statistical inference for functional data via simultaneous confidence regions
Lijian Yang      Abstract      

Functional SIR and SAVE based on series expansion
Heng Lian      Abstract      

Testing for lack of fit in functional regression models
Valentin Patilea, Samuel Maistre      Abstract       Paper      

IPS045: Strategies and structures for student engagement and ownership in statistical learning

Exam results and riots: Teaching sociology via authentic contemporary data
Jim Ridgway, James Nicholson, Sean McCusker      Abstract      

Student engagement in university statistics classes - A [recent] student's perspective
William J.M. Probert      Abstract      

Engaging students in statistics education: Situated learning in statistics projects
Pieternel S. Verhoeven      Abstract       Paper      

IPS046: ISBIS new researchers session

Consistent cross-validation for tuning parameter selection in high-dimensional variable selection
Yang Feng, Yi Yu      Abstract       Paper      

High dimensional hypothesis screening using P-value perturbation
Ali Shojaie, Moulinath Banerjee, George Michailidis      Abstract      

Estimating optimal treatment regimes from a classification perspective
Baqun Zhang      Abstract      

IPS047: Developing statisticians through building the profession

Comparing codes of conduct/ethics across societies, and their relevance to professional statisticians
David Morganstein, Daniel Levine      Abstract      

Professional accreditation and continuing professional development
Roeland Beerten      Abstract       Paper      

Communication about professional statisticians within and outside the profession: Key messages to key audiences
Nicholas I. Fisher      Abstract       Paper      

IPS048: Statistical methods for climate problems

Uncertainty quantification and climate model experiments
Stephan R. Sain      Abstract      

The significance of wind on the multivariate time series modelling of algal bloom dynamics
Gilbert Lui, Wai Keung Li, Kenneth M.Y. Leung, Joseph H.W. Lee      Abstract      

A framework for spatiotemporal stochastic weather simulation
William Kleiber      Abstract      

IPS049: Data visualization for youth appeal

Seeing is believing?
Kate Richards, Neville Davies, Gamma Parkinson, Dominic Martignetti      Abstract       Paper      

On visualising our way around road blocks
Chris J. Wild      Abstract      

Data visualisation and statistics from the future
Theodosia Prodromou      Abstract       Paper      

IPS050: Statistical methods in new frontiers

A constrained mixed effects model based on semilinear differential equation for cell polarity signaling in tip growth of pollen tubes
Xinping Cui, Zhen Xiao, Nicolas Brunel, Zhenbiao Yang      Abstract      

Empirical Bayes variable selection using iterative conditional modes/medians
Dabao Zhang, Vitara Pungpapong, Min Zhang      Abstract      

Design and analysis for computer experiments with both qualitative and quantitative variables
Jianfeng Yang, Hengzhen Huang, Dennis K.J. Lin, Min-Qian Liu      Abstract      

IPS052: High dimensional methods for bioinformatics and genetics

Copy number haplotype inference with Hidden Markov Model and localized haplotype clustering
Wen-Ping Hsieh, Yen-Jen Lin      Abstract      

Systems biology approach to analysis of cancer heterogeniety
Seiya Imoto      Abstract      

A classification method incorporating interactions among variables for high-dimensional data
Maggie Haitian Wang, Shaw-Hwa Lo, Tian Zheng, Inchi Hu      Abstract      

IPS053: Novel statistical designs of clinical trials

A novel rank test for bivariate outcomes where one is a surrogate
Pamela A. Shaw, Michael P. Fay      Abstract      

Statistical design and data monitoring for personalized medicine interventions
Benjamin French, Jungnam Joo, Nancy L. Geller, Stephen E. Kimmel, Jonas H. Ellenberg      Abstract      

Clinical trial designs for testing biomarker-based personalized therapies
Mei-Chiung Shih, Tze Leung Lai, Philip W. Lavori, Branimir I. Sikic      Abstract      

IPS054: Statistical methods in genetics studies

Statistical methods for detection and analysis of copy number variations
Ning Hao, Yue Selena Niu, Heping Zhang      Abstract      

Association mapping of complex diseases: Gene-gene and gene-environment interactions
Iryna Lobach      Abstract      

Test of parent-of-origin effects in family studies
Rui Feng, Yinghua Wu, Gun Ho Jang, Jose M. Ordovas, Donna Arnett      Abstract      

Meta?analysis of correlated traits using summary statistics from GWAS
Xiaofeng Zhu, Tao Feng      Abstract      

IPS055: Nonlinear financial time series modeling

COMFORT-CCClass: A common market factor non-Gaussian returns model
Marc S. Paolella, Pawel Polak      Abstract      

Bayesian unit root test in double threshold heteroskedastic models
Cathy W.S. Chen, Shu-Yu Chen, Sangyeol Lee      Abstract      

Subsampling Inference in threshold ARMA models
Muyi Li, Dong Li      Abstract      

Bayes factors for assessing dynamic quantile forecasts
Richard Gerlach, Cathy W.S. Chen      Abstract       Paper      

IPS056: Youthful science: Statistical learning in high dimensions

Text mining
David Banks      Abstract      

Low-rank approximations and weighted low-rank approximations: An application to statistical genetics
Paulo Canas Rodrigues      Abstract      

Calibrated shrinkage ridge estimation for high dimensional data analysis
Ejaz S. Ahmed, Xiaoli Gao      Abstract      

IPS057: Statistical challenges in astronomy

Big data in observational astronomy
G. Jogesh Babu      Abstract      

Estimating the number and location of structural breaks in astrophysical source populations
Thomas C.M. Lee      Abstract      

Wavelet spectral analysis for irregularly sampled astronomical time series
Debashis Mondal, Donald B. Percival      Abstract      

The impact of the new astrostatistics on the development and future of statistics
Joseph M. Hilbe      Abstract       Paper      

IPS058: Postgraduate student's session

Inferential problems for a Y-linked gene branching model with blind choice
Cristina Gutiérrez Pérez, Miguel González Velasco, Rodrigo Martínez Quintana      Abstract       Paper      

Surname diversity in the UK
Fiona McElduff      

Graphical augmentations to the funnel plot assess the impact of additional evidence on a meta-analysis
Dean Langan, Julian P.T. Higgins, Walter Gregory, Alexander J. Sutton      Abstract       Paper      

Quantifying the uncertainty of changepoints in time series
Christopher Fu Ho Nam, John A.D. Aston      Abstract      

A data-adaptive principal component analysis
Yaeji Lim, Hee-Seok Oh      Abstract       Paper      

Functional linear regression for functional response via sparse basis selection
Kyunghee Han, Hyejin Shin      Abstract       Paper      

Pattern-mixture model of the Cox proportional hazards model with missing binary covariates
Tae-Mi Youk, Juwon Song      Abstract       Paper      

Building location and dispersion models for experiments with nested plot structure
Po-Hsu Chen, Shao-Wei Cheng      Abstract      

Optimal sample size allocation for accelerated degradation test
I-Chen Lee, Sheng-Tsaing Tseng      Abstract       Paper      

Modelling HIV progression using multistate Markov models
Tarylee Reddy, Henry Mwambi      Abstract      

Common components to construct biplots for three mode data
Darryn Williams, Sugnet Lubbe      Abstract      

IPS059: Learning to teach and assess statistics at the tertiary level

Developing statistics inferential concepts in introductory courses
Stephanie C. Budgett, Maxine Pfannkuch      Abstract       Paper      

Discovering profundity in what we initially thought was obvious and simple
Tim Dunne, Tim Low      Abstract       Paper      

Balancing nature, nurture, experience and training in learning to teach statistics in higher education
Helen Louise MacGillivray      Abstract      

IPS060: Developing undergraduate curricula for statistical workplaces now and future

On broadening statistics curricula
Deborah Nolan      Abstract      

Training undergraduates for successful employment in a changing environment
Murray Cameron, Stephen Bush      Abstract      

Statistical curricula development at the University of Hong Kong
Philip Leung Ho Yu, Wai Keung Li      Abstract      

IPS061: Statistical analysis in educational assessment

Statistical moderation in high stakes examinations in Hong Kong: Statistical, political and educational Issues
Kit-Tai Hau      Abstract      

Making computerized adaptive testing a diagnostic tool
Hua-Hua Chang      Abstract      

Some models and procedures for cognitive diagnosis modeling
Jimmy de la Torre      Abstract      

Data-driven learning of Q-matrix with applications to educational testing
Jingchen Liu      Abstract      

IPS062: Malliavin calculus and applications

Asymptotic expansion methods for stochastic processes and their applications to statistics and finance
Nakahiro Yoshida      Abstract      

Stein's method with Malliavin calculus
Ivan Nourdin      Abstract      

IPS063: Network modeling in biological, computer, public health, and social sciences

Statistical models for social networks
Philippa E. Pattison, Garry L. Robins, Peng Wang      Abstract      

Modelling and comparing protein interaction networks using subgraph counts
Charlotte M. Deane, Tiago Rito, Gesine Reinert      Abstract      

Inferring biological networks from genomics data
Hongyu Zhao      Abstract      

Utilization of neural network for disease forecasting
Oyas Wahyunggoro, Adhistya Erna Permanasari, Ahmad Chamsudin      Abstract       Paper      

IPS064: The challenge from web panel surveys

Web panels for official statistics?
Jelke Bethlehem, Fannie Cobben      Abstract       Paper      

A standard with quality indicators for web panel surveys: A Swedish example
Mats Nyfjäll      Abstract       Paper      

Web panel surveys – Can they be designed and used in a scientifically sound way?
Jörgen Svensson      Abstract       Paper      

IPS065: Random probability measures and their applications

Multiresolution Gaussian processes
Emily B. Fox, David B. Dunson      Abstract      

Optimal filtering and the dual process
Matteo Ruggiero, Omiros Papaspiliopoulos      Abstract      

Hitting distributions of stable processes via path censoring and self-similarity
Juan Carlos Pardo Millan      Abstract      

Convex minorants of random walks and Lévy processes
Gerónimo Uribe Bravo      Abstract      

IPS066: Careers in analytics

A career in analytics - How far do you want to go?
Song Er Hiok      Abstract      

A necessary tool and skill in bank risk management: SAS and its applications in Basel modeling lab
Yu Yong      Abstract      

Use analysis to make change in a traditional industry
Nanxiang Gao      Abstract      

Analytic melody in banking
Long Yu      Abstract      

Market research and analysis using the SAS system
Mo Zheng      Abstract      

IPS068: Promoting statistics to youth through the International Statistical Literacy Project

Promoting statistics to youth through the International Statistical Literacy Project
Sharleen Denise Forbes, Pedro Campos, Reija Helenius      Abstract       Paper      

Statistics under 21
Marina Peci      Abstract       Paper      

Statistics are interesting - How do we get youngsters inspired?
Katri Johanna Soinne      Abstract       Paper      

Radical statistics: Teachers and students on the highwire
Bruno de Sousa, Dulce Gomes, Regina Bispo, Elisa Duarte      Abstract       Paper      

IPS069: Improving statistics teaching: Bringing statisticians and educators together

New perspectives: A statistician and a statistics educator discuss the lessons learned from cross disciplinary sojourns
Jennifer J. Kaplan, Vincent Melfi      Abstract       Paper      

Good practice in using statistics in statistics education research
Gemma Parkinson, Neville Davies      Abstract       Paper      

Working together to improve statistics education: A research collaboration case study
Maxine Pfannkuch, Chris J. Wild      Abstract       Paper      

The role of external speakers (working statisticians) in the higher education statistics classroom
Shirley Yvonne Coleman      Abstract       Paper      

IPS070: Recent developments in nonparametric statistics on manifolds with applications to biology, medical imaging and machine vision

The structure of space and long term behaviour of Fréchet means
Huiling Le      Abstract      

(Semi-)intrinsic statistical analysis on stratified spaces
Stephan F. Huckemann      Abstract       Paper      

Nonparametric density estimation on manifolds with applications to shape analysis
Abhishek Bhattacharya      Abstract       Paper      

IPS071: Quality in official statistics

Influence of governance issues on the quality of official statistics
Edvard Outrata      Abstract       Paper      

Quality improvement of administrative registers statistically exploited to generate the indicator-based decision-making system in the State of Yucatan, Mexico
Federico Segui, Amparo Ballivian, Indu John-Abraham, Alejandro Medina, Julio Ortegon, Ignacio Romero      Abstract       Paper      

Quality assurance of official statistics in Hong Kong
Ka Lin Chan      Abstract       Paper      

The policeman and the statistician - On the quality of the raw data in official statistics
Anton Färnström      Abstract       Paper      

IPS072: International contrasts in educational frameworks for teaching statistics to non-specialists

Changing educational framework in the transition to new educational standards at Russian universities of life science and their impact on the teaching of statistics
Lyman McDonald, Galina Kamyshova      Abstract       Paper      

Teaching statistics to non-specialists in Mainland China
Wei Yuan      Abstract       Paper      

The assessment of statistics learning by large-scale standardized tests: some evidences in the Italian primary and secondary education
Stefania Mignani, Roberto Ricci      Abstract       Paper      

IPS073: Response to natural disasters

Managing the impact of floods in Eastern Australia on Australian official statistics
Paul Schubert, Evrim Aydin Saher      Abstract       Paper      

Floods in Pakistan 2010 and 2011
Muhammad Akram Janjua      Abstract       Paper      

The impact of the great East Japan earthquake on the labor market and industrial production in the disaster-striken prefectures
Isao Takabe, Minoru Nogimori, Tomohiko Inui      Abstract       Paper      

Managing the effect of a disaster on official statistics
Gary Roger Dunnet, Richard Penny      Abstract       Paper      

IPS074: Experimental design in industry and business

Mixture experiments: From D- to I-optimality
Peter Goos, Bradley Jones, Utami Syafitri      Abstract      

Designed experiments for semi-parametric models and functional data with a case-study in tribology
David Woods, Christopher J. Marley, Susan M. Lewis      Abstract       Paper      

Constrained optimal experimental design
Lulu Kang      Abstract      

IPS075: The business of weather and agriculture

Non-linear statistical models to improve wind power forecasts
Pilar Muñoz, Josep A. Sánchez-Espigares, Dolores M. Márquez      Abstract       Paper      

Composite likelihood approach for multivariable spatio-temporal processes
Ryan H.L. Ip, Wai Keung Li      Abstract      

Improved point scale simulated climate projections for use in crop modelling
Philip Nicholas Kokic      Abstract      

IPS076: Recent developments in asymptotic statistics of stochastic processes

Threshold estimation for stochastic differential equations with jumps
Yasutaka Shimizu      Abstract       Paper      

A test for the rank of the volatility process: The random perturbation approach
Mark Podolskij, Jean Jacod      Abstract       Paper      

Discriminant analysis for stochastic differential equations based on sampled data
Masayuki Uchida      Abstract      

On ADF goodness of fit tests for stochastic processes
Yury A. Kutoyants      Abstract       Paper      

IPS077: Credit risk

Utility maximization for a defaultable security with discrete monitoring
Jun Sekine      Abstract      

A double HMM approach to Altman Z-scores and credit ratings
Tak Kuen Siu, Robert J. Elliott, Eric S. Fung      Abstract      

Bayesian analysis of structure credit risk models with micro-structure noises and jump diffusion
Hoi Ying Wong, Sau-Lung Chan, Kwok-Wah Ho      Abstract      

Price formation in limit order markets with bilateral trading agreements
Martin D. Gould, Nikolaus Hautsch, Mason A. Porter, Stacy Williams, Mark McDonald, Daniel J. Fenn, Sam D. Howison      Abstract       Paper      

IPS078: Towards an integrated statistical system of social accounts

Macro-integration techniques to reconcile labour market statistics from different sources
Nino Mushkudiani, Jacco Daalmans, Jeroen Pannekoek      Abstract       Paper      

Quality assessment in systems with registers and sample surveys
Anders Wallgren, Britt Wallgren      Abstract       Paper      

Microdata integration for labour account
Pernille Stender, Thomas Thorsen      Abstract       Paper      

IPS079: Analysis of distributional data

Analysis of distribution valued data using techniques of FDA
Masahiro Mizuta      Abstract       Paper      

Clustering in contemporary mixed-valued data
Lynne Billard, Jaejik Kim      Abstract       Paper      

A hierarchical conceptual clustering based on the quantile method for mixed feature-type data
Manabu Ichino, Paula Brito      Abstract      

IPS080: New developments in small area estimation and applications

Benchmarking and design-consistency in small area estimation
Parthasarathi Lahiri      Abstract      

An outlier robust block bootstrap for small area estimation
Ray Chambers, Payam Mokhtarian      Abstract       Paper      

A review of poverty mapping procedures
Isabel Molina, J.N.K. Rao      Abstract       Paper      

IPS081: Statistical methods in educational evaluation

Additional samples with overlapping and balancing conditions: Theoretical aspects and application to students’ assessment data
Thierry Rocher, Marc Christine      Abstract       Paper      

Using Item Response Mixed (IRM) models to improve the comparability of educational assessment scores
Tufi Machado Soares      Abstract       Paper      

Item Response Theory (IRT) and large scale learning assessment in Brazil
Ruben Klein      Abstract       Paper      

England’s multilevel model based value-added school league tables: Measuring and communicating statistical uncertainty to parents
George Leckie      Abstract       Paper      

IPS082: GIS and census

Planning for the future, building on decades of success: The role of geospatial data at the Census Bureau
Michael R. Ratcliffe      Abstract       Paper      

Application of GIS in the 2011 Australian Census and thoughts for 2016
Alister Donald Nairn      Abstract       Paper      

Exploring and monitoring change in educational level on national, regional and city level
Katja Vilkama, Marja Tammilehto-Luode      Abstract       Paper      

Did the dream become reality? Twenty five years of using GIS for census analysis
Derek Bond      Abstract       Paper      

IPS085: Transforming national statistics offices through information management

Plug and play statistical components - The cornerstone for future proofing Australia’s statistical systems
Frank Pun Ki Yu, Gillian Nicoll, Michael Meagher      Abstract       Paper      

Information management as tool for standardisation in statistics
Barteld Braaksma, Kees Zeelenberg      Abstract       Paper      

Innovate or perish - Italy's Stat2015 modernisation programme
Emanuele Baldacci      Abstract       Paper      

New ways of working on the collaboration platform of the Government Statistical Service of Hong Kong, China
Anthony S.K. Mak      Abstract       Paper      

ABS iPhone App - The way of the future?
David Sullivan      Abstract       Paper      

IPS086: Benchmarking in classification research

Measurement of quality in cluster analysis
Christian Hennig      Abstract      

Resampling methods for exploring cluster stability
Friedrich Leisch      Abstract      

The role and nature of simulation studies in evaluating approaches to cluster analysis
Douglas Steinley      Abstract      

Stimulating benchmarking in classification research: A challenge taken up by the International Federation of Classification Societies
Iven Van Mechelen      Abstract      

IPS087: Analytic inference for data from complex surveys

Testing for informativeness in analytic inference from complex survey data
Jean D. Opsomer, F. Jay Breidt, Wade Herndon, Ricardo Cao, Mario Francisco Fernández      Abstract       Paper      

Fitting models to complex survey data accounting for nonignorable sampling and nonresponse
Danny Pfeffermann, Moshe Feder      Abstract       Paper      

Rank tests with data from a complex survey
Alastair John Scott, Thomas Lumley      Abstract       Paper      

Testing of parametric models fitted to high-dimensional contingency tables using complex survey data
Chris J. Skinner, Irini Moustaki      Abstract       Paper      

IPS088: Implementation of Core Skills Framework (CSF) for training official statisticians

Training official statisticians in India
TCA Anant      Abstract      

Training official statistician in Africa
Innocent Ngalinda, Albina Andrew Chuwa      Abstract      

Training statisticians: Experience of the Russian Federation
Alexander Surinov       Paper      

IPS089: Recent advances in statistical machine learning and its biomedical applications

Machine learning methods for individualizing real-time treatment policies
Susan A. Murphy, Richard S. Sutton      Abstract      

Joint estimation of multiple dependent Gaussian graphical models
Yufeng Liu, Yuying Xie, William Valdar      Abstract      

Genetic association test based on nonparametric stratification of propensity scores
Heping Zhang, Yaji Xu, Chi Song, Yuan Jiang      Abstract      

Clustering and classification of metagenomes with sequence features
Xuegong Zhang      Abstract      

IPS090: Recent developments in imputation

Handling nonignorable nonresponse using generalized calibration with latent variables
M. Giovanna Ranalli, Alina Matei, Andrea Neri      Abstract       Paper      

Hot deck imputation for multivariate missing data
Jae-Kwang Kim, Wayne A. Fuller      Abstract       Paper      

Balanced k-nearest neighbor imputation
Caren Hasler, Yves Tillé      Abstract       Paper      

IPS091: Statistics in finance and the service sector

Cross-country interaction of business cycles in statistical modeling of economic growth
Elena V. Zarova      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical quality techniques for the service sector
Fugee Tsung, Jian Li      Abstract       Paper      

Generalized Brownian - Laplace processes and financial modeling
Jose K.K. Kanichukattu      Abstract       Paper      

IPS092: Some perspectives on comparative statistical inference

Principles of statistical inference
Nancy Reid, David Cox      Abstract      

Confidence, likelihood, probability
Nils Lid Hjort, Tore Schweder      Abstract      

Bayesian vs. classical estimation in practice
Francisco J. Samaniego      Abstract      

IPS093: Latest development and issue of government statistics

Challenges encountered in developing new area of official statistics in Hong Kong
Leslie Wai-Kong Tang      Abstract       Paper      

Implications of the financial and economic crisis on the European statistical system
Konrad Pesendorfer      Abstract       Paper      

Main changes in the official statistical production process of China
Ronghua Xu      Abstract       Paper      

IPS094: Future of the population census

The 2010 round of population and housing censuses: A global review
Keiko Osaki Tomita      Abstract      

Future of the population census
C. Chandramouli      Abstract       Paper      

Future developments on the Canadian Census of Population
Marc Hamel, Yves Béland      Abstract       Paper      

IPS095: Measuring the development and well-being of societies

Measuring the development and well-being of societies
Paul Cheung      Abstract      

The study of analyzing digital divide with data mining technique and setting up the cloud-platform to improve it
Ben-Chang Shia      Abstract       Paper      

Well-being indicators in Hong Kong
Osbert W.Y. Wang      Abstract       Paper      

IPS096: Some progresses on probability theory

Strong law of large numbers of some models related to branching processes
Yanxia Ren      Abstract      

Hitting time distributions for denumerable birth and death processes
Yong-Hua Mao, Yu Gong, Chi Zhang      Abstract       Paper      

Generalized Dyson Brownian motion, McKean-Vlasov equation and eigenvalues of random matrices
Xiangdong Li      Abstract      

Strong law of larger numbers for capacities
Zengjing Chen      Abstract       Paper      

IPS097: Statistical analysis of complex data

Empirical likelihood for estimating equations with nonignorably missing data
Niansheng Tang, Puying Zhao, Hongtu Zhu      Abstract      

Analyzing longitudinal data with informative observation and terminal event times
Liuquan Sun      Abstract      

Estimating a unitary effect summary based on combined survival and quantitative
Huazhen Lin, Yi Li, Ming T. Tan      Abstract      

Generalized semiparametric latent variable models for analyzing multidimensional and mixed mode data
Xinyuan Song      Abstract      

IPS101: Special invited panel on career development

Business analytics and big data: What do statisticians need to succeed?
Robert N. Rodriguez      Abstract      

What is expected from future statisticians for them to adapt to the future of the profession?
Jef L. Teugels      Abstract      

IPS102: How can the statistics community help its younger members in the early stages of their careers?

