Special Topics Sessions

STS001: Promoting statistics amongst the youth through fun activities

“Selling statistics” to school children on university open days
Delia Elizabeth North      Abstract      

Making statistics fun in the classroom
Bradley J. Payne      Abstract      

Statistics poster competitions: What do they tell us about teacher's knowledge of statistics and how can we learn from this
Jennifer Vanessa Freeman, Eleanor Stillman, Brad Payne      Abstract      

Promoting statistics to secondary students in Hong Kong
Annie Yuen-Wai Chan      Abstract      

STS002: Finite sample behavior of statistical procedures

Interval estimation procedures and information inequalities
Masafumi Akahira      Abstract       Paper      

Finite sample properties of change point procedures
M. Huskova      Abstract      

A small sample bias correction and implications for inference
Brenton R. Clarke, Christopher J. Milne      Abstract       Paper      

Shape constraints in empirical Bayes inference
Ivan Mizera, Mu Lin      Abstract       Paper      

Multivariate regression L-estimation
Jan Picek, Jana Jureckova, Pranab K. Sen      Abstract      

STS003: The LAD methods and their statistical inferences

Building an efficient median
Stephan Morgenthaler      Abstract      

Profiles of atmospheric radiation: Quantile regression of profiles in time
Jaromir Antoch, Daniel Hlubinka      Abstract      

A robust test for regression coefficients using L1-norm
Hans Nyquist      Abstract      

Adaptive combination of LSE and LAD in the asymmetric models
Yadolah Dodge, Jana Jureckova      Abstract      

STS004: Multivariate non-parametric methods with applications to high dimensional data

Supervised dimension reduction based on scatter matrices
Hannu Oja, Liski Eero, Nordhausen Klaus      Abstract      

Spatial distributions in Banach spaces and related depths and quantiles
Anirvan Chakraborty, Probal Chaudhuri      Abstract      

Resistant estimates for high dimensional and functional data based on random projections
Ricardo Fraiman, Marcela Svarc      Abstract      

Nonparametric statistical process control charts for high dimensional data
Jun Li      Abstract      

A nonparametric two-sample test applicable to high dimensional data
Anil K. Ghosh, Munmun Biswas      Abstract      

STS005: Two views of smoothing splines and related tools

Automatic model structure selection for multivariate nonparametric regression
Hao Helen Zhang, Guang Cheng, Yufeng Liu      Abstract      

L1-optimal splines for outlier rejection
Masaaki Nagahara, Clyde F. Martin      Abstract       Paper      

Functional mixed effects spectral analysis
Wensheng Guo, Robert T. Krafty, Martica Hall      Abstract       Paper      

Dynamic contour modeling of wet material objects by periodic smoothing splines
Hiroyuki Kano, Hiroyuki Fujioka      Abstract       Paper      

Smoothing splines on projective space
Wenzhen Fan, Clyde F. Martin      Abstract      

STS006: Towards an international framework for statistical councils of national statistical systems

The case for communication between national statistical councils
Richard Alldritt      Abstract       Paper      

Statistics agencie's relationships with other government statistical producers: An interview study in Australia and the United Kingdom
Cosmo Howard      Abstract       Paper      

The network of Government Statistical Service in Hong Kong
Edith Lai-Shan Chan      Abstract       Paper      

NSCs: Advise + Action = Accountability?
Margarita Guerrero      

STS007: Extremes in action: From time series to random fields

Estimation of extreme events from spatial rainfall data
Ana Ferreira, Rita M. Cardoso, Pedro M.M. Soares, Margarida Belo-Pereira      Abstract       Paper      

Exploratory plots in the analysis of extremes
Souvik Ghosh, Bikramjit Das      Abstract       Paper      

Modeling clusters of extreme values in time series
Natalia M. Markovich      Abstract       Paper      

Testing for multivariate regular variation
Andrea Krajina, John H.J. Einmahl      Abstract      

STS008: Bayesian spatial modelling with application to health and survival in sub-Saharan Africa

A Bayesian two-part model applied to analyze risk factors of adult mortality in Namibia
Lawrence N. Kazembe      Abstract      

Age-gender specific spatio-temporal trends of small area mortality in South Africa, 1997–2010
Samuel O.M. Manda      Abstract      

Modelling immunisation coverage in Nigeria: A Bayesian structured additive regression approach
Samson Babatunde Adebayo, Waheed Babatunde Yahya      Abstract       Paper      

Application of Bayesian geo-additive mixed latent variable model to the child’s health problems
Khaled Khatab      Abstract      

An exploratory spatial analysis of geographical inequalities of birth intervals among young women in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
Tobias Chirwa, Felly Kinziunga Kinziunga, Jocelyn Nzinunu Mantempa, Joseph Desire Kandala, Ngianga-Bakwin Kandala      Abstract      

STS009: Statistical analysis of competing risks data

Phase-type distributions for competing risks
Bo Henry Lindqvist      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical analysis of competing risks with missing causes of failure
Isha Dewan, Uttara V. Naik-Nimbalkar      Abstract       Paper      

Regression analysis of competing risks data with general missing pattern in failure types
P.G. Sankaran, Anup Dewanji, Debasis Sengupta, Bappa Karmakar      Abstract       Paper      

STS010: Latent variable modeling of complex survey data

Issues in structural equation modeling of complex survey data
Stephen J. Tueller, Kenneth A. Bollen, Daniel L. Oberski      Abstract       Paper      

Multilevel multidimensional item response modeling for complex survey data with application to large-scale educational assessments
Li Cai      Abstract      

Issues surrounding Markov latent class analysis for assessing measurement error in complex surveys: A case study using the National Crime Victimization Survey
Marcus Berzofsky, Paul P. Biemer      Abstract       Paper      

Conditional design effects for SEM estimates
Daniel L. Oberski      Abstract       Paper      

STS011: Recent advance in stochastic processes and their applications

On the approximate maximum likelihood estimation for diffusion processes
Song Xi Chen, Jinyuan Chang      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical inference and Malliavin calculus
Arturo Kohatsu-Higa, Jose M. Corcuera      Abstract       Paper      

Symmetric rearrangements around infinity with applications to Levy processes
Rongfeng Sun, Alexander Drewitz, Perla Sousi      Abstract      

Critical two-point functions for long-range self-avoiding walk in high dimensions
Lung-Chi Chen, Akira Sakai      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical properties of microstructure noise
Xinghua Zheng, Jean Jacod, Yingying Li      Abstract       Paper      

STS012: Analysis of complex outcome data in RNA sequencing and genome-wide association studies

Controlling false discovery rates in RNA-sequencing data
Conrad J. Burden, Sumaira Qureshi, Susan R. Wilson      Abstract       Paper      

Joint analysis of binary and quantitative traits with data sharing and outcome-dependent sampling
Jungnam Joo, Gang Zheng, Colin O. Wu, Minjung Kwak, Wenhua Jiang, Joao A.C. Lima      Abstract      

PLNseq: A multivariate poisson lognormal distribution for high-throughput correlated RNA-seq read counts
Hong Zhang, Jinfeng Xu, Xiaohua Hu, Zewei Luo      Abstract      

A joint regression analysis for genetic association studies with outcome stratified samples
Minjung Kwak, Colin O. Wu, Gang Zheng      Abstract       Paper      

A new multivariate zero-inflated poisson model with applications
Guo-Liang Tian, Yin Liu, Xiqian Ding      Abstract      

STS013: Measuring poverty in the context of energy and money restrictions

Conclusions from long term experience in measuring poverty with price indices
Michel Mouyelo-Katoula      Abstract       Paper      

Measuring the real value of production and its impact on distribution of global wealth and poverty, reflections in the economic order of the real world
Helmut Maier      Abstract       Paper      

Poverty and poverty measurement in Russia: Energy poverty in the energy-rich country
Irina Eliseeva      Abstract       Paper      

Poverty and poverty measurement in Africa
Felicien Donat Edgar Towenan Accrombessy      Abstract       Paper      

STS014: Time series analysis and finance

Simulated maximum likelihood in a Markov switching stochastic volatility model
Bovas Abraham      Abstract      