Mentoring of professional statisticians under auspices of accredited statistical program: Example of Statistical Society of Canada (SCC)
Judy-Anne W. Chapman      Abstract       Paper      

Mentoring and development of government statisticians: Experiences as a senior government official and parent
Cynthia Z.F. Clark      Abstract       Paper      

Panel discussion entitled Listening to the needs of young mentees: a forum in honour of Martha Aliaga's mentoring work
Helen Louise MacGillivray      

IPS103: IARIW-session on the measurement of well-being

How's life and the measurement of well-being
Martine Durand      Abstract      

Recent and future developments related to GDP and beyond
Walter Josef Radermacher      Abstract       Paper      

Measuring national well-being - A UK perspective
Glenn James Everett      Abstract       Paper      

Measurement of quality of life and well being in France: The drivers for subjective well being
Philippe Cuneo, Fabrice Lenglart, Claire Plateau      Abstract       Paper      

IPS104: Research, collaborations, and opportunities at the international level: A panel discussion

Panel discussion
Zhi-Ming Ma      Abstract      

Panel discussion
Bimal Roy      Abstract      

Panel discussion
Ron Wasserstein      Abstract      

IPS105: The diversity of biometry

Spatiotemporal modeling to measure the effects of mutations and selection pressures
Hirohisa Kishino, Teruaki Watabe, Reiichiro Nakamichi, Shuichi Kitada      Abstract       Paper      

Nonlinear mixed models for disease incidence and severity: Modeling plant diseases in tropical crops
Raúl Edgardo Macchiavelli      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical methodology for the 2012 U.S. Census of Agriculture
Linda J. Young, Andrea C. Lamas, Denise A. Abreu, Shu Wang, Daniel Adrian      Abstract       Paper      

IPS106: Big data

What is the big deal about big data?
Vijay N. Nair      Abstract      

Massive weather (re)forecast data: Challenges and opportunities for statisticians
Tilmann Gneiting      Abstract      

Big data and complex modeling challenges in astronomy and solar physics
David A. van Dyk      Abstract      

Statistical techniques for big data optimization
Tong Zhang      Abstract      

IPS107: The UN fundamental principles of official statistics - Applicability and implementation

Panel discussion
Paul Cheung      Abstract      

Panel discussion
Olav Ljones      Abstract      

Panel discussion
Carmelita Nuguid Ericta      Abstract      

Panel discussion
Mario Palma Rojo      Abstract      

IPS108: Sharing data, code and publications - Making research reproducible

The reproducible research movement in statistics
Victoria Stodden      Abstract       Paper      

Data partnerships for major research challenges
Ron Sandland      Abstract      

Why data availability is such a hard problem
Alan F. Karr      Abstract      

Open access, open data and scholarly publishing
Kathryn D. Sharples      Abstract      

International support for data openness and transparency
Misha V. Belkindas, Eric V. Swanson      Abstract       Paper      

IPS109: The Higgs Boson: Statistical issues in weighing the evidence

The lattice QCD problem of particle physics and its statistical architecture
Nozer D. Singpurwalla      Abstract      

An MCMC based solution to the QCD problem of particle physics
Joshua Landon      

The assessment of evidence in the discovery of a Higgs Boson
David A. van Dyk      Abstract      

IPS110: Developing a master sampling frame for integrated agricultural and rural surveys

Using satellite imagery and geo-referencing technology for building a master sampling frame
Elisabetta Carfagna      Abstract       Paper      

Indirect sampling as a general approach for defining unbiased sampling strategies for integrated agricultural surveys
Pietro Gennari, Piero Demetrio Falorsi, Clara Aida Khalil      Abstract       Paper      

Development of a master sampling frame for agricultural and rural statistics: The experience of Ethiopia
Aberash Tariku Abaye      Abstract       Paper      

IPS111: Memorial session: Remembering G.E.P. Box, J. Durbin, C. L. Kincannon and K. Singh

George Box: The legacy of an ‘Accidental Statistician’
Bovas Abraham      Abstract      

Jim Durbin – A statistician on a world stage
Denise Lievesley      Abstract      

Charles Louis Kincannon – Career civil servant and official statistician
Cynthia Z.F. Clark      Abstract      

Kesar Singh: Reminiscences of a talented statistician
Regina Liu      Abstract      

IPS112: Statistical inference – An unresolved issue in statistics education

Informal inferential reasoning: A computer-based training environment
Joachim Engel, Tim Erickson      Abstract       Paper      

The role of statistical inference in teaching and achievement of students
Ramesh Kapadia      Abstract       Paper      

Teaching statistical inference from multiple perspectives integrating diverging schools of inference
Ödön Vancsó      Abstract       Paper      

A comparative educational study of statistical inference
Manfred Borovcnik      Abstract       Paper      

IPS113: Insurance and financial risks: Actuarial science approaches

Risk measures with applications to actuarial premiums and insurance solvency
Marc J. Goovaerts, Daniël Linders      Abstract      

Sequential testing revisited: Linking statistics and ruin theory
Hansjoerg Albrecher, Peiman Asadi, Jevgenijs Ivanovs      Abstract      

Measuring herd behavior in stock markets
Jan Dhaene, Daniël Linders, Wim Schoutens      Abstract      

A mixture model approach to operational risk management
Sheldon X. Lin, Lan Gong, Andrei Badescu      Abstract      

IPS114: International Year of Statistics and Karl Pearson Lecture

Special presentation about The International Year of Statistics 2013
Ron Wasserstein      Abstract      

Karl Pearson Lecture: Statistical issues in modern scientific research
Peter McCullagh      Abstract      

STS001: Promoting statistics amongst the youth through fun activities

“Selling statistics” to school children on university open days
Delia Elizabeth North      Abstract      

Making statistics fun in the classroom
Bradley J. Payne      Abstract      

Statistics poster competitions: What do they tell us about teacher's knowledge of statistics and how can we learn from this
Jennifer Vanessa Freeman, Eleanor Stillman, Brad Payne      Abstract      

Promoting statistics to secondary students in Hong Kong
Annie Yuen-Wai Chan      Abstract      

STS002: Finite sample behavior of statistical procedures

Interval estimation procedures and information inequalities
Masafumi Akahira      Abstract       Paper      

Finite sample properties of change point procedures
M. Huskova      Abstract      

A small sample bias correction and implications for inference
Brenton R. Clarke, Christopher J. Milne      Abstract       Paper      

Shape constraints in empirical Bayes inference
Ivan Mizera, Mu Lin      Abstract       Paper      

Multivariate regression L-estimation
Jan Picek, Jana Jureckova, Pranab K. Sen      Abstract      

STS003: The LAD methods and their statistical inferences

Building an efficient median
Stephan Morgenthaler      Abstract      

Profiles of atmospheric radiation: Quantile regression of profiles in time
Jaromir Antoch, Daniel Hlubinka      Abstract      

A robust test for regression coefficients using L1-norm
Hans Nyquist      Abstract      

Adaptive combination of LSE and LAD in the asymmetric models
Yadolah Dodge, Jana Jureckova      Abstract      

STS004: Multivariate non-parametric methods with applications to high dimensional data

Supervised dimension reduction based on scatter matrices
Hannu Oja, Liski Eero, Nordhausen Klaus      Abstract      

Spatial distributions in Banach spaces and related depths and quantiles
Anirvan Chakraborty, Probal Chaudhuri      Abstract      

Resistant estimates for high dimensional and functional data based on random projections
Ricardo Fraiman, Marcela Svarc      Abstract      

Nonparametric statistical process control charts for high dimensional data
Jun Li      Abstract      

A nonparametric two-sample test applicable to high dimensional data
Anil K. Ghosh, Munmun Biswas      Abstract      

STS005: Two views of smoothing splines and related tools

Automatic model structure selection for multivariate nonparametric regression
Hao Helen Zhang, Guang Cheng, Yufeng Liu      Abstract      

L1-optimal splines for outlier rejection
Masaaki Nagahara, Clyde F. Martin      Abstract       Paper      

Functional mixed effects spectral analysis
Wensheng Guo, Robert T. Krafty, Martica Hall      Abstract       Paper      

Dynamic contour modeling of wet material objects by periodic smoothing splines
Hiroyuki Kano, Hiroyuki Fujioka      Abstract       Paper      

Smoothing splines on projective space
Wenzhen Fan, Clyde F. Martin      Abstract      

STS006: Towards an international framework for statistical councils of national statistical systems

The case for communication between national statistical councils
Richard Alldritt      Abstract       Paper      

Statistics agencie's relationships with other government statistical producers: An interview study in Australia and the United Kingdom
Cosmo Howard      Abstract       Paper      

The network of Government Statistical Service in Hong Kong
Edith Lai-Shan Chan      Abstract       Paper      

NSCs: Advise + Action = Accountability?
Margarita Guerrero      

STS007: Extremes in action: From time series to random fields

Estimation of extreme events from spatial rainfall data
Ana Ferreira, Rita M. Cardoso, Pedro M.M. Soares, Margarida Belo-Pereira      Abstract       Paper      

Exploratory plots in the analysis of extremes
Souvik Ghosh, Bikramjit Das      Abstract       Paper      

Modeling clusters of extreme values in time series
Natalia M. Markovich      Abstract       Paper      

Testing for multivariate regular variation
Andrea Krajina, John H.J. Einmahl      Abstract      

STS008: Bayesian spatial modelling with application to health and survival in sub-Saharan Africa

A Bayesian two-part model applied to analyze risk factors of adult mortality in Namibia
Lawrence N. Kazembe      Abstract      

Age-gender specific spatio-temporal trends of small area mortality in South Africa, 1997–2010
Samuel O.M. Manda      Abstract      

Modelling immunisation coverage in Nigeria: A Bayesian structured additive regression approach
Samson Babatunde Adebayo, Waheed Babatunde Yahya      Abstract       Paper      

Application of Bayesian geo-additive mixed latent variable model to the child’s health problems
Khaled Khatab      Abstract      

An exploratory spatial analysis of geographical inequalities of birth intervals among young women in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
Tobias Chirwa, Felly Kinziunga Kinziunga, Jocelyn Nzinunu Mantempa, Joseph Desire Kandala, Ngianga-Bakwin Kandala      Abstract      

STS009: Statistical analysis of competing risks data

Phase-type distributions for competing risks
Bo Henry Lindqvist      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical analysis of competing risks with missing causes of failure
Isha Dewan, Uttara V. Naik-Nimbalkar      Abstract       Paper      

Regression analysis of competing risks data with general missing pattern in failure types
P.G. Sankaran, Anup Dewanji, Debasis Sengupta, Bappa Karmakar      Abstract       Paper      

STS010: Latent variable modeling of complex survey data

Issues in structural equation modeling of complex survey data
Stephen J. Tueller, Kenneth A. Bollen, Daniel L. Oberski      Abstract       Paper      

Multilevel multidimensional item response modeling for complex survey data with application to large-scale educational assessments
Li Cai      Abstract      

Issues surrounding Markov latent class analysis for assessing measurement error in complex surveys: A case study using the National Crime Victimization Survey
Marcus Berzofsky, Paul P. Biemer      Abstract       Paper      

Conditional design effects for SEM estimates
Daniel L. Oberski      Abstract       Paper      

STS011: Recent advance in stochastic processes and their applications

On the approximate maximum likelihood estimation for diffusion processes
Song Xi Chen, Jinyuan Chang      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical inference and Malliavin calculus
Arturo Kohatsu-Higa, Jose M. Corcuera      Abstract       Paper      

Symmetric rearrangements around infinity with applications to Levy processes
Rongfeng Sun, Alexander Drewitz, Perla Sousi      Abstract      

Critical two-point functions for long-range self-avoiding walk in high dimensions
Lung-Chi Chen, Akira Sakai      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical properties of microstructure noise
Xinghua Zheng, Jean Jacod, Yingying Li      Abstract       Paper      

STS012: Analysis of complex outcome data in RNA sequencing and genome-wide association studies

Controlling false discovery rates in RNA-sequencing data
Conrad J. Burden, Sumaira Qureshi, Susan R. Wilson      Abstract       Paper      

Joint analysis of binary and quantitative traits with data sharing and outcome-dependent sampling
Jungnam Joo, Gang Zheng, Colin O. Wu, Minjung Kwak, Wenhua Jiang, Joao A.C. Lima      Abstract      

PLNseq: A multivariate poisson lognormal distribution for high-throughput correlated RNA-seq read counts
Hong Zhang, Jinfeng Xu, Xiaohua Hu, Zewei Luo      Abstract      

A joint regression analysis for genetic association studies with outcome stratified samples
Minjung Kwak, Colin O. Wu, Gang Zheng      Abstract       Paper      

A new multivariate zero-inflated poisson model with applications
Guo-Liang Tian, Yin Liu, Xiqian Ding      Abstract      

STS013: Measuring poverty in the context of energy and money restrictions

Conclusions from long term experience in measuring poverty with price indices
Michel Mouyelo-Katoula      Abstract       Paper      

Measuring the real value of production and its impact on distribution of global wealth and poverty, reflections in the economic order of the real world
Helmut Maier      Abstract       Paper      

Poverty and poverty measurement in Russia: Energy poverty in the energy-rich country
Irina Eliseeva      Abstract       Paper      

Poverty and poverty measurement in Africa
Felicien Donat Edgar Towenan Accrombessy      Abstract       Paper      

STS014: Time series analysis and finance

Simulated maximum likelihood in a Markov switching stochastic volatility model
Bovas Abraham      Abstract      

Inference for generalized duration models
Aerambamoorthy Thavaneswaran      Abstract      

Prediction intervals and simultaneous bands for ARCH processes with an application to autoregressive conditional duration models
Bei Chen      Abstract      

Time varying autoregressive conditional duration models
Ramanathan V. Thekkevariam      Abstract      

Parameter estimation of random coefficient models with correlated errors using quadratic estimating function approach
Ibrahim bin Mohamed, Kamil Khalid      Abstract      

STS015: Ethical dilemmas for statisticians – How should we respond? The role of the ISI declaration on professional ethics

Ethical dilemmas for statistics - How should we respond?
Len W. Cook      Abstract      

Ethical dilemmas for statistics - How should we respond?
Haishan Fu      Abstract      

Ethical dilemmas for statistics - How should we respond?
David Morganstein      Abstract      

Ethical dilemmas for statistics - How should we respond?
Benjamin French      Abstract      

STS016: Measuring China's economic performance

What develop trade credit? Case of provinces in China
Go Yano, Maho Shiraishi      Abstract       Paper      

Constructing a time series of Chinese multi-regional input-output tables at provincial level and high sector detail
Yafei Wang, Manfred Lenzen      Abstract       Paper      

An interpretation of planning economy era in China
Maho Shiraishi      Abstract       Paper      

The calculation of Chinese short-term international capital flow
Shi Gang      Abstract       Paper      

Mincer’s wage determination, job changing, and social capital in China
Yang Liu      Abstract       Paper      

STS017: Alternative census methods, lessons learned from the 2010 round, projects for the 2020 round

The beginning of a new era in the census method of Turkey, use of registers: Lessons learned and future prospects
Enver Tasti, Sebnem Bese Canpolat, Baris Ucar      Abstract       Paper      

Innovations in census taking for the United States in 2020
Burton H. Reist, Andrew Ciango      Abstract       Paper      

New census modalities in Israel
Pnina Zadka, Yael Feinstein      Abstract       Paper      

Rolling census: scoping study for Brazil
Andrea Diniz Da Silva      Abstract       Paper      

The French rolling census: A decade of experience
Jean Michel Durr, Francois Clanche      Abstract       Paper      

STS018: The potential of Internet, big data and organic data for official statistics

Internet as a new source of information for the production of official statistics. Experiences of Statistics Netherlands.
Nicolaes Heerschap      Abstract       Paper      

Knowledge linking for online statistics
Marc Spaniol, Natalia Prytkova, Gerhard Weikum      Abstract       Paper      

Big data coming soon ...... to an NSI near you
John Dunne      Abstract       Paper      

Big data and official statistics: From opportunities to strategies
Emmanuel Letouzé, Eric Bensel, Johannes Jütting      Abstract      

Building economic indicators from online data
Manuel I. Bertolotto      Abstract      

STS019: Probability forecasting

Probabilistic weather forecasting
Tilmann Gneiting      Abstract       Paper      

Multidimensional local scoring rules
Matthew Parry      Abstract       Paper      

Local scoring rules: A versatile tool for inference
Monica Musio, Philip Dawid      Abstract       Paper      

Probabilistic forecast paths in economics and finance
Shaun P. Vahey, Elizabeth C. Wakerly      Abstract       Paper      

Probabilistic forecasts of wind power generation by stochastic differential equation models
Henrik Madsen, Jan Kloppenborg Møller, Pierre Pinson      Abstract       Paper      

STS021: The roles of administrative data in official statistics

Using administrative data in population and social statistics
Jari Tarkoma      Abstract       Paper      

The roles of tax administration data in official statistics production in South Africa
Elizabeth Gavin, Deon Breytenbach, Randall Carolissen, Mamiky Leolo      Abstract       Paper      

Producing regional profiles based on administrative and statistical data in New Zealand
Michael Slyuzberg, Gail Kelly      Abstract       Paper      

The use of administrative data at Statistics Canada
Wesley Yung, Pierre Lavallée, Julie Trépanier      Abstract       Paper      

Wage and salary employment position statistics based on administrative data
Kido Seong, Homan Song      Abstract       Paper      

STS022: Difference-based variance estimation in nonparametric regression

Optimal variance estimation without estimating the mean function
Yuedong Wang, Tiejun Tong, Yanyuan Ma      Abstract       Paper      

Further variance reduction and bias elimination for nonparametric kernel estimation
Yebin Cheng, Ming-Yen Cheng, Tiejun Tong      Abstract      

Difference-based variance estimation in nonparametric regression with repeated measurements
Tiejun Tong, Yanyuan Ma, Wenlin Dai, Lixing Zhu      Abstract       Paper      

Variance estimation in the analysis of microarray data
Yanyuan Ma, Yuedong Wang, Raymond J. Carroll      Abstract       Paper      

STS023: Statistics and policy

Handling quantitative information across scales and dimensions
Mario Giampietro      Abstract      

Statistical information and evidence based decision-making
Walter Josef Radermacher      Abstract      

Democracy, scientific inquiry and indicators: A pragmatic perspective
Paul-Marie Boulanger      Abstract       Paper      

Advocacy, analysis and quality. The Bermuda triangle of statistics
Andrea Saltelli, Michaela Saisana      Abstract       Paper      

STS024: New ways to measure global value chains

A measurement framework and a narrative on global value chains and economic globalisation
Merja Hult, Timothy J. Sturgeon, Pekka Alajääskö      Abstract       Paper      

Linking trade statistics and business registers in a developing country context
Ronald Jansen, Luis Gonzalez Morales, Odilia Bravo Cambronero, Ana Mercedes Umaña      Abstract       Paper      

Measurement of trade in value-added: Using Chinese input-output tables capturing processing trade
Cuihong Yang, Chen Xikang, Duan Yuwan, Jiang Xuemei, Pei Jiansuo, Xu Jian, Yang Lianling, Zhu Kunfu      Abstract       Paper      

International trade in value added: Trade statistics and trade policy implications the WTO perspective
Andreas Maurer, Christophe Degain      Abstract       Paper      

Measuring international organisation of enterprises and sourcing of business functions
Peter Bøegh Nielsen      Abstract       Paper      

STS025: New approaches for agricultural statistics

Integration of agricultural census and population census data
Eva Laczka      Abstract       Paper      

Use of significance editing for agricultural surveys
Wendy J. Barboza, James M. Harris      Abstract       Paper      

Developing an agricultural statistics strategy for South Africa
Moses Mnyaka, Edmund Kibuuka      Abstract       Paper      

Remote sensing application in China's crop acreage estimation
Wei Zhou      Abstract       Paper      

A 2020 round of agricultural surveys
Flavio P. Bolliger      Abstract       Paper      

Agricultural productivity growth in the United States: Measurement, drivers, and impacts
Sun Ling Wang      Abstract       Paper      

STS026: Experiences when building the methodological architecture for statistics production

Methodology architecture - A roadmap for new methodological directions in the Australian Bureau of Statistics
Siu-Ming Tam       Paper      

Using design principles to deliver strategy in a new organisational structure
Gary Brown, Catherine A. Davies      Abstract       Paper      

Strengthening methodological architecture with multiple frames and data sources
James M. Harris, Cynthia Z.F. Clark      Abstract       Paper      

Balancing sound methodology and IT flexibility in statistical production
Allyson J. Seyb      Abstract       Paper      

Lessons learned from implementing an integrated methodological architecture
Evelyn N. Maelane, Marlize Pistorius      Abstract       Paper      

STS027: New forms of data for research, policy evaluation and official statistics

New forms of data for official statistics
Niels Ploug      Abstract       Paper      

Global integration of new forms of data: Problems and possibilities
Peter Elias      Abstract       Paper      

New forms of data for research - Three examples from social science
Lisbeth Pedersen      Abstract       Paper      

New forms of data and scientific research
David De Roure      Abstract      

Data fusion and new data
Lichun Zhang      Abstract      

STS028: Depth-based procedures for high-dimensional and functional data

Multivariate functional halfspace depth
Mia Hubert      Abstract      

Depth and the deepest point in infinite dimensional spaces
Probal Chaudhuri      Abstract      

Functional depth based on distances: What for?
Alicia Nieto-Reyes      Abstract      

Nonparametric combination of multiple inferences using data depth, bootstrap and confidence distribution
Regina Liu, Dungang Liu, Min-ge Xie      Abstract      

From depth to local depth: A focus on centrality
Davy Paindaveine, Germain Van Bever      Abstract      

STS029: Practicalities in measuring intangible assets

The measurement of intangible assets in the national accounts and growth accounts of the Netherlands
Mark de Haan, Myriam van Rooijen-Horsten, Murat Tanriseven, Erik Veldhuizen      Abstract       Paper      

Intangible assets in the SNA: Measurement and considerations for productivity estimates
Nadim Ahmad      Abstract      

Coming to grips with intangibles
Branko Vitas, Getachew A. Tessema      Abstract       Paper      

The measurement of artistic originals in the UK
Louisa Nolan, Darren Morgan, Paul Smith      Abstract       Paper      

STS030: Statistical education at university focusing on learning approaches in different educational and cultural contexts

First year statistics units across three continents: Similarities and differences
Francesca Chiesi, Caterina Primi, Ayse Aysin Bilgin, Maria Virginia Lopez, Maria del Carmen Fabrizio, Sitki Gozlu      Abstract       Paper      

Underlying reasons for different learning approaches in statistics in Argentina
María V. López, María C. Fabrizio, Adriana Perez, María C. Plencovich, Gerardo Cueto      Abstract       Paper      

Underlying reasons for different learning approaches in statistics in Italy
Caterina Primi, Francesca Chiesi      Abstract       Paper      

Underlying reasons for different learning approaches in statistics in an Australian university
Ayse Aysin Bilgin      Abstract       Paper      

Underlying reasons for different learning approaches in statistics in Turkish universities
Sitki Gozlu, Ayse Aysin Bilgin, Dilek Ozdemir Gungor      Abstract       Paper      

Some aspects of statistical significance in statistics education
Pranesh Kumar      Abstract       Paper      

STS031: International comparability versus national relevance: Contributions of the national statistical offices in monitoring the leading cause of death - Methods and merits of global adult tobacco survey

Evaluating tobacco control in Turkey: Comparability over time
Yilmaz Ersahin      Abstract      

GATS in Nigeria: A key to innovation/success in adult tobacco surveillance in Africa
Isiaka Akinjide Olarewaju      Abstract       Paper      

Design and implementation of adult tobacco survey in Pakistan
Rizwan Bashir      Abstract      

Methods and merits of the global adult tobacco survey: International comparability versus national relevance
Krishna Mohan Palipudi      Abstract      

Meeting the global comparability: Integration of tobacco questions in surveys
Qiang Li, Yong Jiang, Mei Zhang, Yichong Li, Congxiao Wang, Gonghuan Yang      Abstract      

STS032: Energy statistics

Importance sampling for the reliability evaluation with a stochastic computer model
Youngjun Choe, Eunshin Byon, Vijay N. Nair, Nan Chen      Abstract      

Using complex surveys to estimate the L1-median of a functional variable: Application to electricity load curves
Camelia Goga, Mohamed Chaouch      Abstract       Paper      

Optimal combined forecasts for electricity prices: Influence of clean energies
Eduardo Caro, Carolina García-Martos, María Jesús Sánchez      Abstract       Paper      

Some interesting statistics problems arising from analyses of energy data from surveys
Carol Joyce Blumberg      Abstract       Paper      

STS033: Branching processes and related fields: Theory and applications

Fluid approximation and a time change for an evolution model
Fima C. Klebaner, Kais Hamza, Haya Kaspi      Abstract       Paper      

Branching random walks and their applications to population studies
Elena B. Yarovaya      Abstract       Paper      

Branching processes evolving in asynchronous environments
Vladimir Vatutin, Quansheng Liu      Abstract       Paper      

Controlled branching processes: Applications in biology
Miguel González, Rodrigo Martínez, Inés María Del Puerto, Cristina Gutiérrez      Abstract       Paper      

The age structure of population-dependent general branching processes in environments with a high carrying capacity
Kais Hamza, Peter Jagers, Fima C. Klebaner      Abstract       Paper      

STS034: What are the quality impacts of conducting high profile official statistical collections on a voluntary basis?

Producing official statistics via voluntary surveys - The National Household Survey in Canada
Marc Hamel      Abstract       Paper      

Nonresponse work at Statistics Sweden - Examples from the past and plans for the future
Martin Axelson, Lina Fjelkegård, Peter Lundquist, Peter Werner      Abstract       Paper      

The impact of nonresponse on survey quality
Bart Bakker, Jelke Bethlehem      Abstract       Paper      

Voluntary and volunteer government surveys in the US
Phillip S. Kott      Abstract       Paper      

STS035: Statistical methods for biophysical structure and dynamics

A survey of Riemannian centres of mass for data
Wilfrid S. Kendall      Abstract       Paper      

Partial least squares to identify functional dynamics of proteins
Tatyana Krivobokova, Marco Singer, Bert De Groot, Axel Munk      Abstract       Paper      

Sparsity-based analysis of superresolution microscopy data
Timo Aspelmeier      Abstract      

Aggregated motion estimation for imaging in real time MRI
Housen Li, Markus Haltmeier, Shuo Zhang, Jens Frahm, Axel Munk      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical computation in protein folding
Samuel Kou      Abstract      

STS036: Statistical machine learning theory

Statistical analysis of learning with minimum error entropy criterion
Ding-Xuan Zhou      Abstract      

On learning data representation
Lorenzo Rosasco, Guillermo D. Canas      Abstract      

Approximation with multiscale kernels
Holger Wendland      Abstract      

Qualitative robustness of bootstrap approximations for kernel based methods
Matias Salibian-Barrera, Andreas Christmann, Stefan Van Aelst      Abstract       Paper      

Kernel two-sample and independence tests
Arthur Gretton      Abstract      

STS037: Real estate price statistics

Real estate prices: Methodological frameworks - The international handbooks on residential property price indices and commercial property price indices
David Fenwick      Abstract       Paper      

ECB progress towards a European Commercial Property Price Index
Andrew Kanutin      Abstract       Paper      

Sparse data and commercial property price indexes
Mick Silver, Brian Graf      Abstract       Paper      

Real estate price statistics - Relevance, links and challenges
Roberto Barcellan      Abstract       Paper      

Property price statistics for Ireland - Data sources and compilation issues
Niall O’Hanlon      Abstract       Paper      

STS038: Coverage problems in administrative data and secured linking

Epidemiological and statistical secured matching in France
Catherine Quantin, Benoît Riandey      Abstract       Paper      

Robustness of population size estimates against violation of the independence assumption
Susanna C. Gerritse, Peter G.M. Van Der Heijden, Bart F.M. Bakker      Abstract       Paper      

Population size estimation based on erroneous capture-recapture data
Lichun Zhang      Abstract       Paper      

Estimating from mixed sources with incomplete coverage
Joep Burger, Arnout Van Delden, Piet Daas, Pieter Vlag      Abstract       Paper      

Efficient private record linkage of very large datasets
Rainer Schnell      Abstract       Paper      

STS039: Measuring progress at local level

Estimating inequalities at local level in Italy
Stefano Marchetti      Abstract       Paper      

Measuring change of poverty estimates on small area level
Jan Pablo Burgard, Ralf T. Münnich, Stefan B. Zins      Abstract       Paper      

Repeated regular sample survey-based monitoring for food security and child nutrition
Stephen J. Haslett      Abstract       Paper      

Environmental features and subjective well being in Italy: A local level analysis
Luigi Biggeri, Tiziana Laureti, Luca Sceondi      Abstract       Paper      

STS040: Implementing SNA2008/ESA2010 in the EU and OECD

Implementation of 2008 System of National Accounts by the Australian Bureau of Statistics
Branko Vitas, Michael Davies      Abstract       Paper      

ESA2010 data transmission programme: What's new as of the second half 2014?
Roberto Barcellan, Silke Stapel-Weber, Johannes Wouters      Abstract       Paper      

Technical challenges and opportunities for international exchange of national accounts data
Werner Bier      Abstract       Paper      

National accounts data sharing between international organizations
Silke Stapel-Weber, Christine Gerstberger, Remigio Echeverria, Peter van de Ven      Abstract       Paper      

Methodological challenges of SNA2008 and ESA2010
Peter van de Ven      Abstract       Paper      

STS041: Statistics as a career choice for women: Great rewards, persistent challenges and making the change happen

Statistics as a career choice for women in South Africa
Jacky Galpin      Abstract      

Statistics as a career choice for women in Russia
Irina Eliseeva      Abstract      

Statistics as a career choice for women in Mexico
Lilia Leticia Ramirez      Abstract      

Statistics as a career choice for women in Canada
Sylvia Esterby      Abstract      

Statistics as a career choice for women in Australia
Bronwyn Harch      Abstract      

Statistics as a career choice for women in Mexico
Amanda L. Golbeck      Abstract      

STS042: Subjective indicators and their role in measuring countrie's progress and wellbeing: Definition, construction and analysis

The role of subjective indicators in measuring the equitable and sustainable well-being in Italy
Adolfo Morrone      Abstract       Paper      

The OECD guidelines on subjective well-being: Towards a common measurement framework, and the statistical agenda ahead
Conal Smith      Abstract      

Measuring subjective well-being in the European Statistical System (ESS)
Marleen De Smedt      Abstract      

STS043: Using geospatial information in area sampling and estimation for agricultural and environmental surveys

Methodological developments for improving the reliability and cost-effectiveness of agricultural statistics in developing countries
Monica Pratesi, Elisabetta Carfagna      Abstract       Paper      

Pilot point sample area frame survey for agricultural statistics in Nigeria
Sarah Hoffman, Michael Steiner      Abstract       Paper      

Design and estimation for recreational fisheries surveys
F. Jay Breidt, Jean D. Opsomer      Abstract       Paper      

Using remote sensing cropland classification data to update area sampling frame
Xinhua Yu      Abstract       Paper      

Automatic stratification for an agricultural area frame using remote sensing data
Stephanie Zimmer, Jae Kwang Kim, Sarah Nusser      Abstract       Paper      

STS044: Measurement error models

Nonparametric density estimation in case of measurement errors: A survey
Irène Gijbels      Abstract      

Censored quantile regression with covariate measurement errors
Guosheng Yin, Yuanshan Wu, Yanyuan Ma      Abstract       Paper      

Coefficient of determination for multiple measurement error models
Shalabh Shalabh, G. Garg, C.L. Cheng      Abstract       Paper      

Bickel-Rosenblatt type goodness-of-fit test in linear errors-in-variables model
Weixing Song, Hira L. Koul      Abstract       Paper      

On rank methods in errors-in-variables models
Silvelyn Zwanzig      Abstract       Paper      

Total least-squares adjustment with prior information vs. the penalized least-squares approach to EIV-models
Burkhard Schaffrin, Kyle Snow      Abstract       Paper      

STS045: International statistics - Supplying international statistics for decision making

Composite measure of industrial performance for cross-country analysis
Shyam Upadhyaya      Abstract       Paper      

Why are the G-20 data gaps initiative and the SDDS plus relevant for financial stability analysis?
Robert Heath      Abstract       Paper      

Should international organisations use also non-official sources when providing official international economic statistics?
Per Nymand-Andersen, Werner Bier      Abstract       Paper      

Reviving statistical yearbooks to meet changing needs of users
Artur Andrysiak      Abstract      

The challenge of supplying comparable international statistics to professional users
Maurine Haver      

STS046: Limit theorems for high frequency data

Between data cleaning and inference: Pre-averaging and other robust estimators of the efficient price
Per A. Mykland, Lan Zhang      Abstract      

Estimating the efficient price from the order flow: A Brownian Cox process approach
Mathieu Rosenbaum, Sylvain Delattre, Christian Y. Robert      Abstract      

Linear regression of drift in continuous semimartingale models
Masaaki Fukasawa      Abstract       Paper      

Kolmogorov-Smirnov type tests for local gaussianity in high-frequency data
George Tauchen, Viktor Todorov      Abstract       Paper      

STS048: Statistical network - Showcasing a new approach for international collaboration in industralising the production of official statistics

Generic statistical information model: An innovative collaboration which facilitates international collaboration
Jenine Borowik, Aurito Rivera, Carrie Ashley, Steven Vale      Abstract       Paper      

Utilizing international collaboration to assist Statistics New Zealand in delivering on its modernisation program
Gary Dunnet, Michelle Feyen      Abstract       Paper      

Towards a common business architecture for the statistical network
Erica McCoull, Eden Brinkley, Robert McLellan      Abstract      

Business architecture principles to foster industrialisation and standardisation at the Italian National Institute of Statistics
Nadia Mignolli, Giulio Barcaroli, Piero Demetrio Falorsi, Alessandra Fasano      Abstract       Paper      

Standardisation of statistics production - Approach, results and making use of international cooperation
Mats Bergdahl      Abstract       Paper      

STS049: Small area estimation for business statistics

Impact of sampling on small area estimation in business surveys
Ralf T. Munnich, Jan Pablo Burgard, Thomas Zimmermann      Abstract       Paper      

Robust small area estimation for discrete outcomes
Nikos Tzavidis, Ray Chambers, Nicola Salvati      Abstract      

Small area estimation applications in the US Census Bureau
Yang Cheng, Bac Tran, Partha Lahiri, Carma Hogue      Abstract       Paper      

Small area estimation for semicontinuous data
Hukum Chandra, Ray Chambers      Abstract       Paper      

Small area estimation in business information technology
Ana F. Militino, M. Dolores Ugarte, Tomás Goicoa      Abstract       Paper      

STS051: Source and feature detection in astronomy

Bayesian object detection in astrophysics
Farhan Feroz, Mike Hobson      Abstract       Paper      

Have we seen a signal yet? A necessary condition for claiming discovery
Bodhisattva Sen, Michael Woodroofe      Abstract       Paper      

Detecting dark matter signatures in Fermi/LAT Gamma-Ray data
Roberto Trotta      Abstract      

A Bayesian hypothesis test
Daniel J. Mortlock      Abstract      

Cosine directions using Rao-Blackwell theorem and Hausdorff metric in Quasars
Byron E. Bell      Abstract       Paper      

STS052: Official statistics in the Arab Region - Challenges and the way forward

Challenges in statistical capacity building in the Arab countries
Sava? Alpay      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical capacity building in Iraq
Mahdi Al-Alak      Abstract       Paper      

Challenges facing the official statistics in the GCC Countries - Oman as a model
Sabir Said Al-Harbi      Abstract       Paper      

Challenges facing official statistics in Egypt
Awatef Hussein Emam Abou Gendy      Abstract       Paper      

Official statistics in the Arab region: Viable Arab framework to respond to common challenges
Ola Farah Awad/Shakhshir      Abstract       Paper      

STS053: Robustness and stability measures

Very robust regression: Frameworks for comparisons
Anthony C. Atkinson, Marco Riani, Domenico Perrotta      Abstract       Paper      

Robust sparse regression in high dimensions
Andreas Alfons, Christophe Croux, Viktoria Öllerer, Sarah Gelper      Abstract       Paper      

Influence measures for CART classification trees
Servane Gey, Avner Bar-Hen, Jean-Michel Poggi      Abstract       Paper      

Robust risk estimation using exact resampling criteria for the kNN algorithm
Tristan Mary-Huard, Alain Celisse      Abstract       Paper      

Robust multimode clustering
Maurizio Vichi      Abstract       Paper      

STS054: Large sample covariance matrices and high-dimensional statistics

A note on central limit theorems for linear spectral statistics of large dimensional F-matrix
Shurong Zheng, Zhidong Bai      Abstract       Paper      

On the goodness-of-fit test in a factor model with high-dimensional data
Damien Passemier, Jian-Feng Yao      Abstract       Paper      

On generalized expectation based estimation of a population spectral distribution from high-dimensional data
Weiming Li, Jianfeng Yao      Abstract       Paper      

STS055: Non-parametric curve estimation: Theory and applications

Nonparametric curve estimation under monotonicity constraint
Rabi Bhattacharya, Lizhen Lin      Abstract       Paper      

Recursively generated control theoretic splines for on-the-fly approximation
Clyde F. Martin, Shan Sun      Abstract       Paper      

Nonparametric modeling of dynamical seasonality and trend with heteroscedastic and dependent errors
Ming-Yen Cheng, Yu-Chun Chen, Hau-Tieng Wu      Abstract       Paper      

Application of nonparametric quantile regression to body mass index percentile curves from survey data
Yan Li, Barry I. Graubard, Edward L. Korn      Abstract      

Quantile correlations and quantile autoregressive modeling
Guodong Li, Yang Li, Chih-Ling Tsai      Abstract       Paper      

STS057: Methodological and compilation review on bank interest rates statistics

Experience of compiling interest rate statistics
Sosang Moon      Abstract       Paper      

Quality issues in the compilation of bank interest rate statistics: A European perspective
Andreas Kuchler      Abstract       Paper      

The Federal Reserve’s role in the collection and dissemination of information on interest rates
Matthew Lieber, Charles P. Thomas      Abstract       Paper      

Interest rate statistics in Nigeria: Its sampling techniques and computational procedures
Abiola O. Adeleke      Abstract       Paper      

Quality measures in non-statistical sampling: MFI Interest Rates Statistics (MIR)
Josep M. Puigvert, J. Huerga, S. Pérez-Duarte      Abstract       Paper      

STS058: Frontiers in quantile regression

Nonparametric series quantile regression: Modeling, estimation and inference
Ivan Fernandez-Val, Alexandre Belloni, Victor Chernozhukov      Abstract       Paper      

Of quantiles, copulas, ranks and spectra: An L1 approach to spectral analysis
Stanislav Volgushev, Holger Dette, Marc Hallin, Tobias Kley      Abstract      

Quantile analysis for human quantitive traits in GWAS data
Ying Wei, Mengling Liu, Iuliana Lonita Laza      Abstract      

Quantile estimation for nonstationary time series
Wei Biao Wu      Abstract      

STS059: Spatial and spatio-temporal models for environmental epidemiology

The INLA approach for Bayesian air quality models
Michela Cameletti      Abstract      

Functional kriging in air quality
Rosaria Ignaccolo, Jorge Mateu, Ramon Giraldo      Abstract      

Bayesian modelling for estimating adverse health effects of exposure to multiple air pollutants in a time series framework
Monica Pirani, Georgios Papageorgiou, Nicky Best, Richard W. Atkinson, Gary W. Fuller      Abstract       Paper      

The effects of preferential sampling in spatial epidemiology
Gavin Shaddick      Abstract      

STS060: Toward a better economic statistics

Use of administrative sources for statistical purposes: The Case of Jordan
Mohammad Mahmoud Khalaf      Abstract       Paper      

Building macroeconomic models; challenges and obstacles: The Palestinian experience
Mohammed S.A. Qalalwa      Abstract       Paper      

The informal sector and its impact on the Sudan economy. A case study at locality of Karari 2009.
Hagir Elzubeir Abdelmageed      Abstract       Paper      

Economic censuses in Egypt and the world
Mohamed Ismail, Nany Abd Elkader Hashim      Abstract       Paper      

A Perception and Exposure Local Corruption Index (PELCI): Egyptian experience
Magued Osman      Abstract       Paper      

STS062: Synthetic establishment microdata – Enhancing access to confidential data in novel ways

The Synthetic Longitudinal Business Database: Experiences and lessons learned
Lars Vilhuber, Javier Miranda      Abstract      