Inference for generalized duration models
Aerambamoorthy Thavaneswaran      Abstract      

Prediction intervals and simultaneous bands for ARCH processes with an application to autoregressive conditional duration models
Bei Chen      Abstract      

Time varying autoregressive conditional duration models
Ramanathan V. Thekkevariam      Abstract      

Parameter estimation of random coefficient models with correlated errors using quadratic estimating function approach
Ibrahim bin Mohamed, Kamil Khalid      Abstract      

STS015: Ethical dilemmas for statisticians – How should we respond? The role of the ISI declaration on professional ethics

Ethical dilemmas for statistics - How should we respond?
Len W. Cook      Abstract      

Ethical dilemmas for statistics - How should we respond?
Haishan Fu      Abstract      

Ethical dilemmas for statistics - How should we respond?
David Morganstein      Abstract      

Ethical dilemmas for statistics - How should we respond?
Benjamin French      Abstract      

STS016: Measuring China's economic performance

What develop trade credit? Case of provinces in China
Go Yano, Maho Shiraishi      Abstract       Paper      

Constructing a time series of Chinese multi-regional input-output tables at provincial level and high sector detail
Yafei Wang, Manfred Lenzen      Abstract       Paper      

An interpretation of planning economy era in China
Maho Shiraishi      Abstract       Paper      

The calculation of Chinese short-term international capital flow
Shi Gang      Abstract       Paper      

Mincer’s wage determination, job changing, and social capital in China
Yang Liu      Abstract       Paper      

STS017: Alternative census methods, lessons learned from the 2010 round, projects for the 2020 round

The beginning of a new era in the census method of Turkey, use of registers: Lessons learned and future prospects
Enver Tasti, Sebnem Bese Canpolat, Baris Ucar      Abstract       Paper      

Innovations in census taking for the United States in 2020
Burton H. Reist, Andrew Ciango      Abstract       Paper      

New census modalities in Israel
Pnina Zadka, Yael Feinstein      Abstract       Paper      

Rolling census: scoping study for Brazil
Andrea Diniz Da Silva      Abstract       Paper      

The French rolling census: A decade of experience
Jean Michel Durr, Francois Clanche      Abstract       Paper      

STS018: The potential of Internet, big data and organic data for official statistics

Internet as a new source of information for the production of official statistics. Experiences of Statistics Netherlands.
Nicolaes Heerschap      Abstract       Paper      

Knowledge linking for online statistics
Marc Spaniol, Natalia Prytkova, Gerhard Weikum      Abstract       Paper      

Big data coming soon ...... to an NSI near you
John Dunne      Abstract       Paper      

Big data and official statistics: From opportunities to strategies
Emmanuel Letouzé, Eric Bensel, Johannes Jütting      Abstract      

Building economic indicators from online data
Manuel I. Bertolotto      Abstract      

STS019: Probability forecasting

Probabilistic weather forecasting
Tilmann Gneiting      Abstract       Paper      

Multidimensional local scoring rules
Matthew Parry      Abstract       Paper      

Local scoring rules: A versatile tool for inference
Monica Musio, Philip Dawid      Abstract       Paper      

Probabilistic forecast paths in economics and finance
Shaun P. Vahey, Elizabeth C. Wakerly      Abstract       Paper      

Probabilistic forecasts of wind power generation by stochastic differential equation models
Henrik Madsen, Jan Kloppenborg Møller, Pierre Pinson      Abstract       Paper      

STS021: The roles of administrative data in official statistics

Using administrative data in population and social statistics
Jari Tarkoma      Abstract       Paper      

The roles of tax administration data in official statistics production in South Africa
Elizabeth Gavin, Deon Breytenbach, Randall Carolissen, Mamiky Leolo      Abstract       Paper      

Producing regional profiles based on administrative and statistical data in New Zealand
Michael Slyuzberg, Gail Kelly      Abstract       Paper      

The use of administrative data at Statistics Canada
Wesley Yung, Pierre Lavallée, Julie Trépanier      Abstract       Paper      