SynLBD: Providing firm characteristics on synthetic establishment data
Satkartar K. Kinney, Jerome P. Reiter      Abstract      

Replicating the synthetic LBD with German establishment data
Jörg Drechsler, Lars Vilhuber      Abstract       Paper      

The Synthetic Longitudinal Business Database (SynLBD): Access to Data and Remote Processing
Thomas A. Louis, Ron S. Jarmin, Javier Miranda, Lars Vilhuber      Abstract      

STS063: Role of population and housing and agricultural censuses in the national statistical systems

Building a master sampling frame by linking the population and housing census with the agricultural census
Pietro Gennari, Naman Keita      Abstract       Paper      

Modern approach to censuses in the case of Poland - Advantages and constraints
Gra?yna Marciniak      Abstract       Paper      

A population census based on registers and a 10% survey. Methodological challenges and conclusions.
Antonio Argüeso, Jorge L. Vega      Abstract       Paper      

The population and housing census in a register based statistical system
Anita Lange      Abstract       Paper      

Agricultural Census 2010 in Hungary
Gyorgy Lengyel      Abstract       Paper      

STS064: Statistical methods for risk management

Asymmetry and long memory in realized covariance
Manabu Asai, Mike K.P. So      Abstract      

Earthquake statistics and a FOSM seismic hazard analysis for a nuclear power plant in Taiwan
Jui-Pin Wang, Yun Xu      Abstract       Paper      

On the computation of seismic loss tail probability distributions for stochastic structural dynamic systems
Sai Hung Cheung, Sahil Bansal      Abstract      

A hierarchical Bayesian approach to model extreme precipitation risk
Raymond K.S. Chan, Mike K.P. So      Abstract      

Calibration of spectral risk measures for risk management
Chi-Ming Wong, Mike K.P. So      Abstract      

STS065: Statistical techniques in heterogeneous learning

Nonparametric Bayesian multi-task learning with max-margin posterior regularization
Jun Zhu      Abstract       Paper      

Bayesian inference from non-ignorable network sampling designs
Simon Lunagomez, Edoardo M. Airoldi      Abstract       Paper      

A semi-parametric Bayesian framework for performance analysis of call centers
Xiaowei Zhang, Bangxian Wu      Abstract       Paper      

NOTAM: Nonparametric Bayes multi-task multi-view learning
Hongxia Yang, Jingrui He      Abstract       Paper      

Supervised heterogeneous multiview learning for joint association study and disease diagnosis
Zenglin Xu, Shandian Zhe, Yuan Qi, Peng Yiu      Abstract       Paper      

STS066: The use of modern technology in statistics

The ERA of big data: Statistics, data mining in the cloud computing ERA
Ben-Chang Shia      Abstract       Paper      

Address based sampling technique in developing country
Weidong Wang      Abstract      

The exploration of technology in official statistics: China's experience
Jiang Shu, Pan Fan, Cong Yajing      

Distributed computing and Hadoop in statistics
Xiaoling Lu, Bing Zheng      Abstract       Paper      

STS067: Using technology to improve efficiency of population censuses - Some experiences from the 2010 round

Using technology to achieve efficiencies in census - Experiences from the Abu Dhabi Census 2011
Badria Abdulla Obaid, Nancy McBeth      Abstract       Paper      

Internet option for improving the efficiency of population and housing census in Korea
Hyong-Joon Noh      Abstract       Paper      

Efficiency in population censuses - The situation of the European register-based 2011 Censuses
Eric Schulte Nordholt      Abstract       Paper      

Modern technologies in Omani Censuses
Khalifa Bin Abdullah Bin Hamed Al barwani      Abstract       Paper      

STS068: Analysis of high-dimensional data and graphs

New challenges for (biological) network inference with sparse Gaussian graphical models
Julien Chiquet      Abstract      

Modeling and prediction of financial trading networks: A case study in the NYMEX natural gas futures market
Abel Rodriguez, Brenda Betancourt, Naomi Boyd      Abstract       Paper      

Adaptive generalized fused-lasso: Asymptotic properties and applications
F. Picard, V. Viallon, S. Lambert-Lacroix, H. Hoefling      Abstract      

Global criteria for sparse penalized partial least squares
Alfred O. Hero, Tzu-Yu Liu, Laura Trinchera, Arthur Tenenhaus, Dennis Wei      Abstract      

Dynamic patterns analysis meets social network analysis in the modeling of financial market behavior
Caterina Liberati, Paola Zappa      Abstract       Paper      

STS069: Youth in Arab countries, facts and challenges

Iraq youth empowerment - Challenges and opportunities
Mahdi Al-Alak      Abstract       Paper      

Young Moroccans: Profile, expectations and perceptions
Abdellah Sougrati      Abstract       Paper      

The economic participation of young women in the Jordanian labor market, facts & challenges
Manal George Sweidan      Abstract       Paper      

The young people in Egypt 2010
Salwa yousof Abd ELGhany      Abstract       Paper      

Youth and mapping poverty in Palestine
Hani Al-Ahmed, Fida Twam      Abstract      

STS070: Beyond the new public management theory: Understanding NSO operations in a changing environment

Impact of new public management theory on NSOs: An international case study
Derek Bond, Elaine Ramsey      Abstract       Paper      

The development and present status of statistics on basic characteristics of cities in China
Xiaolong Chen      Abstract       Paper      

UK official statistics - From new public management to public value
Richard Laux      Abstract       Paper      

Open data, open cities. Case Helsinki region infoshare
Asta Manninen      Abstract       Paper      

New public management in an economic crisis - Reflections from CSO Ireland
Padraig Dalton      

STS072: Graph theoretic methods for spatial data analysis

Graph analysis for space-time scan statistics
Marcelo A. Costa      Abstract       Paper      

The use of spatial graphs for optimal obstacle placement: A study on impact of the clutter spatial distribution
Vural Aksakalli, Elvan Ceyhan      Abstract       Paper      

Vulnerability analysis of weighted graphs: A measure of vulnerability of spatial network by using betweenness centrality
Zhe Zhang, Virrantaus Kirsi, Hannes Seppänen Aalto University      Abstract       Paper      

Testing spatial clustering using relative density of two random geometric digraph families
Elvan Ceyhan      Abstract       Paper      

STS073: Finance and contemporary issues

A practitioner's perspective on bid-ask bounce
Samuel Po-Shing Wong      Abstract      

Time series of functional data for forecasting the yield curve and electricity prices
Rituparna Sen, Claudia Klüppelberg      Abstract       Paper      

Cointegration pairs trading strategy on derivatives
Pak Kuen Lee, Ngai Hang Chan, Lai Fan Pun      Abstract       Paper      

Costly information, finance and firm investment: New directions of research of empirical methodology
Pranab Kumar Das      Abstract       Paper      

A structural approach to credit risk in a Markov modulated market
Mrinal K. Ghosh, Tamal Banerjee, Srikanth K. Iyer      Abstract       Paper      

STS074: The services sector of the economy: Is it possible to measure?

Conceptual and practical problems measuring service productivity
Roland Gnoss      Abstract       Paper      

The challenges of measuring the UK service sector
Louisa Nolan, Darren Morgan, Paul Smith, Mark Stephens      Abstract       Paper      

Measuring producer price indices and productivity growth in services
Anne-Sophie Fraisse, Anita Wölfl      Abstract       Paper      

Price and volume measures for non-market output: State of play in Europe for health and education
Mariagnese Branchi      Abstract       Paper      

STS075: Memorial session: Gad Nathan and his contributions to survey sampling

Gad Nathan, 40 years of contributions to official statistics
Luisa Burck      Abstract       Paper      

Some issues in the design and analysis of longitudinal surveys
Graham Kalton      Abstract       Paper      

The analysis of survey data
Alastair John Scott      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical disclosure control, new directions and challenges
Natalie Shlomo      Abstract       Paper      

Selection always matters
T.M. Fred Smith, Roger A. Sugden      Abstract       Paper      

STS076: Cooperation between national central banks and national statistical institutes-challenges in the next decade

Enhancing statistical co-operation in Ireland
Joe McNeill      Abstract       Paper      

Adjustment of domestic value added: Need for close cooperation between the National Bank (MNB) and the Statistical Office (HCSO) - Trade balance example
Péter Bánhegyi, Péter Szabó, Zsuzsanna Sisakne Fekete      Abstract       Paper      

Cooperation between the NSI and Central Bank: The Chilean experience
Ricardo Vicuña      Abstract       Paper      

The framework cooperation agreement between Oesterreichische Nationalbank and Statistics Austria: Providing official statistics in a more efficient way
Walter Stübler      Abstract       Paper      

The relationship of central banks and national statistics offices: The Australian experience
Ian Ewing      Abstract       Paper      

STS077: Central banks and the role of sample surveys in an age of abundant administrative data

Enhancing the Philippine's external sector statistics through cross border transactions surveys
Rosabel B. Guerrero      Abstract       Paper      

Are administrative records an alternative to sample surveys? The case of the Italian survey on household income and wealth
Andrea Neri      Abstract       Paper      

Census and sample in capital surveys in Brazil
Katherine Hennings, Thiago Said Vieira      Abstract       Paper      

Collecting data through surveys only when all else fails? The case of surveys in the ECB
Sebastian Pérez-Duarte      Abstract       Paper      

Business expectations survey in Nigeria: Its techniques, uses and challenges
Olorunsola E. Olowofeso, Sani I. Doguwa      Abstract       Paper      

STS078: Open data and statistics with special focus on urban and regional statistics

The challenge of open data and GIS
Derek Bond      Abstract      

A statistical spatial framework to inform regional statistics
Gemma Van Halderen, Martin Brady      Abstract       Paper      

Pulling it all together: Developing the spatiotemporal layers to support location-based integration
Wendy Thomas, Tracy Kugler      Abstract       Paper      

Make your statistics work: The first results with open data in Amsterdam
Lieselotte Bicknese, Manilde Van Der Oord      Abstract       Paper      

The power of open statistics for advancing the smart city and citizens participation
Ari Jaakola      Abstract       Paper      

STS079: Measuring real effective exchange rates

Real effective exchange rates - The BIS methodology
El?d Takáts      Abstract      

The effects of transit trade on measuring real effective exchange rates
Bernadette Lauro, Thomas Tilley      Abstract       Paper      

Alternative measures of real effective exchange rate: A different story on price competitiveness?
Biljana Davidovska Stojanova      Abstract       Paper      

Weighted average relative price (WARP): A supplement to standard real effective exchange rates (REERs)
Charles P. Thomas, Jaime R. Marquez      Abstract       Paper      

STS080: The use of microeconomic data in compiling macroeconomic statistics

Who faces higher prices? An empirical analysis based on Japanese Homescan Data
Naohito Abe, Kyosuke Shiotani      Abstract       Paper      

How micro data can contribute to an extended macro statistical framework for the assessment of stability?
Tardos Ágnes      Abstract       Paper      

Impact and benefits of micro-database's integration on the statistics of the Banco de Portugal
Paula Menezes, Luís D’Aguiar      Abstract       Paper      

Improving the real sector confidence index for Turkey as a leading macroeconomic indicator
Özgül Atilgan Ayano?lu, Emine Meltem Ba?tan, Gülsüm Çinar Dolgun      Abstract       Paper      

Analyzing stakeholder data: Capturing community conditions, economic inclusion and emerging issues
Bárbara J. Robles, Joseph A. Firschein      Abstract       Paper      

STS081: Measuring domestic and international inflation

Measuring core inflation for Lebanon
Sana Souaid Jad      Abstract       Paper      

The impact of global commodity prices on inflation in Malaysia
Kue-Peng Chuah, Eilyn Chong, Jay-Sern Tan      Abstract       Paper      

Discussion on inflation measurement by the Irving Fisher Committee on Central Bank Statistics
Christian Dembiermont      Abstract       Paper      

Introduction of a survey on inflation outlook of firms in the bank of Japan's short-term economic survey of enterprises in Japan
Masahiro Higo, Hidenori Tanaka      Abstract       Paper      

Assessing the measurement of inflation expectations under South African inflation targeting
Nonhlanhla Nhlapo      Abstract       Paper      

STS082: Reviewing measures of external debt

External debt profile of Chilean companies
Valeria Orellana, Nelson Loo      Abstract       Paper      

Measuring external debt in a context of macroeconomic imbalances
Joo Cadete De Matos, Ana Margarida De Almeida, Lígia Maria Nunes, Daniela Black Miranda      Abstract       Paper      

Reviewing measures of external debt - The case of Turkey
Osman Cagatay Mutlu      Abstract       Paper      

Securities data for enhanced analysis of external debt - Challenges due to non-ISIN securities
Jyry Hokkanen, Gunnar Blomberg, Anders Lindström      Abstract       Paper      

Review of measures of private sector external debt in a small offshore financial center
Vikram M. Punchoo      Abstract       Paper      

STS083: Improving measures of capital flows including speculative flows

Global flow-of-funds: Mapping bilateral geographic flows
Luca Errico, Richard Walton, Alicia Hierro, Hanan AbuShanab, Goran Amidzic      Abstract       Paper      

Risks associated with international capital flows
Paul Van Den Bergh      Abstract       Paper      

Cross-border capital flows on gross basis
Lydia Troshina      Abstract       Paper      

Gaps in capital flows surveillance: Dealing with flow and valuation effects in non-resident equity holdings
Tengku Muhammad Azlan Ariff, Jarratt Ma      Abstract       Paper      

Evolution of the capital flows to the Brazilian economy after 2008
Katherine Hennings, Fernando Alberto Rocha      Abstract       Paper      

Capturing portfolio flows statistics - Purpose for use matters
Zeph Nhleko      Abstract       Paper      

STS084: Is distribution theory still relevant?

Confidence distribution: A sample-dependent distribution function for inference
Min-ge Xie      Abstract       Paper      

The extreme value Birnbaum-Saunders model in athletics
M. Ivette Gomes, Marta Ferreira, Victor Leiva      Abstract       Paper      

Some recent developments in probability distributions
Felix Famoye, Carl Lee, Ayman Alzaatreh      Abstract       Paper      

Near-exact distributions - What are they and why do we need them?
Carlos A. Coelho      Abstract       Paper      

How about modeling with flexible families?
N. Balakrishnan      Abstract      

STS085: Measuring green economy

Green economy and measuring the Environmental Goods and Services Sector (EGSS)
Daniel Clarke      Abstract       Paper      

Designing a method for the effective use of indicators for green economy policy making
Fulai Sheng, Andrea M. Bassi, Markus Lehmann      Abstract       Paper      

Mexico's environmental accounts and derived indicators
Raúl Figueroa Diaz      Abstract       Paper      

A measurement on green economy in Korea: Green industry statistics
Kyungsam Min, Ho Seog Jung      Abstract       Paper      

STS086: Latest development in national censuses

Evaluating the performance of coverage assessment and adjustment for the 2011 Census: What can we learn for the future?
James J. Brown, Owen Abbott      Abstract      

Results and products from the Census Coverage Measurement Program for the 2010 U.S. Census
Scott Konicki      Abstract       Paper      

The census systems of China: Formulation and development
Fujiang Liu       Paper      

Local post-stratification in censuses
Cheng Yong Tang      Abstract      

STS087: Official statistics in the service of business and industrial statisticians

What are official statistics for anyway?
Steve MacFeely      Abstract       Paper      

How to motivate businesses to report and to use the official statistics?
Irena Križman, Genovefa Ruži?      Abstract       Paper      

Business statistics making an impact: A personal story
John Pullinger      Abstract       Paper      

The opportunities for small to medium enterprises from official statistics
Shirley Y. Coleman      Abstract       Paper      

Factors influencing integration of official statistics into business study programmes: In search of evidence
Irena Ograjenšek, Mojca Bavdaž, Lejla Perviz      Abstract       Paper      

STS088: Seasonal adjustment - New statistical tools for analysing economic developments

X-13ARIMA-SEATS and iMetrica
Brian C. Monsell, Chris Blakely      Abstract       Paper      

JDemetra+, an open framework for seasonal adjustment
Jean Palate      Abstract       Paper      

Time series-dependent selection of an appropriate seasonal adjustment approach
Karsten Webel      Abstract       Paper      

Comparing seasonally adjusted results obtained with Demetra and JDemetra+
Faiz Alsuhail      Abstract       Paper      

STS089: Fuzzy Bayesian inference

Probability measures of fuzzy sets
Nozer D. Singpurwalla      Abstract      

Fuzziness and Bayesian analysis in engineering
Matthias Stein, Michael Beer, Vladik Kreinovich      Abstract       Paper      

Possibilistic Bayesian models
S. Mahmoud Taheri, Reinhard Karl Viertl, Mohsen Arefi      Abstract       Paper      

Fuzzy probability distributions in Bayesian analysis
Reinhard Karl Viertl, Owat Sunanta      Abstract       Paper      

STS090: Statistical education and thinking development

Research on the modes of statistical education and training in China
Rongpo Xia      Abstract       Paper      

Between media datalization and statistical literacy: China's logic
Zhongliang Zhang, Weizi Zhang      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical modelling and mathematical modelling
Fengshan Bai      Abstract      

Statistical thinking development of youngster
Hui Sun      Abstract      

STS091: High dimension and causal inference

Preconditioning for consistency in sparse inference
Jinzhu Jia, Karl Rohe      Abstract      

Structure analysis of high dimensional tensor data
Jianxin Yin, Shiyuan He      Abstract       Paper      

Reversible MCMC on Markov equivalence classes of sparse directed acyclic graphs
Yangbo He, Jinzhu Jia, Bin Yu      

Identifiability of treatment effect in a pretest-posttest study with missing data
Xueli Wang, Xiaohua Zhou      Abstract      

Acceleration of the EM algorithm using the vector epsilon accelerator and a re-starting procedure
Masahiro Kuroda, Zhi Geng, Michio Sakakihara      Abstract      

STS093: Semiparametric inference and variable selection

Composite quantile regression for the receiver operating characteristic curve
Xiaogang Duan, Xiao-Hua Zhou      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical inference for right-censored data with nonignorable missing censoring indicators
Zhihua Sun, Tianfa Xie, Hua Liang      Abstract       Paper      

Efficient estimation and model selection for single-index varying-coefficient models
Peng Lai, Qingzhao Zhang, Heng Lian, Qihua Wang      Abstract       Paper      

On a partially linear single-index transformation model and its nonparametric estimation
Xiao-Hua Zhou, Xiaobo Ding, Qihua Wang      Abstract      

Dimension reduction based linear surrogate variable approach for model free variable selection
Pengjie Dai, Xiaobo Ding, Qihua Wang      Abstract       Paper      

STS094: Statistics in biopharmaceutical research

A new scheme to estimate median progression-free survival time in oncology clinical trials
Peng Li, Xing Sun, Cong Chen, Anderson Keaven      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical issues in the analysis of rodent carcinogencity studies
Keith A. Soper      Abstract      

A univariate statistical parameter assessing effect size for multivariate responses
Xiaohua Douglas Zhang      Abstract       Paper      

Power simulation of incomplete block design in early phase clinical studies
Yuming Chen      Abstract      

Adaptive designs in dose-finding oncology drug combination trials
Lian Liu, Bingming Yi, Yuehui Wu      Abstract      

STS095: CCSA panel discussion - International statistics - Supplying international statistics for decision making

Assuring high quality international statistics: A perspective from the BIS
Paul Van den Bergh      

International trade in services in statistical frameworks
Andreas Maurer      Abstract       Paper      

Politics and statistics: A happy marriage?
Peter Van de Ven      

New collaborations to assess the reliability and relevance of food data collected in National Household Surveys
Grant Cameron      Abstract      

Supplying evidence based international statistics for decision making
Per Nymand-Andersen      

STS096: Intra-customs and trans-border statistics: Prospects for cross cooperation

Processes in trans-border areas significant impact on the economic growth
Marek Cierpial-Wolan      Abstract       Paper      

The indexation and monitoring of the modern trans-border processes
Serhii Ustych      Abstract       Paper      

Joint implementation of the project “Index of cross - border cooperation”
Vasil Hudak      Abstract       Paper      

Poland border dialogues. Developing a CBC Index for Europe
Rune Rafaelsen      Abstract      

Intra and trans statistics: Requirements and parameters of modern IT platforms review and new paradigms
Sergey Nesterov, Vasiliy Simchera      Abstract       Paper      

CPS001: Official statistics: Census

Census innovations: Integrating the population and housing census with the Agricultural Census
Nancy Chin      Abstract       Paper      

Characteristics of households using electronic questionnaire in the 2011 Population Census in Hong Kong
Tat Shing Tsang      Abstract       Paper      

Usage of geospatial technologies in census for producing statistics
Mohamed Ali Al Marri      Abstract       Paper      

Advancement in dissemination processes from Census 2005 to Census 2011 - Case study of the Abu Dhabi Emirate
Ghanem Khalfan Almehairbi      Abstract       Paper      

Development and challenges of the mobile-based population and housing census mapping system
Junwoo Jeon      Abstract       Paper      

Factors affecting the decision to participate in the internet option for the 2010 Census of Korea
Sungjin Kim, Eunkoo Lee      Abstract       Paper      

Assessment of drawing impacts of the questionnaire in Brazilian Census of 2010
Luiz Felipe Walter Barros, Gilson Gonçalves de Matos, Marden Barbosa de Campos, Gabriel Mendes Borges      Abstract       Paper      

CPS002: Official statistics: Social statistics

Health, poverty and vulnerability between generations in Senegal
Hilaire Guy Adetona Hounkpodote      Abstract       Paper      