Wage and salary employment position statistics based on administrative data
Kido Seong, Homan Song      Abstract       Paper      

STS022: Difference-based variance estimation in nonparametric regression

Optimal variance estimation without estimating the mean function
Yuedong Wang, Tiejun Tong, Yanyuan Ma      Abstract       Paper      

Further variance reduction and bias elimination for nonparametric kernel estimation
Yebin Cheng, Ming-Yen Cheng, Tiejun Tong      Abstract      

Difference-based variance estimation in nonparametric regression with repeated measurements
Tiejun Tong, Yanyuan Ma, Wenlin Dai, Lixing Zhu      Abstract       Paper      

Variance estimation in the analysis of microarray data
Yanyuan Ma, Yuedong Wang, Raymond J. Carroll      Abstract       Paper      

STS023: Statistics and policy

Handling quantitative information across scales and dimensions
Mario Giampietro      Abstract      

Statistical information and evidence based decision-making
Walter Josef Radermacher      Abstract      

Democracy, scientific inquiry and indicators: A pragmatic perspective
Paul-Marie Boulanger      Abstract       Paper      

Advocacy, analysis and quality. The Bermuda triangle of statistics
Andrea Saltelli, Michaela Saisana      Abstract       Paper      

STS024: New ways to measure global value chains

A measurement framework and a narrative on global value chains and economic globalisation
Merja Hult, Timothy J. Sturgeon, Pekka Alajääskö      Abstract       Paper      

Linking trade statistics and business registers in a developing country context
Ronald Jansen, Luis Gonzalez Morales, Odilia Bravo Cambronero, Ana Mercedes Umaña      Abstract       Paper      

Measurement of trade in value-added: Using Chinese input-output tables capturing processing trade
Cuihong Yang, Chen Xikang, Duan Yuwan, Jiang Xuemei, Pei Jiansuo, Xu Jian, Yang Lianling, Zhu Kunfu      Abstract       Paper      

International trade in value added: Trade statistics and trade policy implications the WTO perspective
Andreas Maurer, Christophe Degain      Abstract       Paper      

Measuring international organisation of enterprises and sourcing of business functions
Peter Bøegh Nielsen      Abstract       Paper      

STS025: New approaches for agricultural statistics

Integration of agricultural census and population census data
Eva Laczka      Abstract       Paper      

Use of significance editing for agricultural surveys
Wendy J. Barboza, James M. Harris      Abstract       Paper      

Developing an agricultural statistics strategy for South Africa
Moses Mnyaka, Edmund Kibuuka      Abstract       Paper      

Remote sensing application in China's crop acreage estimation
Wei Zhou      Abstract       Paper      

A 2020 round of agricultural surveys
Flavio P. Bolliger      Abstract       Paper      

Agricultural productivity growth in the United States: Measurement, drivers, and impacts
Sun Ling Wang      Abstract       Paper      

STS026: Experiences when building the methodological architecture for statistics production

Methodology architecture - A roadmap for new methodological directions in the Australian Bureau of Statistics
Siu-Ming Tam       Paper      

Using design principles to deliver strategy in a new organisational structure
Gary Brown, Catherine A. Davies      Abstract       Paper      

Strengthening methodological architecture with multiple frames and data sources
James M. Harris, Cynthia Z.F. Clark      Abstract       Paper      

Balancing sound methodology and IT flexibility in statistical production
Allyson J. Seyb      Abstract       Paper      

Lessons learned from implementing an integrated methodological architecture
Evelyn N. Maelane, Marlize Pistorius      Abstract       Paper      

STS027: New forms of data for research, policy evaluation and official statistics

New forms of data for official statistics
Niels Ploug      Abstract       Paper      

Global integration of new forms of data: Problems and possibilities
Peter Elias      Abstract       Paper      

New forms of data for research - Three examples from social science
Lisbeth Pedersen      Abstract       Paper      

New forms of data and scientific research
David De Roure      Abstract      

Data fusion and new data
Lichun Zhang      Abstract      

STS028: Depth-based procedures for high-dimensional and functional data

Multivariate functional halfspace depth
Mia Hubert      Abstract      

Depth and the deepest point in infinite dimensional spaces
Probal Chaudhuri      Abstract      