Conditions for a universal HIV screening test in Ivory Coast: A sample selected bias estimation and two new unbalanced logit estimations approach
Eric Dongmo Tejiogni      Abstract       Paper      

Another indicator in measuring the fertility situation of a place with very few births born outside wedlock
Billy Y.G. Li      Abstract       Paper      

The complementary estimate of the Great East Japan Earthquake for the Labour Force Survey
Shinichi Nagao      Abstract       Paper      

Estimation and quality of household income data from Cambodia socio-economic survey
Vanndy Nor      Abstract       Paper      

The use of the victimisation survey and administrative data to examine crime under-reporting in South Africa
Joseph Lukhwareni      Abstract       Paper      

A gender analysis of youth household expenditures in Uganda
Stella Nassolo, Betty Nandawula      Abstract       Paper      

CPS003: Official statistics: Economic statistics

Capitalisation of research and development expenditure in Gross Domestic Product
Daniel Kin-Leung Chan      Abstract       Paper      

Development and application of Statistical Business Register Guidelines in African countries
Michael J. Colledge, Besa Muwele      Abstract       Paper      

Building a new system of business statistics in Moldova: The experience and vision for the future
Oleg Cara, Ion Partachi, Lilian Galer, Iurie Mocanu      Abstract       Paper      

Changing landscape of Hong Kong's retail sales
Christine M.C. Cheung      Abstract       Paper      

Business Survey Frame for coordinated statistical production
Masato Aida      Abstract       Paper      

Sovereign debt, investment and economic growth in Cameroon
Borel Ntsafack Nguimfack, William Ngamou      Abstract       Paper      

Small domain estimation applied to the Brazilian service annual survey
Denise Britz do Nascimento Silva, Andre Felipe Azevedo Neves, Solange Correa Onel      Abstract       Paper      

CPS004: Official statistics: Modelling and analyses

An age-structured two-sex model for Household Dynamics in Sydney
Mohammad-Reza Namazi-Rad, Payam Mokhtarian      Abstract      

Multiple imputation of missing values in economic surveys: Comparison of competing algorithms
Masayoshi Takahashi, Takayuki Ito      Abstract       Paper      

Static input-output model mathematical base and practical application
Ahmed Fathy Ahmed      Abstract      

A post-aggregation error record extraction based on naive Bayes for statistical survey enumeration
Kiyomi Shirakawa      Abstract       Paper      

Selective editing approach: An application
Maysa Sacramento de Magalhaes, Rodrigo S. Von Doellinger, Pedro N. Silva      Abstract       Paper      

Frequency tables disclosure control for the Abu Dhabi Census 2011
Miriam Hodge, Hanan Aldarmaki      Abstract       Paper      

CPS005: Official statistics: Estimation and quality assurance

Ethiopian Data Quality Assessment Frame Work (EDQAF)
Aberash Tariku Abaye      Abstract       Paper      

Establishing remote access to confidential German micro labor market data
Jörg Heining, Stefan Bender      Abstract       Paper      

A note on double sampling estimate and post estimation with BLS outlier adjustment
Seokdong Kim, Sangeun Lee      Abstract       Paper      

Use of administrative records for producing official statistics in Japan
Shinji Ueda, Masao Takahashi      Abstract       Paper      

Implementing selective editing at Statistics Finland
Marjo Pyy-Martikainen      Abstract       Paper      

How ISO based quality management system helps to monitor and ensure quality in statistics
Vilija Lap?nien?, Laura Lukšait?-Balakauskien?      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical methods for the detection of falsified data by interviewers and application survey data in Africa
Souleymane Diakite      Abstract       Paper      

Evaluation of census information through a quality indicator of the questionnaires
Gabriel Mendes Borges, Marden Barbosa de Campos, Gilson Gonçalves de Matos, Luiz Felipe Walter Barros      Abstract       Paper      

CPS006: Official statistics: Survey methodology and researches

Use of hand held for CPI price data collection in Egypt
Noura Hassan Ahmed Talaat Mostafa      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical web-based monitoring of the Philippine Livestock Program
Mary Ann Cruz Magtulis, Generoso G. de Guzman      Abstract       Paper      

What were the changes in consumption choices among Hong Kong's young households in recent years?
James L.Y. Cheng      Abstract       Paper      

New module to forecast new weights for CPI
Hani Tareq Al-Ahmed, Saleh Al-Kafri      Abstract       Paper      

Some challenges of the production, analysis and dissemination of social statistics in the 'developing world'
Dimitri Della Faille      Abstract       Paper      

The practice and exploration of GIS-based commercial housing price statistical system - The example of Shenzhen
Sha Li, Xiaoli Chong, Weiwen Wang, Jijin Geng, Zuozheng Xie      Abstract       Paper      

Research on Shenzhen's role in facilitating the transformation of Chinese migrant workers
Zuozheng Xie, Genrou Zhong, Hongbing Yu, Ning Tian, Yisen Wang      Abstract       Paper      

CPS007: Statistical education

Utilizing a construct of teacher capacity to examine national curriculum reform in statistical thinking: A comparative study between China and Australia
Qinqiong Zhang, Li Tan, Max Stephens      Abstract       Paper      

Development of elementary school teacher's self-regulated learning scale
Meng Meng, Daoling Fu      Abstract       Paper      

Empirical research on the model of elementary school mathematics teaching material's difficulty
Qing-You Cai      Abstract       Paper      

Study of the determinants of the demand for schooling in Cameroon
Tsakou Nazel Georges      Abstract       Paper      

Census at school: Gathering real data from and about school students in elementary school in Greece
Evanthis Chatzivasileiou, Ioannis Michalis, Christina Tsaliki, Apostolia Gioupsani      Abstract       Paper      

Issues and challenges of statistical literacy in higher education
Peter Kovacs      Abstract       Paper      

Visualization of states in online educational games
Juergen Symanzik, Ani Aghababyan, Taylor Martin      Abstract       Paper      

CPS008: Applications of statistics: Others (3)

Challenges of robust statistical characterization using digital image correlation technique for structural applications
Mark R. Gurvich      Abstract       Paper      

A new multiple discrete-continuous choice model for percentage-based data
Xiaoling Lu, Xin Wang, Hing-Po Lo      Abstract       Paper      

Systematic approach to seasonal adjustment of time series data: Methods and example
Chuanzhong Sun      Abstract       Paper      

Determinants of child work in Cameroon: Taking into account non-linearity of the income and the space dependence
Jean Faustin Kaffo, Christophe Kana Kenfack, Celestin Chameni Nembua      Abstract       Paper      

Evaluating student's correlation graphing capability using SOLO taxonomy
Ken W. Li, Merrilyn Goos      Abstract       Paper      

A study on statistical human joint models with application to the long-distance running
Kosuke Okusa, Toshinari Kamakura      Abstract       Paper      

Informal inferential reasoning using computer-based simulations to model statistical questions
Theodosia Prodromou      Abstract      

The reverse dimple in space-time covariance models
Ali Mohammadian Mosammam      Abstract       Paper      

CPS009: Applications of statistics: Business and economics

Bayesian panel vector autoregressive models
Komla Mawulom Agudze      Abstract      

Larger datasets lead to more inaccurate credit scoring
Mimi Mei Ling Chong, Matt Davison      Abstract       Paper      

Measuring the intensity of local unit's locational concentration with regard to the neighborhood externality with GIS
Hiromi Mori, Noriaki Sakamoto, Hirokazu Hasegawa      Abstract       Paper      

The effect of China's real exchange rate appreciation in the next decade - An investigation of a recursive dynamic CGE analysis
Xin Li      Abstract       Paper      

Income shocks, food expenditures, calorie intake and body weight: A multilevel structural equation modelling analysis
Stephanie von Hinke Kessler Scholder, George Leckie      Abstract       Paper      

An econometric study of the labor demand in Hong Kong
Ho Ming Lau      Abstract       Paper      

The generalized filter trading rule under time varying volatility
Ling Xin      Abstract       Paper      

CPS010: Applications of statistics: Finance

Maximum entropy risk model in financial management
Dhara Singh Hooda      Abstract       Paper      

Index development for a market with heavy-tailed distributions
Yoko Tanokura, Hiroshi Tsuda, Seisho Sato, Genshiro Kitagawa      Abstract       Paper      

Cross-sectional vine copula factor model
Yuk Ting Yeung, Mike K.P. So      Abstract       Paper      

Spatial GARCH: A spatial approach to multivariate volatility modelling
Svetlana A. Borovkova, H.P. Lopuhaä      Abstract       Paper      

Risk-averse inference using higher moment coherent risk measures
Spiridon I. Penev, But-Elle Hatooka      Abstract       Paper      

Modeling inflation rates as long memory seasonal processes
Daniel Takata Gomes, Caroline Ponce de Moraes      Abstract       Paper      

A comparison of risk return relationship in the portfolio selection models
Ken Hung, C.W. Yang, Yifan Zhao      Abstract       Paper      

CPS011: Applications of statistics: Actuarial science and environmental studies

Ensemble operational air quality in Europe - Improving modeling platforms with statistical modeling
Anthony Ung, Laure Malherbe, Frederik Meleux, Bertrand Bessagnet, Laurence Rouil      Abstract       Paper      

Evaluation of statistical methods for forecasting mortality: The Lee-Carter method and its alternative
Taku Yamamoto, Hiroaki Chigira, Chisako Yamamoto      Abstract       Paper      

Claim incidence models with varying exposure in automobile insurance
Linda Elin Walter      Abstract       Paper      

A comparative study on the relationship between environment and economy based on the classical statistics and Bayesian statistics - A case study of Gansu province
Jun Li Wang, Dequn Zhou, Peng Zhou, Yongyu Wang, Maoxi Tian      Abstract       Paper      

An ordered probit model for seismic intensity data
Clarissa Ferrari, Michela Cameletti, Valerio De Rubeis, Patrizia Tosi      Abstract      

A technique of incorporating spatial dependence in MSSA forecasts
Richard Opaka Awichi      Abstract       Paper      

Local atmospheric pollution evolution through time series analysis
Giuliana Passamani, Paola Masotti      Abstract       Paper      

CPS012: Applications of statistics: Reliability and quality improvement

Reliability and profit analysis of a computer system with hardware repair and software replacement subject to conditional arrival time of server
Suresh Chander Malik      Abstract       Paper      

Analysis of a computer system with arrival time of the server and priority to h/w repair over s/w replacement
Joginder Kumar Sureria      Abstract       Paper      

Correlation paradox of binary classification system
Tamar Gadrich, Emil Bashkansky      Abstract       Paper      

Multi-criteria variable selection for process monitoring
Luan Jaupi, Philippe Durand, Dariush Ghorbanzadeh, Dyah E. Herwindiati      Abstract       Paper      

Designed experiments in development of a predictive index for pancreas cancer
Klaus Kaae Andersen, Julia S. Johansen, Nicolai A. Schultz, Christian Dehlendorff      Abstract      

A general bias correction method for the estimation of Weibull common shape parameter
Yan Shen      Abstract       Paper      

Bootstrap confidence interval for modified linear regression estimation of the population mean
Sri Haryatmi kartiko      Abstract       Paper      

Quantifying nanoparticle dispersion in polymer nanocomposites using TEM micrographs
Xiaodong Li, Jionghua Jin, Dawei Huang, Dan Yu, Zhong Zhang, Hui Zhang      Abstract      

CPS013: Applications of statistics: Others (1)

Parameter estimation of production functions based on Social Accounting Matrices (SAM) in General Equilibrium (GE) model framework computation
Guido Ferrari, Luca Secondi      Abstract       Paper      

Stochastic model of the dynamics of Chagas disease in urban scenarios
Maria Del Carmen Fabrizio, Norberto J. Bartoloni      Abstract       Paper      

Determinants of anaemia among young children in Nigeria: A Bayesian hierarchical modelling
Ezra Gayawan, Samson B. Adebayo, Ekundayo D. Arogundade      Abstract      

Use of pseudo-likelihood approach in longitudinal educational surveys
Zhihui Fu      Abstract       Paper      

Sparse principal component analysis incorporating stability selection
Martin Sill      Abstract       Paper      

Bayesian population projections with model uncertainty
Peter W.F. Smith, Arkadiusz Wisniowski, Jakub Bijak, James Raymer      Abstract      

CPS014: Applications of statistics: Others (2)

Application of robust statistical optimal designs for growth rate models in predictive food microbiology
Jean-Pierre Gauchi, Jean-Christophe Augustin      Abstract       Paper      

Structural equation modeling in the assessment of a vaccine quality
Viviana Parreño, Maria Virginia López, Marta Quaglino, Norberto J. Bartoloni      Abstract      

Vertical data integration for melanoma prognosis
Kaushala Jayawardana, Samuel Mueller, Sarah-Jane Schramm, Graham J. Mann, Jean Yang      Abstract       Paper      

A coupled finite mixture model for transcriptional module discovery
Han Li, Xiaodan Fan      Abstract       Paper      

Survival analysis of dental implants
Andrew Kai Ming Kwan, Fu Lee Wang, Tak-Kun Chow      Abstract       Paper      

The evaluation of evidence for autocorrelated Data: With an example relating to traces of cocaine on banknotes
Amy Wilson, Colin Aitken, Richard Sleeman, Jim Carter      Abstract       Paper      

Questions that count: A livestock module for multi-topic household surveys
Ugo Pica-Ciamarra, Alberto Zezza, Derek Baker, Nancy Morgan      Abstract       Paper      

A novel statistical image fusion rule for noisy source images
Tamanna Howlader, Fatema Tuz Jhohura, S.M. Mahbubur Rahman      Abstract       Paper      

CPS015: Survey methodology

Measures of privacy in randomized response surveys for quantitative stigmatizing variables
Mausumi Bose      Abstract       Paper      

Model fitting tests in the analysis of panel data
Marcel D.T. Vieira      Abstract       Paper      

Comparative studies on survey sampling bias in cross-cultural social research
Yuejun Zheng      Abstract       Paper      

Bayesian randomized response technique
Siu Wa Chung, Mike K.P. So      Abstract       Paper      

Empirical likelihood confidence regions for regression parameters under unequal probability sampling
Yves Guy Berger      Abstract       Paper      

Estimation of confidence intervals for quantiles under unequal probability sampling using a new empirical likelihood approach
Omar De La Riva Torres, Yves G. Berger      Abstract       Paper      

A composite estimator for cut-off sampling
Hee-Jin Hwang, Key-Il Shin      Abstract       Paper      

CPS016: Survey sampling

A new sampling scheme for partial non-response situations with multiple objectives
Showkat Maqbool      Abstract       Paper      

Improved estimation of population mean in stratified random sampling using information on auxiliary attribute
Nursel Koyuncu      Abstract       Paper      

Economic efficiency of the LTPD sampling plans for inspection by variables when the remainder of rejected lots is inspected
Nikola Kasprikova, Jindrich Klufa      Abstract       Paper      

Cut-off sampling for log-normal distribution
Sang Eun Lee, Key-Il Shin      Abstract       Paper      

Designing household samples in Brazil using the 2010 Census enumeration area frame
Smela Batista Arantes, Pedro Luis Do Nascimento Silva      Abstract       Paper      

Using principal component scores as stratification variable: An alternative to multiple frame sampling methodology
Kevin Carl Peña Santos, Erniel B. Barrios      Abstract       Paper      

Surveying kindergarten children in the absence of a sampling frame: A study in indirect sampling
Hans Kiesl      Abstract       Paper      

The first phase order sampling for the second phase stratification
Danute Krapavickaite      Abstract       Paper      

CPS017: Survey estimation

A highly accurate simple small area confidence interval method
Masayo Yoshimori, Partha Lahiri      Abstract       Paper      

Missing values imputation in a load curves sample: An approach combining time series and survey sampling techniques
Anne de Moliner      Abstract       Paper      

Calibration versus other reweighting methods in surveys
Seppo Laaksonen      Abstract       Paper      

A comparison of methods to estimate poverty indexes in small samples
Giuseppe de Abreu Antonaci, Pedro L.N. Sliva, Fernando Moura      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical characteristics of environmental consciousness and pro-environmental behavior in East Asia
Mie Fujiki, Yuejun Zheng      Abstract       Paper      

On recent developments of cross-sectional weighting schemes for children in the Swiss Household Panel
Martina Rothenbühler, Eric Graf, Alina Matei      Abstract       Paper      

Environmental attitudes and behaviour towards Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant nearby Hong Kong
Iris M.H. Yeung, William Chung      Abstract       Paper      

CPS018: Statistical theory and methodology: Theory of statistics (1)

Simultaneous selection and estimation of the largest normal mean by confidence statement approach
Yoshikazu Takada      Abstract       Paper      

Examining the role of a non-informative prior function through weakly informative prior densities
Takemi Yanagimoto, Toshio Ohnishi      Abstract       Paper      

Measuring the distance between images and image uncertainty using wavelet decompositions and the Earth mover's Distance
Roy E. Welsch, Yunfan Tang      Abstract       Paper      

Anderson-Darling type goodness-of-fit statistic based on a multifold integrated empirical distribution function
Satoshi Kuriki, Hsien-Kuei Hwang      Abstract       Paper      

On the bootstrap approach for support vector machines and related kernel based methods
Andreas Christmann, Robert Hable      Abstract       Paper      

Dual roles of maximizing likelihood and Shannon entropy in Bayesian prediction
Toshio Ohnishi, Takemi Yanagimoto      Abstract       Paper      

Hardy's condition in the moment problem for probability distributions
Gwo Dong Lin, Jordan Stoyanov      Abstract       Paper      

Detection of a random sequence of disorders
Krzysztof J. Szajowski, Aleksandra Ochman-Gozdek      Abstract       Paper      

CPS019: Statistical theory and methodology: Statistical modelling

Detecting a wide diversity of associations in very large data sets
Susan Ruth Wilson, Christopher Pardy      Abstract       Paper      

On a mixture of Gaussian copula graphical model
Wai Ming Li, Mike K.P. So      Abstract       Paper      

Nonparametric regression for spherical data
Charles C. Taylor, Marco Di Marzio, Agnese Panzera      Abstract      

Errors-in-variables beta regression models
Silvia L.P. Ferrari, Jalmar M.F. Carrasco, Reinaldo B. Arellano-Valle      Abstract       Paper      

Measure of symmetry with minimum variance for square contingency tables
Kouji Yamamoto, Kouji Tahata, Sadao Tomizawa      Abstract       Paper      

Zero-inflated Poisson regression mixture models
Hwa Kyung Lim, Wai Keung Li, Philip Leung Ho Yu      Abstract       Paper      

Expectation maximization algorithms for estimating Bernstein copula density
Xiaoling Dou, Satoshi Kuriki, Gwo Dong Lin      Abstract       Paper      

CPS020: Statistical theory and methodology: Statistical inference (1)

Informative measures of significance for constructing intelligent feature weights
Samuel Mueller, Tanya P. Garcia, Raymond J. Carroll      Abstract       Paper      

Construction of efficient fractional factorial designs for general factorials under a baseline parametrization
Rahul Mukerjee      Abstract       Paper      

Variable selection in Cox regression models with varying coefficients
Toshio Honda, Wolfgang Karl Hardle      Abstract       Paper      

On generalized degrees of freedom and their application in linear mixed model selection
Chong You, Samuel Müller, John Ormerod      Abstract       Paper      

Depth based methods for estimation a conditional distribution function in data streams
Daniel Kosiorowski      Abstract       Paper      

Model selection for semiparametric Bayesian models with application to overdispersion
Jinfang Wang, Yiping Tang       Paper      

Maximum likelihood logistic regression with auxiliary information for probabilistically linked data
Gunky Kim, Ray Chambers      Abstract       Paper      

Contaminated variance-mean mixing model
Thomas Fung, Joanna J.J. Wang, Eugene Seneta      Abstract       Paper      

CPS021: Statistical theory and methodology: Statistical inference (2)

Deterministic algorithms for robust covariance and regression
Peter J. Rousseeuw, Mia Hubert, Tim Verdonck, Kaveh Vakili, Dina Vanpaemel      Abstract      

Two digit testing for Benford's Law
Dieter William Joenssen      Abstract       Paper      

Theoretical considerations for multivariate functional data analysis
Yoshiharu Sato      Abstract       Paper      

A model selection criterion for LASSO
Ho Yin Ho, Man-Yu Wong      Abstract      

Fuzzy clustering based correlation and its application to principal component analysis
Mika Sato-Ilic      Abstract       Paper      

Identifying special structures in interval-data via model-based clustering
Paula Brito, A. Pedro Duarte Silva, Jose G. Dias      Abstract       Paper      

Quaternary-code designs: A better choice of design for experimentation
Frederick Kin Hing Phoa      Abstract       Paper      

CPS022: Statistical theory and methodology: Time series analysis

Poisson autoregressive and moving-average models for forecasting non-stationary seasonal time series of tourist counts in Mauritius
Vandna Jowaheer, Naushad Ali Mamode Khan, Yuvraj Sunecher      Abstract       Paper      

Bootstrap joint prediction regions
Michael Wolf, Dan Wunderli      Abstract       Paper      

Wavelet estimation of functional coefficient regression models
Pedro Alberto Morettin, Michel H. Montoril, Chang Chiann      Abstract       Paper      

Bootstrapping realized bipower variation
Gang Feng, Jens-Peter Kreiss      Abstract      

Extensions of the autoregressive Sieve bootstrap to multivariate and spatial time series
Marco Meyer, Jens-Peter Kreiss      Abstract      

Multivariate linear processes with observations taken at different frequencies in each component
Tobias Niebuhr, Marco Meyer      Abstract      

Measuring bivariate average treatment effect
Patrick Franco Alves, Gustavo T.L. Da Costa      Abstract       Paper      

A Bayesian approach to indirect-VaR TGARCH models
Yuzhi Cai      Abstract      

CPS023: Statistical theory and methodology: Others

Joint modelling of spatial correlation of infant and child mortality in Afghanistan
Oyelola A. Adegboye, Danelle Kotze      Abstract      

Nonparametric approach for spatial-temporal model
Tingjin Chu      Abstract       Paper      

An algorithm for Bayesian variable selection in high-dimensional generalized linear models
Vitara Pungpapong      Abstract       Paper      

Bayesian hierarchical spatial-temporal models
Yixin Wang, Mike K.P. So      Abstract       Paper      

A strategy for multiple linkage disequilibrium mapping methods to validate additive QTL
Yi Li, Jong-Joo Kim, Kwan-Suk Kim      Abstract       Paper      

The standardized robust LM test of spatial lag model and its asymptotical performance
Lihu Liu, Zhengming Qian      Abstract      

A class of semiparametric estimator for long-range dependent multivariate processes
Silvia Regina Costa Lopes, Guilherme Pumi      Abstract       Paper      

CPS024: Statistical theory and methodology: Theory of statistics (2)

Stochastic guaranteed cost control of Markovian jumping singular systems
Grienggrai Rajchakit      Abstract      

Delta method on bootstrapping of autoregressive process
Bambang Suprihatin, Suryo Guritno, Sri Haryatmi      Abstract       Paper      

Estimation for binomial proportions from pooled samples using an objective prior
Lizanne Raubenheimer, Abrie J. Van Der Merwe      Abstract       Paper      

Superiority conditions of shrinkage estimator in Laplacian class of elliptical models
Mohammad Arashi, A. Bekker      Abstract       Paper      

A randomized nonparametric statistic for multivariate multisample testing hypothesis
Hidetoshi Murakami      Abstract       Paper      

Realized skewness at high frequency and link to conditional market premium
Zhi Liu, Kent Wang, Junwei Liu      Abstract       Paper      

Optimal design of cumulative sum control charts under shift uncertainty
Lianjie Shu, Wenpo Huang, Wei Jiang      Abstract       Paper      

Outlier detection using the outlier probability for robust linear regression
Ka-Veng Yuen, He-Qing Mu      Abstract       Paper      

CPS025: Statistical computing

Semiparametric Poisson regression model in clustered data
Erniel B. Barrios, Eiffel A. de Vera      Abstract       Paper      

Openstyle academic hotpots extracting algorithm based on penalized network random block model
Xing Wang      Abstract       Paper      

Holonomic descent minimization method for the restricted maximum likelihood estimation
Rieko Sakurai, Toshio Sakata      Abstract       Paper      

Efficient computation of maximum likelihood estimators of hierarchical subspace models
Hara Hisayuki      Abstract       Paper      

An optimization approach applied the multivariate optimal allocation in stratified sample designs
José André M. Brito, Gustavo Silva Semaan, Flávio Marcelo Tavares Montenegro      Abstract      

Metric learning for nearest neighbor classification
Akarin Phaibulpanich, Kerby Shedden      Abstract       Paper      

Sliced inverse regression for the interval-valued symbolic data
Han-Ming Wu      Abstract      

A social network based surveillance and spatio-temporal visualization tool
Lilia Leticia Ramirez, Yulia R. Gel, Mary E. Thompson, Eileen De Villa, Matt McPherson      Abstract      

CPS026: Research on statistical theory and practices in China

BRICS international competitiveness on innovation capacity-evidence from cross countries comparison
Bin Gu, Yilin Wu      Abstract       Paper      

IPFP: An improved parallel FP-growth algorithm for frequent itemsets mining
Dawen Xia, Zili Zhang, Yanhui Zhou, Zhoubo Rong      Abstract       Paper      

Research on the construction of industrial R&D price index in China - Taking large and medium-sized industry for example
Facang Zhu, Yan Zhang      Abstract       Paper      

Expanded dual system estimation model and its matching properties in census coverage error measurement
Ran Tao      Abstract       Paper      

Asymptotic expansions for moments of skew normal extremes
Xin Liao, Zuoxiang Peng, Saralees Nadarajah      Abstract       Paper      

Quasi maximum likelihood estimation for non-stationary TGARCH(1, 1) models
Hui Wang, Jiazhu Pan      Abstract       Paper      

CPS027: Research on statistical method and application in China

Processing trade, sunk costs, firm heterogeneity and export behavior
Xiaojuan Xu, Minxue Gao      Abstract       Paper      

Analysis of living status of the married migrant youth based on a sampling survey
Qin Yin, Yong Wen, You-Liang Shuai, Zhan-Hong Zong, Pei Xu      Abstract       Paper      

The study of direct energy consumption of urban residents in China based on the modified IPAT- LMDI model
Shigai Chai      Abstract       Paper      

The human capital investment model based on the stochastic control problem
Yang Yu      Abstract       Paper      

New trends in the research of young people's digital life in mainland China: Case study of current digital life status of citizens of two Beijing districts
Keqing Yang, Huixin Ke      Abstract       Paper      

A study on sample assessment method in sampling survey
Yi Zhou, Zuyuan Xiong, Li Zhu      Abstract       Paper      

CPS028: Statistical measurement of urban development (Beijing)

Studies on the sharing of government information resources
Wen Zhang, Xiaowei Hou, Chunxian Wu, Kongming Qiu, Xiaolu Wang, Bin Wang, Shijun Xu      Abstract       Paper      

Comparative research on innovation capabilities among enterprises in Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai
Zhao Jin, Zexing Chen, Xiaomei Song, Bin Wang, Peng Zhang      Abstract       Paper      

Analysis on factors influencing Beijing's aim for per capita GDP to reach $20,000
Sining Huang, Li Xie      Abstract       Paper      

Evaluation and monitoring system on urban modern agriculture in Beijing
Xiao Qiong Yang, Sujie Meng, Jinzeng Wang, Dongchun Ma, Yanyan Wang, Dongjuan Zhan      Abstract       Paper      

Law of real estate development in international metropolises and its inspiration on Beijing
Changyuan Zhong, Qinfang Xia, Youliang Li, Yan Feng, Tao Shen      Abstract       Paper      

Characteristics and regular pattern study of floating population in Beijing
Hui An, Yanzhou Gu, Jiangqian Pang, Ge Yang, Zengyong Li      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical methods and empirical research on consumer services in Beijing
Yan Xu      Abstract       Paper      

Research on statistical and investigating methods of utilizing new energy and renewable energy in Beijing
Ting Xue, Leqiang Wang, Rui Zhou, Qilong Zhang, Xiuyu Fang, Weichen Lai, Xin Li      Abstract       Paper      

CPS029: Winners of 2012 SASA Young African Statisticians Competition (I)

Optimal bank's liquidity supply by the central bank: A microeconomic approach
Jules Valery Tinang Nzesseu      Abstract       Paper      

Least squares estimation based on order statistics in location-scale families of distributions
Ruaan Van Zyl, Robert Schall      Abstract       Paper      

The MDS-GUI: A graphical user interface for comprehensive multidimensional scaling applications
Andrew William Timm, Sugnet Gardner-Lubbe      Abstract       Paper      

The construction of a partial least squares biplot
Opeoluwa Oyedele, Sugnet Gardner-Lubbe      Abstract       Paper      

Using vital registration to quantify HIV mortality in South Africa between 1997 and 2009
William Tinashe Msemburi, R.E. Dorrington, D. Bradshaw, Sa Nbd Team      Abstract       Paper      

Estimating the causal effect of school size on educational attainment
Oswald Koussihouèdé      Abstract       Paper      

An application of correspondence analysis to social psychology
Mercy Munemo      Abstract       Paper      

CPS030: Winners of 2012 SASA Young African Statisticians Competition (II)

Quantitative trait linkage analysis for different human family types
Ushma Galal, Lize Van Der Merwe      Abstract       Paper      

Road accidents in Kenya: A case of poor road network or human error?
Leacky Kamau Muchene      Abstract       Paper      

Impact of adoption of improved rice varieties on income and poverty reduction among rice farmers in Cameroon
Banawe Plambou Anissa      Abstract       Paper      

Direct tax revenue and its contribution to Uganda's economic growth
Newton Britin Akiza      Abstract       Paper      

Poverty alleviation in Burkina Faso: An analytical approach
Hervé Jean Louis Guene      Abstract       Paper      

Determinants and impact of non-registration birth on the children in Cameroun
Tchagang Ariane Wakap      Abstract       Paper      

Modelling occupational exposure using a random effects model: A Bayesian approach
Justin Harvey, Abrie J. Van Der Merwe      Abstract       Paper      

CPS031: Participants sponsored by World Bank Fund (I)

Comparison of some selected values of the constants of Basit and Shahbaz selection procedure under unequal probability sampling without replacement
Omotola Omotayo Dawodu      Abstract       Paper      

Variable selection with the modified Buckley-James method and the Dantzig selector for high-dimensional survival data
Md Hasinur Rahaman Khan, J. Ewart H. Shaw      Abstract       Paper      

A projection based nonparametric test of conditional quantile independence with an application to bank's systemic risk
Milan Nedeljkovic      Abstract      

Statistical inference based on progressively type II censored data from Weibull model
Mohammad Z. Raqab, Raed R. Abu Awwad, Intesar Al-Mudahakha      Abstract       Paper      

Assessing discriminatory ability of random effects logistic models for clustered binary outcomes
Mohammad Shafiqur Rahman, Gareth Ambler, Rumana Omar      Abstract       Paper      

Modeling volatility of price of some selected agricultural products in Ethiopia: ARIMA-GARCH applications
Yegnanew Alem Shiferaw      

Assessing the impact of environmental degradation on children's health: The contribution of stochastic modeling
Mahamadi Balima      

Exploring the impact of scaling techniques on classification accuracy of nmr metabolomic data using plsa-da and opls-da
Jean-Pierre Labuschagne      Abstract      

CPS034: Awardees of Wakimoto Memorial Fund and Cochran-Hansen Prize

Model-based clustering with non-parametric initialization
Kyungduk Lim      Abstract      

Berry-Esséen bounds and almost sure CLT for the quadratic variation of the bifractional Brownian motion
Aazizi Soufiane      Abstract       Paper      

Performance of bilinear autoregressive moving average models: Using demographic time series data
Samuel Abera Zewdie, Ermias Dessie      Abstract       Paper      

The impact of demographic changes on economic growth in Egypt
Mahmoud Mohamed Elsarawy      Abstract       Paper      

Determinants of export diversification at all margins. Case Study: South Korea
Embareka Farouk      Abstract       Paper      

An unequal-probability replication variance estimator for large-entropy sampling designs
Escobar López Emilio      Abstract      

The best estimation for high-dimensional Markowitz mean-variance optimization
Hua Li, Zhidong Bai, Wing-Keung Wong      Abstract       Paper      

CPS101: Poster spotlight (1)

Child labor in agricultural households in Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Mali: Test of the luxury axiom by a fuzzy sets theory approach
Kodzovi Senu Abalo      Abstract      

Measuring inclusive growth in developing countries using micro-based pseudo-panel data
Arturo Martinez      Abstract      

Youth situation and its effect on future of the world
Behzad Mahmoodi      Abstract       Paper      

Survival analysis of time to treatment resumption for chronic HIV-1 patients interrupting highly actively antiretroviral therapy (HAART)
Berhanu Anagaw Wubie, Fentaw Abegaz      Abstract      

Urban and rural trends in South Africa
Sharthi Laldaparsad      Abstract       Paper      

Measuring the extent of gender segregation in labour market of South Africa
Akhona Nkenkana, Desiree Manamela      Abstract      

Comparative study on the importance of the civil registration statistics
Patrick Nshimiyimana      Abstract       Paper      

Healthiness in Cameroon: Typology of housings in urban areas
Adrien Deungoua Kouanda      Abstract      

The impact of the economic recession on long-term unemployment in Central-European countries
Tomas Pavelka, Tomas Löster      Abstract       Paper      

Analysis of the evolution of education inequality in Cameroon
Guillaume Gustave Dongmo Nandong, Pierre Joubert Nguetse      Abstract       Paper      

Risk factors to the health of adolescents: Results of national survey of adolescent's health in Brazil
Sandra Pereira, Marco Andreazzi, Fatima Madeira, Maria Goreth Santos      Abstract      

Assessment of policy implementation of Ubudehe Program and its impact on the lives of VUP beneficiaries in Ngororero District, Rwanda
Francisca Mujawase      Abstract       Paper      

Trends in the South African labor market from 1996 - 2011: Insights from Censuses
Moses Mafika Sithole, Yakubu A. Yakubu      Abstract      

CPS102: Poster spotlight (2)

Sampling methods in price indices for calculating elementary aggregates
Ebrahim Nasirifar      Abstract       Paper      

Impact of rising oil prices on the living cost in Burkina Faso
Ouedraogo Alexandre      Abstract       Paper      

Relationship between the price of oil and the cost of living in Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Senegal: A modeling with variable coefficients
Jean-Claude Nguemeni      Abstract       Paper      

The role of informal sector in alleviating youth unemployment in Hawassa City, Ethiopia
Tefera Darge Delbiso      Abstract       Paper      

The best stratification to impute missing values of turnover in economic surveys
Takayuki Ito, Yutaka Abe, Tatsuo Noro      Abstract       Paper      

The impact of the fluctuations in oil prices on overall economic growth
Rehab Abd Elgillil Mohamed Abo Kahla      Abstract      

Influence of mathematical models on warrant pricing with fractional Brownian Motion as numerical method
Mukhethwa Londani      Abstract       Paper      

Factors affecting use of modern family planning methods among women in Hoima town council
Ivan None Kayigwa      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical bodies in Egypt: An overall view
Fayez Mourad Mina Tanious      Abstract       Paper      

Estimation the yield curve of Nelson-Siegel model and its extensions by L-BFGS-B method optimization approach
Muslim, Dedi Rosadi, Gunardi, Abdurakhman      Abstract       Paper      

On rapid increase of households in South Africa and implications on delivery of basic services
Remigius Chidozie Nnadozie      Abstract      

The link between unemployment and inflation using Johansen's co-integration approach and vector error correction modelling
Sagaren Pillay      Abstract       Paper      

Sleep time in the time use survey
Benedek Kovács      Abstract       Paper      

Calibrated estimation of a nonparametric income distribution from a few percentiles
Stefan Sperlich, Jing Dai, Ignacio Moral-Arce      Abstract       Paper      

From complex unstructured heterogeneous massive data to symbolic data analysis
Edwin Diday      Abstract      

CPS103: Poster spotlight (3)

Over-reporting of household consumption expenditure estimates in the fifth round of Ghana living standards survey
Nicholas N.N. Nsowah-Nuamah, L. Munyakazi, J. Dede Anum      Abstract       Paper      

Sectoral concentration in industry statistics - Opportunities and challenges
Kaisy King-Chi Hung      Abstract       Paper      

Revision studies of Balance of Payments and International Investment Position statistics of Hong Kong
Matthew Tsz-Lim Wong, Kin Cheong Chan      Abstract       Paper      

The Philippine statistical capacity building initiatives: Past and future
Jesusa Acab Pe Benito, Mary Ann C. Magtulis      Abstract       Paper      

Seasonally adjusted time series
Mohamed Abd Elfattah      Abstract      

Better targeting of social programs based on statistical evidence: An experimental approach
José E. Vila, José L. Cervera-Ferri, Penélope Hernández      Abstract      

Right censored Rayleigh model: Shrinkage and reliability estimators
Johan Ferreira, A. Bekker, J.J.J. Roux, M. Arashi      Abstract       Paper      

Management of public finance and sustainable growth in a developing country: The case of Cameroon
Ernestine Christine Alima Ndongo      Abstract      

The development of methodologies to better get information from health services in Brazil
Marco Antonio Ratzsch Andreazzi, Fatima Maderia, Sandra Pereira      Abstract      

HIV/AIDs in peadiatrics: What has majorly caused its prevalence in rural Uganda?
Naiga Sarah Noah      Abstract      

Cross-census assessment of age-sex ratios
Lara L. Cleveland      Abstract       Paper      

The IPUMS International Census Microdata Project
Matthew Sobek, Patricia Kelly Hall, Lara L. Cleveland      Abstract       Paper      

Exploristica - Adventures in statistics: A new itinerant exhibition for teaching and learning statistics
Pedro Moreira Campos      Abstract       Paper      

Maximally robust designs for two-level main-effect plans
Shin-Fu Tsai, Chen-Tuo Liao      Abstract       Paper      

Statistics education for 4-9th students by developing a software K-Plots
Jung Jin Lee      Abstract       Paper      

An analysis of online ratings data
Chiu-Hsing Weng, Chien-Lang Su, Sun-Hao Chang      Abstract       Paper      

Data processing's role and issues in the 2010 round of Population and Housing Censuses: The case of Ghana
Kwadwo B. Danso-Manu, Samilia E. Mintah      Abstract       Paper      

Principal subsets analysis
Maryam Tayefi Nasrabadi, Sharad Gore      Abstract       Paper      

CPS104: Poster spotlight (4)

Impact of gender wage differentials on poverty and inequalities in Cameroon: A distributional approach
Pierre Joubert Nguetse Tegoum, Luc Nembot Ndeffo, Justin Bem, Sandra Kendo      Abstract       Paper      

Modeling cassava production in Nigeria using Box-Jenkins approach
Oludare Samuel Ariyo, Samuel O. Akweagbo      Abstract      

A discussion of the upper limit of human longevity based on study of data for oldest old survivors and deaths in Japan
Nobutane Hanayama      Abstract       Paper      

The role of statistics in promoting good governance in Nigeria's democracy
Yusuf Adamu      Abstract       Paper      

Youth labor market information system (YLMIS)
Salahideen M. Alhaj      Abstract      

Evaluating response based segmentation in PLS path modeling
Jacob Eskildsen, Rick Edgeman, Dan Mønster, John Vestergaard Olesen      Abstract       Paper      

Measures of portfolio credit risk by applying asymptotic single-risk factor model
Kevin Chan, Andrew Kai Ming Kwan, Ted Yu      Abstract       Paper      

A study on the variation of main industry for Korean enterprises using the panelized Survey of Business Activities data
Hyun Kyung Kim      Abstract       Paper      

Liability dollarization in corporate sector and real exchange rate balance sheet effect in Turkey
Bengu Alp, Erdal Ozmen      Abstract      

An econometric analysis of corporate financial condition and wage structure based on Japanese firm-level microdata
Shinsuke Ito, Takahisa Dejima      Abstract       Paper      

Impact of integrated village saving and loan program: Empirical evidences from the northern part of Ethiopia
Fekadu Nigussie Deresse, Germán Calfat      Abstract       Paper      

Estimating counterfactual distributions through reweighting methods
Laurent Donzé      Abstract       Paper      

International comparison of productivity growth in China, Japan and South Korea
Hiroshi Izumi, Yanjuan Dai, Jie Li      Abstract       Paper      

Improving the accuracy of time-driven activity-based costing by stochastic modelling
Lea Vermeire, Sophie Hoozée, Werner Bruggeman      Abstract       Paper      

A new complexity measure to classify ambulatory patients in rehabilitation facilities for financing purposes
Dália Nogueira, Elizabeth Reis, Abdul Suleman, José G. Dias, Claudia M. Borges      Abstract       Paper      

The research on connotation and measurement of technology innovation capability of city
Jingli Xing, Zhongliang Zhang      Abstract       Paper      

CPS105: Poster spotlight (5)

Analysis of frailty-based competing risk data from repairable systems
Anupap Somboonsavatdee      Abstract       Paper      

Determinants of child survival chances in rural Ethiopia
Ermias Dessie Buli      Abstract       Paper      

Meta-analysis of the evidence-based practices research reports in social services in Hong Kong (1998-2012)
Ka-Shi Kwong      Abstract       Paper      

Poverty and safeguarding of the environment
Arouna Sow      Abstract       Paper      

Dynamic causal modelling and structural equation models on fMRI experiments. A meta-analytic approach
Joan Guàrdia-Olmos, Maribel Peró-Cebollero, Esteve Gudayol-Ferré      Abstract       Paper      

Using SEM library of R software to analyze exploratory structural equation models
Maribel Pero-Cebollero, Joan Guàrdia-Olmos, Sonia Benítez-Borrego, John Fox      Abstract       Paper      

A discussion of association between the risks on breast and liver cancer for women based on data given by age and period
Katsuya Harigae, Nobutane Hanayama      Abstract       Paper      

Effect of behavior and clinical factors on pregnancy
Rashid Nguama Adrama      Abstract       Paper      

Analysis of indicators of perceived happiness of Venezuelan households
Johana Valera, José Ruette      Abstract       Paper      

Time series analysis of births at Iganga Hospital (2008-2012) in Uganda
Joseph Waiswa Akuze, Peter Waiswa      Abstract      

Software reliability for multi-type defects: Application to modern bug databases
Anup Dewanji, Vignesh T.L. Subrahmaniam, Bimal K. Roy      Abstract       Paper      

A methodology to interpret multivariate T squared control chart signals
Teodoro R. García León, Maura L. Vásquez, Guillermo Ramírez, Carolina Pérez      Abstract       Paper      