Functional depth based on distances: What for?
Alicia Nieto-Reyes      Abstract      

Nonparametric combination of multiple inferences using data depth, bootstrap and confidence distribution
Regina Liu, Dungang Liu, Min-ge Xie      Abstract      

From depth to local depth: A focus on centrality
Davy Paindaveine, Germain Van Bever      Abstract      

STS029: Practicalities in measuring intangible assets

The measurement of intangible assets in the national accounts and growth accounts of the Netherlands
Mark de Haan, Myriam van Rooijen-Horsten, Murat Tanriseven, Erik Veldhuizen      Abstract       Paper      

Intangible assets in the SNA: Measurement and considerations for productivity estimates
Nadim Ahmad      Abstract      

Coming to grips with intangibles
Branko Vitas, Getachew A. Tessema      Abstract       Paper      

The measurement of artistic originals in the UK
Louisa Nolan, Darren Morgan, Paul Smith      Abstract       Paper      

STS030: Statistical education at university focusing on learning approaches in different educational and cultural contexts

First year statistics units across three continents: Similarities and differences
Francesca Chiesi, Caterina Primi, Ayse Aysin Bilgin, Maria Virginia Lopez, Maria del Carmen Fabrizio, Sitki Gozlu      Abstract       Paper      

Underlying reasons for different learning approaches in statistics in Argentina
María V. López, María C. Fabrizio, Adriana Perez, María C. Plencovich, Gerardo Cueto      Abstract       Paper      

Underlying reasons for different learning approaches in statistics in Italy
Caterina Primi, Francesca Chiesi      Abstract       Paper      

Underlying reasons for different learning approaches in statistics in an Australian university
Ayse Aysin Bilgin      Abstract       Paper      

Underlying reasons for different learning approaches in statistics in Turkish universities
Sitki Gozlu, Ayse Aysin Bilgin, Dilek Ozdemir Gungor      Abstract       Paper      

Some aspects of statistical significance in statistics education
Pranesh Kumar      Abstract       Paper      

STS031: International comparability versus national relevance: Contributions of the national statistical offices in monitoring the leading cause of death - Methods and merits of global adult tobacco survey

Evaluating tobacco control in Turkey: Comparability over time
Yilmaz Ersahin      Abstract      

GATS in Nigeria: A key to innovation/success in adult tobacco surveillance in Africa
Isiaka Akinjide Olarewaju      Abstract       Paper      

Design and implementation of adult tobacco survey in Pakistan
Rizwan Bashir      Abstract      

Methods and merits of the global adult tobacco survey: International comparability versus national relevance
Krishna Mohan Palipudi      Abstract      

Meeting the global comparability: Integration of tobacco questions in surveys
Qiang Li, Yong Jiang, Mei Zhang, Yichong Li, Congxiao Wang, Gonghuan Yang      Abstract      

STS032: Energy statistics

Importance sampling for the reliability evaluation with a stochastic computer model
Youngjun Choe, Eunshin Byon, Vijay N. Nair, Nan Chen      Abstract      

Using complex surveys to estimate the L1-median of a functional variable: Application to electricity load curves
Camelia Goga, Mohamed Chaouch      Abstract       Paper      

Optimal combined forecasts for electricity prices: Influence of clean energies
Eduardo Caro, Carolina García-Martos, María Jesús Sánchez      Abstract       Paper      

Some interesting statistics problems arising from analyses of energy data from surveys
Carol Joyce Blumberg      Abstract       Paper      

STS033: Branching processes and related fields: Theory and applications

Fluid approximation and a time change for an evolution model
Fima C. Klebaner, Kais Hamza, Haya Kaspi      Abstract       Paper      

Branching random walks and their applications to population studies
Elena B. Yarovaya      Abstract       Paper      

Branching processes evolving in asynchronous environments
Vladimir Vatutin, Quansheng Liu      Abstract       Paper      

Controlled branching processes: Applications in biology
Miguel González, Rodrigo Martínez, Inés María Del Puerto, Cristina Gutiérrez      Abstract       Paper      

The age structure of population-dependent general branching processes in environments with a high carrying capacity
Kais Hamza, Peter Jagers, Fima C. Klebaner      Abstract       Paper      

STS034: What are the quality impacts of conducting high profile official statistical collections on a voluntary basis?