Impact evaluation framework for government-based projects
Ana Julia Javier Macaraig, Arturo Y. Pacificador, Jr, Mary Ann C. Magtulis      Abstract       Paper      

CPS106: Poster spotlight (6)

Analysis of food self-sufficiency in rice in Senegal
Adjélé Latzey Wilson      Abstract       Paper      

Estimation of golf course ratings from player scores
Peter Francis Preston      Abstract       Paper      

Creative class formation: International comparisons, statistical evaluation and forecast
Maria Vladimirovna Frolova, Elena V. Zarova      Abstract       Paper      

Trends of cluster malnutrition prevalence and hunger pattern in Kazaure local government area of Jigawa State, north-eastern Nigeria (2010 - 2012)
Anthony Ekpo, Enobong F. Udoumoh      Abstract       Paper      

Generalization of the mixture model using a copula function
Luiz K. Hotta, Rodrigo Tsai      Abstract       Paper      

Multiple imputation reducing outlier effect by weight adjustment method
Jinyoung Kim, Key-Il Shin      Abstract       Paper      

Longitudinal analysis of the cognitive function of the elderly in Taiwan
Hsing-Yi Chang, Ting-Yu Chen      Abstract       Paper      

Analysis of longitudinal data under complex surveys
Abdulhakeem A.H. Eideh      Abstract      

Survey nonresponse adjustments in the application of methods for the treatment of sensitive questions
Leonardo Trujillo, Luz Mery Gonzalez      Abstract       Paper      

Increasing survey statistics precision using split questionnaire design: An application of small area estimation
Saeideh Kamgarsangari, Hamidreza Navvabpour      Abstract       Paper      

Estimation of population mean when the population mean of auxiliary character is not known
Manish Kumar Sharma, Sharad Bhatnagar      Abstract       Paper      

Does our culture promote abuse? Bridewealth and domestic violence in Ghana
Kamil Fuseini      Abstract       Paper      

A visit to modelling field jute variety trials - Indian perspective
Kalyan Kumar Goswami, Satyabrata Pal      Abstract       Paper      

Reproducibility and its impact on power in microRNA experiments
Christian Dehlendorff, Julia S. Johansen, Nicolai A. Schultz, Klaus K. Andersen      Abstract      

Exponential ratio type estimators of population mean under non response
Paramdeep Kaur, Lovleen Kumar Grover      Abstract       Paper      

Indirect sampling using dual frame surveys
Manuela Maia      Abstract      

Questionnaire design and response propensities for employee income micro data
Reza Che Daniels      Abstract       Paper      

Underlying motivational indicators behind voting behavior in major elections: A statistical methodology
Dhiren Ghosh      Abstract       Paper      

Segmentation by bayesian edge detection applied to medical ultrasound images
Mulugeta Tesfa      

CPS107: Poster spotlight (7)

On decomposition of point-symmetry in square contingency tables
Kouji Tahata      Abstract       Paper      

United statistical algorithms, LP comoments, copula density, nonparametric modeling
Emanuel Parzen, Subhadeep Mukhopadhyay      Abstract       Paper      

Is there a best kernel density estimator?
Kairat T. Mynbaev, Saralees Nadarajah, Christopher S. Withers, Aziza S. Aipenova      Abstract       Paper      

An overview of the generalized multivariate beta type II distribution and its extensions
Karien Adamski, Andriëtte Bekker, Schalk Human, Kotie Roux      Abstract      

Epidemiological model of female caregiver burden in low income areas in Cape Town - South Africa
A. Yakubu Almumin Yakubu, de Wet Schutte      Abstract      

Search for top-k consensus objects in multiple ranked lists: TopKInference versus other recent procedures
Vendula Svendova, Michael G. Schimek      Abstract       Paper      

Made in Italy firms competitiveness: A multilevel longitudinal model on export performance
Matilde Bini, Margherita Velucchi      Abstract       Paper      

Respondent-driven sampling and random walks on directed networks
Jens Malmros, Tom Britton      Abstract      

Asymptotic concentration probabilities of the Pitman estimator and weighted estimators in the non-regular case
Nao Ohyauchi      Abstract       Paper      

Iterative estimation for conditional estimating equations
Weiyu Li, Valentin Patilea      Abstract       Paper      

CPS108: Poster spotlight (8)

Spatial analysis of women equalities and women's empowerment in Egypt
Eman Ahmed Oriby      Abstract       Paper      

On phase II nonparametric CUSUM exceedance control charts for unknown location
Marien Alet Graham, Subhabrata Chakraborti, Amitava Mukherjee      Abstract       Paper      

Modeling the residual error variance in two-level random-coefficient multilevel models
George Leckie      Abstract       Paper      

The determinants of birth interval in rural Ethiopia
Wondiber Nega Melese, Eshetu Woncheko      Abstract       Paper      

Spline estimation of functional coefficient regression models for nonlinear time series with correlated errors
Chang Chiann, Michel H. Montoril, Pedro A. Morettin      Abstract       Paper      

Bootstrap variable selection for tobit and logistic regressions to predict left ventricular contractility after acute myocardial infarction with a new panel of microRNAs
Olivier Collignon, Yvan Devaux, Melanie Vausort, Gerry P. Mccann, Dominic Kelly, Leong L. Ng, Daniel R. Wagner, Iain B. Squire      Abstract      

Modelling clustered survival data with cured fraction
Angela Dela Paz Nalica, Iris Ivy M. Gauran, Erniel B. Barrios      Abstract       Paper      

Special coxian phase-type distributions discovered for modelling patient length of stay in hospital
Adele H. Marshall      Abstract      

Testing for unimodality in mortality trends
Maria Dolores Ugarte, Cristina Rueda, Ana F. Militino      Abstract       Paper      

Estimating relative potency based on multivariate risk/benefit assessment
Daniel Cruz Bonzo      Abstract       Paper      

Frequency analysis of heavy-tailed phenomena
Yuwei Zhao, Thomas Mikosch      Abstract       Paper      

Propensity score matching for multiple treatments comparison in observational studies
Yuan Liu, Dana Nickleach, Joseph Lipscomb      Abstract       Paper      

An adaptive estimation method for dimension reduction with application to functional response data
Heng-Hui Lue      Abstract      

Performance of robust estimators: Sampling, variables and dimensions
Elizabeth Reis, Maria Do Carmo Botelho      Abstract       Paper      

CPS109: Poster spotlight (9)

Estimates for the spatial locations of the indoor objects by radial distributions
Toshinari Kamakura, Kosuke Okusa      Abstract       Paper      

Automatic interaction detection for longitudinal data
Jacky Galpin      Abstract       Paper      

Visualization for areal data of suicide in Japan
Takafumi Kubota, Makoto Tomita, Fumio Ishioka, Hiroe Tsubaki      Abstract       Paper      

Data visualisation and its application in official statistics
Olivia Or      Abstract       Paper      

Efficiency of parametric bootstrap Kriging variance estimators
Elmanani Simamora, Subanar, Sri Haryatmi Kartiko      Abstract      

Modeling vague status by fuzzy logistic regression: Application in evaluating the effect of folic acid on child's appetite status
Mahshid Namdari, S. Mahmoud Taheri, Alireza Abadi, Mansour Rezaei, Naser Kalantari      Abstract       Paper      

Enhancing feature selection with feature maximization metric
Jean-Charles Lamirel      Abstract       Paper      

Functional genome wide association studies using sparse group Lasso
Qing Pan, Tatiyana Apanasovich      Abstract      

Extensions for DD-plot
Jang Dae-Heung      Abstract       Paper      

An extension of parallel coordinate plot for visualizing aggregated symbolic data
Yoshikazu Yamamoto, Junji Nakano      Abstract       Paper      

Cloud based self service analytics
Andrew Naish      Abstract       Paper      

Sample size formulas for non-inferiority clinical trials with time-to-event data
Han Dong, Chen Zheng      Abstract       Paper      

Age-specific disease network for the major disease in Korea
Lee Tae Rim, Hongseok Kim      Abstract      

CPS110: Poster spotlight (10)

Economic chromatography analysis method: Innovative theory and method of interdisciplinary research - Based on the reference of statistics to chemistry
Shibing You, Zhenghua Su, Lili Bao, Bi Wu      Abstract       Paper      

Mills ratios of skew-t distribution and their applications
Tingting Li, Yubo Zhang, Xin Liao      Abstract       Paper      

Study on the hierarchical difference among credit of rural household, fiscal expenditure and farmer's income in counties of China
Tao Wen, Xiaohua Wang, Dingxiang Wang, Yuyu Wang, Hongpan Yin      Abstract       Paper      

Bayesian sampling plans with interval censoring
Wanbo Lu, Tzong-Ru Tsai      Abstract       Paper      

Researches on methods of revising the historical data of city and county GDPs
Caifeng Su      Abstract       Paper      

The study on the application of scanner data in the compilation of price index
Yawen Liu      Abstract       Paper      

Matrix transformation technique based forecast modeling of input-output table
Cheng Wang, Huiwen Wang, Haitao Zheng, Haoyun Feng, Wen Long      Abstract       Paper      

A study of existing public opinion survey models used by statistic authority - Based on empirical statistic surveys by Beijing Xicheng District Government
Huanhui Xia, Qixing Guo, Kunpeng Li      Abstract       Paper      

Income inequality: Objective measurement and subjective evaluation - An empirical research based on microdata
Chao Cai, Li Li, Qi-Fa Xu      Abstract       Paper      

Studying on the trend of the ageing population of Lanzhou City and countermeasures
Wei Ma, Shengjing Yang      Abstract       Paper      

Measure on dependent structure of financial markets under international diversification with application to emerging markets of the BRIC
Lu Wang      Abstract       Paper      

Difference analysis of the accounting for accounting income and taxable income
Yun Gao      Abstract       Paper      

Comparative study on within-household sampling methods in household survey
Ping Lv      Abstract       Paper      

CPS111: Poster spotlight (11)

Research on theoretical innovation and implementation on modern enterprise's statistical functions in China
Yanming Wang, Zhonghui Wang, Jing Yuan      Abstract       Paper      

Crime and corruption: An international empirical study
Huaiyu Zhang      Abstract       Paper      

The differences of micro data and macro data used in statistical analysis: C-D production function
Wangyue Li, Ting Dai      Abstract       Paper      

The application of statistical methods in Chinese Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging
Fang Lin, Ya Fang      Abstract      

System dynamic models in the economic evaluation of Human Papillomavirus Vaccine: A review of recent progress
Xiaobin Song, Ya Fang      Abstract      

An international comparative study on the degree of difficulty of primary school mathematics textbooks
Kong-Xiu Kuang, Nai-Qing Song, Qing-You Cai      Abstract       Paper      

On the true face of the economic statistics
Yu Zhu, Xiaoru Chen, Lei Wang      Abstract       Paper      

After higher education expansion the college wage premium is increased or decreased?
Xu Sun, Ji Luo      Abstract       Paper      

Multilevel models for network meta-analysis
Ning Li, Yaoguang Lao, Siu-Wai Leung      Abstract       Paper      

The grey system analysis of energy consumption structure change in Xinjiang in the context of low-carbon economy
Yue Wang, Han Ke      Abstract       Paper      

The comparison of sampling precision under the cost fixed condition
Zhiqiang Pang, Lixia Wang      Abstract       Paper      

A method for detecting outliers in survey data by ratio tests
Bangwen Cheng, Hongjin Yang, Linfen Shi, Yali Wang, Ji Xu      Abstract       Paper      

The research of intrinsic mechanism of economic development - Empirical analysis of Jiangsu economic development
Rongrong Zhou      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical methods applied in physics
Boyuan Zhang      Abstract       Paper      

Construction of evaluation model of equilibrium allocation of basic education resources in Chongqing
Yali Zhu, Naiqing Song      Abstract      

CPS201: Poster display Day 1

Specifying asymmetric STAR models with linear and nonlinear GARCH innovations: Monte Carlo approach
Olaoluwa Simon Yaya      Abstract       Paper      

The establishment of Chinese elderly men physique comprehensive evaluation model
Shuxiang Zhao      Abstract       Paper      

The economic impact of political instability: A case study of Côte d’Ivoire
Jean Stéphane Koffi      Abstract      

Urbanization and poverty reduction interventions: A case study of Kiandutu Slum, Kenya
Lucy Njeri Kiarie      Abstract       Paper      

The old people in Egypt, case study (Ismailia Governorate)
Mohamed Hassan Ahmed Talaat      Abstract       Paper      

Professional awards in statistics: Chipping away at gender disparities in the USA
Amanda L. Golbeck, Craig A. Molgaard      Abstract       Paper      

Evaluation of optimal linear discriminant function by 100 fold cross validation
Shuichi Shinmura      Abstract       Paper      

Return of higher education with the backdrop of wage convergence
Boya Lai      Abstract      

Socio-demographic factors associated with contraceptive use among young women in comparison with older women in Uganda
John Mushomi Atwebembeire, John Bosco Asiimwe, Patricia Ndugga      Abstract       Paper      

Economic growth, inequality and poverty in sub-Saharan Africa: The case of Cameroon and the Ivory Coast
Cyrille Guy Patrick Mepoui A Mpe      Abstract      

Operationalising financial inclusion index as a policy lever: Uttar Pradesh (in India) - A case study
Puneet Verma, Rabi N. Mishra, Sanket Bose      Abstract       Paper      

Côte d'Ivoire: Towards education for all in 2015? Analysis of indicators for the monitoring of Ivorian education system progress
Seke Kouassi de Syg      Abstract      

Joint modeling of longitudinal CD4 cell count and time-to-default from highly active antiretroviral therapy in HIV/AIDS patients in Ethiopia: A comparison of separate and joint models
Yehenew Getachew Kifle, Awol Seid      Abstract       Paper      

Use of the area under a receiver operating characteristics (ROC) curve in medical research
Safia Awan      Abstract      

Using LQAS for baseline surveys and regular performance monitoring in health care
Gertrude Tracy Namutebi      Abstract       Paper      

Model-based clustering of time-course RNA-seq data
Man-Kee Maggie Chu, Wenqing He      Abstract       Paper      

Designs for the difference between two estimated responses in a trigonometric regression model
Shahariar Huda      Abstract      

Use 2D unstructured mesh finite volume method for simulating structural dynamics
Yong Zhao, Yao Cao, Xiaohui Su      Abstract      

A new method of detecting the power of misspecified link functions in logistic regression model
Shibru Temesgen Wakweya      Abstract      

Estimation of demographic statistics in the Cambodian Socio-Economic Survey (CSES) 2004-2011
Pen Socheat      Abstract       Paper      

Subjective Bayesian analysis of the elliptical model
Janet Van Niekerk, A. Bekker, M. Arashi, J.J.J. Roux      Abstract       Paper      

Small area estimation for the 2011 Population Census of Hong Kong
John Hon Kwan Lam      Abstract       Paper      

Sobol's sequence based method for fitting nonlinear mixed effects model: A comparative view
Rashedul Hoque, Mahbub A.H.M. Latif      Abstract       Paper      

The relationship between housing conditions and house owner's occupation - A study based on the correspondence analysis
Yuxin Jiao, Ping Jiang      Abstract       Paper      

Weight of health expenditures on household income in Cameroon
Joseph Parfait Owoundi      Abstract      

Semi-parametric Bayesian analysis of binary responses with a continuous covariate subject to non-random missingness
Carlos Daniel Paulino, Frederico Z. Poleto, Julio M. Singer, Geert Molenberghs      Abstract       Paper      

The factorial structure of the Approaches and Study Skills Inventory for Students (ASSIST) in Australia: An exploratory factor analysis
Petra Graham, Ayse Aysin Bilgin, Tamas Gantner      Abstract      

Probability of default in credit risk based on discrete trinomial structure
Di Asih I Maruddani, Dedi Rosadi, Gunardi, Abdurakhman      Abstract       Paper      

Study on probability of incidence of disease through point process modeling
Nurtiti Sunusis, Nurdin      Abstract       Paper      

Nonparametric inference for controlled branching processes with deterministic function
Ines Maria Del Puerto, Miguel González, Carmen Minuesa      Abstract       Paper      

Generalized p-values for comparing regression lines
Tsai-Yu Lin, Chi-Rong Li      Abstract       Paper      

Evaluation on the effect size of rare variants based on genome-wide association studies in WTCCC data
Shu-Hui Wen      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical data quality control study under the conditions of direct reporting for internal statistics package by network
Keqin Li      Abstract       Paper      

Assessing the trade and poverty nexus in the Philippines
Teresita Lubrico Cadiben, Mary Ann C. Magtulis, Ivan Cassidy F. Villena      Abstract       Paper      

Simple visualization techniques and statistical data analysis in prenatal diagnosis
Paula Barroso Rolha, Teresa Oliveira, Amílcar Oliveira, Avelino Rolha      Abstract       Paper      

Model-based methods for missing data in surveys with post-stratification information
Sahar Zohouri Zangeneh, Roderick J.A. Little      Abstract       Paper      

A robust uncertainty treatment with bias correction in model calibration for better predictability
Quanxi Shao, John A. Taylor      Abstract      

CPS202: Poster display Day 2

On the estimation of a scaled Weibull distribution of rainfall data of south west Nigeria
Taofik Oyedele Dauda, Nurain A. Akintoye, Adewale O. Adetayo      Abstract      

A historical note on the Harvard College Observatory Announcement Cards: Elizabeth L. Scott at the intersection of statistics and astronomy
Dan G. Molgaard, Amanda L. Golbeck      Abstract       Paper      

Using the cross sectional survey design to determine knowledge levels in ways of preventing HIV, rejecting major misconceptions and the correct steps on condom use in Uganda
Annet Namunane, Grace Nekesa      Abstract      

Demographic and socio-economic predictors of awareness about condom use in four regions of Ethiopia
Yonas Kassa Kerago      Abstract       Paper      

Academic history and disciplinary development of Chinese statistics of education
Celi Liang      Abstract       Paper      

HIV risk behaviours among teachers in Uganda
Lillian Ayebale, Lynn Atuyambe, William Bazeyo, Erasmus Otolok Tanga      Abstract       Paper      

Estimating the resilience of crops to climate change using agricultural statistics
Dramane Bako      Abstract      

The shortcut of diagnosis and correction of heteroscedastic model studies based on the software of Eviews
Ting Shan Song, Siliang Guo      Abstract       Paper      

Attitude towards abortion and contraception in Nigerian academic institutions
Samuel Oluwaseun Adeyemo, F.N. Nwobi      Abstract      

Survival analysis of loan repayment rate of customers of Hawassa District Commercial Bank
Cheru Atsmegiorgis Kitabo      Abstract       Paper      

Assessing awareness of organizations about millennium development goals and the role of statistics in them: The case of eastern Hararghe, Oromiya, Ethiopia
Abdi Mohammed Musse, Adem K. Geleto      Abstract       Paper      

Underlying determinants of stunting among under-5 children in Ugandan cattle corridors
Gilbert Habaasa      Abstract       Paper      

Infant morbidity assessment in South Africa
Evidence Simbarashe Matangi      Abstract       Paper      

Research on inclination of migrant workers for urbanization in China from 1989 to 2010
Yixiang Huang, Xiaoyang Li, Yunlei Peng, Turki Ghassan      Abstract       Paper      

Factors associated with increasing number of street children in Kampala
Kevin Adikini      Abstract       Paper      

A new family of quantiles estimators with P-auxiliary information in successive sampling
Hulya Cingi, Nursel Koyuncu      Abstract       Paper      

Correlates of sanitation coverage among rural households in southern Ethiopia
Alehegn Worku Engdaw      Abstract      

Assessing factors affecting breast feeding status among children aged below five years in western Uganda
Jonan Natamba      Abstract       Paper      

Electricity consumption and GDP growth in Hong Kong
Wai Lok Chan, Wai Hung Fan, Lam Li      Abstract       Paper      

Willingness-to-pay for improved sanitation among rural communities in Kabarole district
Agaba Francis      Abstract       Paper      

Modification of CHF and BIC coefficients for evaluation of clustering with mixed type variables
Tomas Löster, Tomas Pavelka      Abstract       Paper      

Challenges of improving the statistical literacy and skills in Sri Lanka: Small country experiences
Thenuwara Archachige Dharmaratne      Abstract       Paper      

Regional disparities of unemployment rates in regions of Slovakia and Czech Republic
Silvia Megyesiová, Vanda Lieskovská      Abstract       Paper      

Use of spatial analysis for woman participation in labor market
Reem Ismail Elsybaey, Mahmoud Mohamed Elsarawy      Abstract       Paper      

Best practices in user participation: Recent experiences at the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics
Andrea Diniz Da Silva, Elizabeth Belo Hypolito, Flavio Pinto Bolliger      Abstract       Paper      

Quality of midwifery care provided in Soroti district, Uganda
Resty Nansubuga      Abstract       Paper      

A class of multivariate extreme value distributions with heterogeneous margins
Salvatore Bologna      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical power analysis for construct validity
Wei Chen, Jingfu Zhang      Abstract       Paper      

Determinants of utilization of antenatal care offered by health professionals in sub-Saharan Africa. A case study of central Uganda
Farouk Ssekisaka      Abstract       Paper      

Testing methods of mean difference for longitudinal data based on stationary bootstrap
Hirohito Sakurai, Masaaki Taguri      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical analysis of patient's satisfaction with hospital services: A case study at Shashmene and Hawassa University Referral Hospitals, Ethiopia
Tariku Tesfaye Haile      Abstract       Paper      

Predicting rainfall and drought at least a year in advance in Zimbabwe using climatic determinants (Darwin and Southern Oscillation Indices)
Delson Chikobvu, Retius Chifurira      Abstract       Paper      

Documentation metatadata of household survey based on DII and DCMI standards (the experience of CAPMAS in this field)
Waleed Abdelkhalik Mohammed Abfdan/Ameen      Abstract       Paper      

Performance bounds for the distribution-generated universal portfolio
Choon Peng Tan      Abstract       Paper      

Statistics education exploration in elementary education of mathematics
Yangkai Zhang      Abstract      

Completion of a full course of primary schooling among all children everywhere by 2015: A case of sub-Saharan Africa
Robert Wamala      Abstract       Paper      

On modeling and estimation of response probabilities when missing data are not missing at random
Michail Sverchkov      Abstract       Paper      

Determining the number of clusters in a data set via repeated data clustering into two clusters
Jerzy Korzeniewski      Abstract      

Outlier robust block bootstrap fitting of linear mixed models
Payam Mokhtarian      Abstract       Paper      

Fractal geometry of a dendrogram
Francisco Casanova-Del-Angel      Abstract       Paper      

Generalizations of Tukey distributions
Czeslaw Domanski, Katarzyna Bolonek-Laso?      Abstract       Paper      

Estimation of dimension based on certain information criterion in correspondence analysis
Toru Ogura, Yasunori Fujikoshi      Abstract       Paper      

Evaluation of hotspot detection method based on echelon structure
Fumio Ishioka, Koji Kurihara      Abstract       Paper      

The decomposition income inequality according to Fields method and the Shapley value approach
Rosalba Manna, Regoli Andrea      Abstract      

Synchronized rebasing of price indices in the Philippines
Madeline Dumaua Cabauatan, Eleanore V. Ramos      Abstract       Paper      

CPS203: Poster display Day 3

Investigation and statistics on status quo of China's selective schools: A perspective from empirical study
Li Tan, Qinqiong Zhang      Abstract      

Management and utilization of health management information system in Busia district, Uganda
Irene Nakazzi      Abstract      

The contribution of microfinance institutions to poverty eradication in Uganda
Alex Ronald Kagumba, Kateregga Emile      Abstract      

Civil registration and vital statistics system in Egypt challenges and opportunities
Mohamed Galal Eldean Embaby      Abstract       Paper      

People with disabilities: Some analyzes of the results of the 2010 Population Census and new challenges
Paulo Meira Oliveira      Abstract       Paper      

Intergenerational differences in current contraceptive use among currently married women in Uganda
Sarah Mukisa Wablembo      Abstract      

Technical conversion factors for agricultural statistics: Sank into oblivion? The case of Tanzania livestock statistics
Longin Nsiima, Ugo Pica-Ciamarra, Derek Baker, Gabriel Simbila      Abstract       Paper      

Measuring trade in value added for China based on the firm-level data
Jinmei Ge, Minxue Gao      Abstract       Paper      

An statistical investigation of professional identity of medical students
Hongwei Ruan      Abstract      

Mean value formulae of one-dimensional stationary line-segment processes
Albert K.L. Tsang      Abstract       Paper      

Spatial analysis of South African crime data
Elsabe Smit      Abstract       Paper      

Spatial variations in under-five mortality in South Africa
Sulaiman Salau      Abstract       Paper      

Development of drinking water and sanitation facilities in Cambodia since 2000 observed in the Cambodia Socio-Economic Survey (CSES)
Mao Po      Abstract       Paper      

Acceleration and re-start of the alternating least squares algorithm for non-linear principal components analysis
Masahiro Kuroda, Yuichi Mori, Masaya Iizuka, Michio Sakakihara      Abstract       Paper      

The determinants of time-related underemployment in South Africa
Nelson Inocent Mathebula      Abstract       Paper      

Dynamics of development in rural communities
Genelyn Ma Ferry Sarte, Erniel B. Barrios      Abstract       Paper      

Preferences in areas of professional performance of young students of statistics close to graduating from the Central University of Venezuela
Karen Elizabeth Tizado, Jhoner L.V. Perdomo      Abstract       Paper      

The prediction of teacher's demand in the primary and high schools in Chongqing
Li Wang, Shaowei Li      Abstract      

Proposal for evaluation of money laundering and terrorist financing country risk in Latin America
Jhoner Luis Perdomo, Karen E. Tizado V., Guillermo G. Lara      Abstract       Paper      

Use of the method of L-moments of parameter estimation on economic data
Diana Bilkova      Abstract      

Rationality testing of the weights of universities ranking
Yun Zhuang, Pingsheng Dai      Abstract      

Length frequency analysis: Maximum likelihood estimation of finite mixture model via EM algorithm and Bayesian approach
Tony Sai-Ho Chung      Abstract       Paper      

Bayesian regression analysis of correlates of modern contraceptive method usage: A case study in Hawassa City, Ethiopia
Habtamu Kiros Gebreselassie      Abstract       Paper      

The business demography of sole proprietorships in Japan
Mikio Suga, Hiromi Mori, Tamaki Miyauchi, Kozo Miyagawa      Abstract       Paper      

Asymptotic properties of some estimators for income inequality measures - A simulation study
Alina Jedrzejczak      Abstract       Paper      

Forecasting of short term electricity load demand in Cameroon using semi parametric model
Ngamou Tchuana William      Abstract       Paper      

Test dimensionality assessment: A general approach based on the use of complementary statistical methods
Thierry Rocher, Aurélie Nardy, Maryse Bianco, Pascal Bressoux      Abstract      

Diagnostic and treatment for linear mixed models
Julio M. Singer, Francisco M.M. Rocha, Juvêncio S. Nobre      Abstract       Paper      

Welfare indicators calculated with multiple correspondence techniques from IV the National Survey on Family Budgets of Venezuela 2008-2009
José Antonio Ruette, María Eugenia García Fernández      Abstract      

Study of latent classes with welfare indicators obtained from the IV National Survey of Family Budgets 2008-2009 in Venezuela
María Eugenia García, Johana Rosaly Valera Puche      Abstract      

A predictive ability based model selection method
Evdokia Xekalaki, Stavros Degiannakis      Abstract      

XKOS: An SKOS extension for statistical classifications
Wendy Thomas, Franck Cotton, Richard Cyganiak, R.T.A.M. Grim, Daniel W. Gillman      Abstract       Paper      

Sample design for impact evaluation of welfare programs: The Yemen case
Cristiano Ferraz, Marcel de Toledo Vieira      Abstract       Paper      

Variable selection based on certain information criterion in correspondence analysis
Takakazu Sugiyama, T. Ogura, T. Kan, Y. Fujikoshi      Abstract      

Perturbation analysis for similarity based on entropy in a linear subspace method
Kuniyoshi Hayashi, Fumio Ishioka, Hiroshi Suito, Koji Kurihara      Abstract       Paper      

Imputation of income data with generalized calibration procedure and GB2 law: Illustration with SILC data
Eric Andre Graf, Yves Tillé      Abstract       Paper      

The reporting of HIV/AIDS deaths in South Africa
Gomolemo Teo      Abstract      

Association rule generation and mining approach to concept space for collective documents
Ken Nittono      Abstract       Paper      

Factors associated with high risk sexual behaviors among youth In Rwanda: A behavioral surveillance survey
Muhammed Semakula      Abstract       Paper      

To what extent does age at first marriage influence the vulnerability of young women in regards to reproductive health issues
Vivienne Musabe Najjemba, Richard Musabe, Viola Nampeera      Abstract      

Is there a correlation between the increasing mean age of women at childbirth and the declining total fertility rates?
Vanda Lieskovská, Silvia Megyesiová      Abstract       Paper      

Elementary school teacher's comprehension of graphical representations of data
Ioannis Michalis, Evanthis Chatzivasileiou      Abstract       Paper      

Statistica Nova - Theory and software of statistical functions mobiles
Ionel Dorofte, Ionelia Iftimie      Abstract       Paper      

Factors which affect the pass rates in South African schools and in Africa
Themba Mhlebi      Abstract       Paper      

Use of Çinlar Velocity Fields as a subgrid model
Rukiye Kara, Mine Ça?lar      Abstract       Paper      

First all-Ukrainian statistical Olympiad: Organization and results
Yakiv Yakovich Karchev, Volodimir L. Karpov      Abstract      

Electricity consumption nexus economic growth: A bounds test approach
Gildas Mahena Anago      Abstract       Paper      

Graphical determination of groups and outliers in distance-based cluster analysis
Luis F. Rivera-Galicia      Abstract       Paper      

Simultaneous fuzzy clustering with multiple correspondence analysis
Masaki Mitsuhiro, Hiroshi Yadohisa      Abstract       Paper      

Regression with autocorrelated errors using design-adapted Haar Wavelets
Elisete Conceicao Quintaneiro Aubin, Rogério F. Porto, Pedro A. Morettin      Abstract      

Multivariate analysis of exogenous variables for blood donation system in some European countries - Logistics approach
Sebastian Twaróg, Gra?yna Trzpiot, Anna Ojrzy?ska, Jacek Szo?tysek      Abstract       Paper      

CPS204: Poster display Day 4

The demolition rate of residential buildings in Iran
Banafsheh Najafi      Abstract       Paper      

Application of generalized linear mixed models to study the surface activity of scorpions
Fernando Casanoves, Mónica F. Nime, Raúl E. Macchiavelli, Camilo I. Mattoni      Abstract      

Spatial aspects of community well-being. Analyzing contextual and individual sources of variation using multilevel modeling
Wlodzimierz Okrasa      Abstract      

Life-styles: Relationship with the buying behavior and consumption of individuals
Liliana Carmen Severino      Abstract       Paper      

Modelling and analysis of forest fire data in Portugal
Giovani Loiola Da Silva, Maria Inês Dias      Abstract       Paper      

Fertility differentials by level of educational attainment in the context of economic crisis and tempo effects in Korea
Eunkoo Lee      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical challenges in modern economics
Wei Luo, Yonghong Zhou      Abstract       Paper      

Use of item response theory in the mathematic test
Shaowei Li, Li Wang      Abstract      

Modeling the distribution of intensity and duration of rainfall data with a polynomial copula
Ronald Robert Van Nooijen, Emna Gargouri-Ellouze, Alla G. Kolechkina      Abstract      

Food statistics of Sri Lanka: Issues in a market economy
Wijitapure Wimalaratana      Abstract       Paper      

Investigating outliers detection methods for the Iranian manufacturing establishment survey data
Zahra Rezaei Ghahroodi, Taban Baghfalaki, Mojtaba Ganjali      Abstract       Paper      

Innovation and productivity in Chinese firms: A micro study of four manufacturing sectors
Feng Zhen      Abstract       Paper      

Mapping the prevalence of non-communicable disease in Ghana: 2003-2007
Henry Tagoe      Abstract      

The effect of business demography on index numbers calculation
Roberto Gismondi      Abstract       Paper      

Stages of statistical strategy in mobility household surveys. Challenges addressed
Maria Florencia Alvarez Picco, Alicia María Picco, Clyde Charre      Abstract       Paper      

The new face of HIV/AIDS: What new information needs to be given to the young people
Viola Nampeera, Vivienne Najjemba, N. Miiro Flavia, Richard Musabe      Abstract      

Search for the best operating conditions of a soft drink bottling process through optimum designs of experiments
Marta Ruggieri, Lucía Noelia Hernández, José A. Pagura, Cristina R. Puigsubirá      Abstract       Paper      

Accounting for spatially varying directional effects in spatial covariance structures
Joaquim Henriques Vianna Neto, Alexandra M. Schmidt, Peter Guttorp      Abstract       Paper      

Manufacturing sector, natural resources and economic growth in Africa
Marc Luc Akplogan      Abstract       Paper      

Trans-border non-institutional economic activities: Multilevel assessment of their impact on community well-being - Case of Poland and neighboring countries
Pawel Markocki, Wlodzimierz Okrasa, Marek Cierpial-Wolan      Abstract       Paper      

Dynamic study of rural poverty in Senegal
Lao Guy Kenao      Abstract       Paper      

Estimating the efficiency of innovation in banking industry
Irina Yakivna Karcheva, Anna T. Karcheva      Abstract      

Measuring perceptions of diarrhoeal disease risk in a climate sensitive environment
Mumuni Abu      Abstract      

Compare the evaluating methods of variance of estimate on complex two-phase sampling with different sampling units on each phase
Young Jin, Sang Eun Lee, Key Il Shin      Abstract       Paper      

Developing the innovative ability of the youth by reforming statistical teaching methods
Yan Shi Luo      Abstract      

The comparative analysis of competitiveness of human resources of 59 countries and regions based on IMD data
Rufei Zhang, Lijun Liu      Abstract       Paper      

Fund flows in Hong Kong: A balance of payment's perspective
Wing Hung, Ricky Choi      Abstract       Paper      

Analysis of the behavioral mechanisms with structural equation model: Based on experimental study of student's exercise behavior in junior high school
Daoling Fu      Abstract      

Statistical methods in assessment of the European structural funds impact on standard of living in Poland - Regional approach
Kamil Kruszy?ski, Waclawa Starzynska      Abstract      

Comparisons between Cigarette Smoking and Alcoholic Drinking Behavior Survey and Global Adult Tobacco Survey in Thailand
Jason Hsia, Hataichanok Puckcharern      Abstract       Paper      

Evaluation of the effect of outliers on the GFI quality adjustment index in structural equation models and proposal of alternative quality indices
Lucia Pereira Barroso, Marcelo Angelo Cirillo      Abstract       Paper      

A clustering-based test for non-additivity in an unreplicated two-way layout
Waqas Ahmed Malik, Jens Möhring, Hans-Peter Piepho      Abstract      

Approximate Bayesian computation for model choice
Anthony Nicholas Pettitt, Christopher C. Drovandi, Xing Ju Lee      Abstract      

Constraints and restraints in analysis and design of experiments with the roles defined algebraically in detail
Tadao Shibayama      Abstract       Paper      

Automated outlier detection in singular spectrum analysis
Jacques de Klerk      Abstract       Paper      

Comparative health-education output and economic growth in Nigeria
Timothy Olabisi Olatayo, Moses C. Ekperiware      Abstract       Paper      

Identifying the differentially expressed genes with RNA-Seq data
Huey-Miin Hsueh, Hung-Ting Lu      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical disclosure risk assessment in remote analysis systems
Bronwyn Loong, Christine M. O'Keefe      Abstract      

Competing risks survival analysis with recurrent events
Carlos Miguel Martinez      Abstract       Paper      

Maximum likelihood estimation for mixtures of skew Student-t-normal distributions through practical EM-type algorithms
Tsung-I Lin      Abstract      

Death won't wait: Cancer deaths around birthdays and religious holidays
Holger Leerhoff, Ulrike Rockmann      Abstract       Paper      

Inference for multivariate T linear mixed models with damped exponential correlation errors
Wan-Lun Wang      Abstract      

Asymptotic variance of sample vector variance of standardized variables
Erna Tri Herdiani, Maman A. Djauhari, Saleh A. F., Annisa, Nasrah Sirajang      Abstract       Paper      

Towards better statistics on well-being and societal progress - The European framework for measuring progress
Marina Signore, Donatella Fazio      Abstract       Paper      

Additive hazard model with additive frailty for semi-competing risks data
Jinheum Kim, Youn Nam Kim, Chung Mo Nam, Yang-Jin Kim      Abstract       Paper      

Nonparametric tilted density function estimators
Hassan Doosti, Peter Hall      Abstract      

Bayesian estimation of the spatial variation of the completeness magnitude for the Venezuelan seismic catalogue
Raquel Vasquez, Lelys Bravo de Guenni      Abstract       Paper      

Correlation between seismic events and active faults in Venezuela
Carolina Granado, Raquel Vasquez      Abstract      

CPS205: Poster display Day 5

Are there working children and child labour in Uganda when it's a signatory to the UN convention and having universal primary education?
Dorothy Mubuuke, Yovani A.M. Lubaale      Abstract       Paper      

Distributional impact of agricultural technology adoption on rice farmers’ expenditure: Case of Nerica in Benin
Didier Alia, Aliou Diagne      Abstract       Paper      

Multivariate analysis of life-long learning in European countries
Ksenija Dumicic      Abstract       Paper      

The analysis of the international competitiveness of China's new energy industry
Dezhi Liu, Rufei Zhang      Abstract       Paper      

An analysis on the creativity of university students view of environmental factors
Lijun Liu, Rufei Zhang      Abstract       Paper      

Application of system dynamics model in control of over-increasing medical care expenditure
Yanbing Zeng, Ya Fang      Abstract      

Towards a usable set of leading indicators for Hong Kong
Wai Yip William Chow      Abstract       Paper      

The power of tail independence tests in extreme value models. An application for stock exchange markets
Justyna Majewska, Gra?yna Trzpiot      Abstract       Paper      

Calibration of expansion factors in a multilevel sampling survey
Maria Angelica Ferrandi, Nora Daruich, Sabrina Balbi, Juliana Merello      Abstract       Paper      

Analysis of recurrent infections in Danish children diagnosed with cancer
Luise Cederkvist Kristiansen, Jeanette F. Winther, Kirsten Frederiksen, Jørgen H. Olsen, Klaus K. Andersen      Abstract      

Measuring and monitoring balance of response set
Imbi Traat, Nora Roosileht      Abstract       Paper      

Inferential tests and modelling of functional trait convergence along environmental gradients
Chaitanya Joshi, Paul T. Brown, Daniel C. Laughlin      Abstract       Paper      

Intestinal parasite infection amongst preschool-age children in the Democratic Republic of Congo: A multilevel analysis
Ngianga Ii Kandala, Ho Ming Yuen      Abstract       Paper      

Happiness, ideal happiness, and reference point
Yoshiaki Takahashi      Abstract      

Calculation and estimation of the variance effective population size when age class sizes fluctuate
Fredrik Olsson, Ola Hössjer      Abstract      

Multilevel logistic modelling: Issues when working with large datasets
Scott Harris, Edith Man Ying Cheng      Abstract       Paper      

Semiparametric regression analysis of free air CO2 enrichment
Dongwen Luo, P.C.D. Newton, K.R. Tate      Abstract      

Some statistical quantities of random walk simulation on the prime numbers with the twin, cousin and sexy prime numbers
Ryuichi Sawae, Yoshiyuki Mori, Daisuke Ishii      Abstract      

L-moments based on two-step regression quantiles
Jan Picek      Abstract      

Recommendations for master's degree programs in statistics and biostatistics
A. John Bailer, Roger Hoerl, David Madigan, Jill Montaquila, Tommy Wright      Abstract       Paper      

The undeclared value added due to the value added tax evasion of sole proprietors
Ildiko Ritzlne Kazimir      Abstract       Paper      

Modeling currency crises in Nigeria: An Application of logit model
Samson Babatunde Omotosho      Abstract       Paper      

International merchandise trade statistics - Is there a need for paradigmatic shift?
Akos Gerencser      Abstract       Paper      

Youth of South Africa: Comparing those in education, training and employment with those who are socially excluded
Reratile Mathibe, Michael Medupi, Ros Hirschowitz      Abstract       Paper      

Quality assurance in the Portuguese Census 2011: The alert indicators system
Alvaro Augusto Rosa, Elizabeth Reis, Paula Vicente      Abstract      

The interest of society - The responsibility of statisticians
Tamas Varsanyi      Abstract      

Hypothesis testing in multilevel models with block-invariant covariance matrices
Yuli Liang, Tatjana Von Rosen, Dietrich Von Rosen      Abstract      

Local influence in two-treatment balanced cross-over designs
Chengcheng Hao, Dietrich Von Rosen, Tatjana Von Rosen      Abstract      

Access to official statistical micro data at the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia and cooperation with the Slovenian Social Science Data Archives
Irena Imperl Krizman      Abstract       Paper      

What causes hunger in the Philippines?
Eleanore Villarias Ramos      Abstract       Paper      

Analysis of measurement error models using parametric fractional imputation
Emily J. Berg, Jae-Kwang Kim      Abstract      

The marginal and joint influence in nonlinear regression
Karin Stål      Abstract      

Modeling covariate-contingent correlation and tail-dependence with copulas
Feng Li      Abstract      

Bayesian versus frequentist estimators for a non-linear mixed effects model : Application to a population pharmacokinetic model
Wilfried Noudehouenou Bonou, Philippe Lambert, Astrid Jullion, Marion Bouillon-Pichault, Bruno Boulanger      Abstract      

On the estimation of parameters of variograms of spatial stationary isotropic random processes
Sourav Das, Tata Subba Rao, Georgi N. Boshnakov      Abstract       Paper      

Estimating the parameters of multiple chirp signals
Ananya Lahiri, Debasis Kundu, Amit Mitra      Abstract       Paper      

Air passenger forecasting by using a hybrid seasonal decomposition and least squares support vector regression approach
Gang Xie, Shouyang Wang, Kin Keung Lai      Abstract       Paper      

Beyond balanced incomplete block designs: Addressing challenges, connections, applications and R
T.A. Oliveira, A. Oliveira, H. Correia      Abstract       Paper      

The influence of ratios and combined ratios on the distribution of the product of two independent Gaussian random variables
Amilcar Oliveira, Teresa A. Oliveira, José A. Seijas-Macias      Abstract       Paper      

Regional initiative to improve population and social statistics in Asia and the Pacific
Gemma Van Halderen, Sairi Hasbullah      Abstract      

Statistical modelling of the survival of HIV/AIDS patients and identification of early mortality changepoints after initiation of art: A case study at Hawassa University Referral Hospital
Denekew Bitew      Abstract