Producing official statistics via voluntary surveys - The National Household Survey in Canada
Marc Hamel      Abstract       Paper      

Nonresponse work at Statistics Sweden - Examples from the past and plans for the future
Martin Axelson, Lina Fjelkegård, Peter Lundquist, Peter Werner      Abstract       Paper      

The impact of nonresponse on survey quality
Bart Bakker, Jelke Bethlehem      Abstract       Paper      

Voluntary and volunteer government surveys in the US
Phillip S. Kott      Abstract       Paper      

STS035: Statistical methods for biophysical structure and dynamics

A survey of Riemannian centres of mass for data
Wilfrid S. Kendall      Abstract       Paper      

Partial least squares to identify functional dynamics of proteins
Tatyana Krivobokova, Marco Singer, Bert De Groot, Axel Munk      Abstract       Paper      

Sparsity-based analysis of superresolution microscopy data
Timo Aspelmeier      Abstract      

Aggregated motion estimation for imaging in real time MRI
Housen Li, Markus Haltmeier, Shuo Zhang, Jens Frahm, Axel Munk      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical computation in protein folding
Samuel Kou      Abstract      

STS036: Statistical machine learning theory

Statistical analysis of learning with minimum error entropy criterion
Ding-Xuan Zhou      Abstract      

On learning data representation
Lorenzo Rosasco, Guillermo D. Canas      Abstract      

Approximation with multiscale kernels
Holger Wendland      Abstract      

Qualitative robustness of bootstrap approximations for kernel based methods
Matias Salibian-Barrera, Andreas Christmann, Stefan Van Aelst      Abstract       Paper      

Kernel two-sample and independence tests
Arthur Gretton      Abstract      

STS037: Real estate price statistics

Real estate prices: Methodological frameworks - The international handbooks on residential property price indices and commercial property price indices
David Fenwick      Abstract       Paper      

ECB progress towards a European Commercial Property Price Index
Andrew Kanutin      Abstract       Paper      

Sparse data and commercial property price indexes
Mick Silver, Brian Graf      Abstract       Paper      

Real estate price statistics - Relevance, links and challenges
Roberto Barcellan      Abstract       Paper      

Property price statistics for Ireland - Data sources and compilation issues
Niall O’Hanlon      Abstract       Paper      

STS038: Coverage problems in administrative data and secured linking

Epidemiological and statistical secured matching in France
Catherine Quantin, Benoît Riandey      Abstract       Paper      

Robustness of population size estimates against violation of the independence assumption
Susanna C. Gerritse, Peter G.M. Van Der Heijden, Bart F.M. Bakker      Abstract       Paper      

Population size estimation based on erroneous capture-recapture data
Lichun Zhang      Abstract       Paper      

Estimating from mixed sources with incomplete coverage
Joep Burger, Arnout Van Delden, Piet Daas, Pieter Vlag      Abstract       Paper      

Efficient private record linkage of very large datasets
Rainer Schnell      Abstract       Paper      

STS039: Measuring progress at local level

Estimating inequalities at local level in Italy
Stefano Marchetti      Abstract       Paper      

Measuring change of poverty estimates on small area level
Jan Pablo Burgard, Ralf T. Münnich, Stefan B. Zins      Abstract       Paper      

Repeated regular sample survey-based monitoring for food security and child nutrition
Stephen J. Haslett      Abstract       Paper      

Environmental features and subjective well being in Italy: A local level analysis
Luigi Biggeri, Tiziana Laureti, Luca Sceondi      Abstract       Paper      

STS040: Implementing SNA2008/ESA2010 in the EU and OECD

Implementation of 2008 System of National Accounts by the Australian Bureau of Statistics
Branko Vitas, Michael Davies      Abstract       Paper      

ESA2010 data transmission programme: What's new as of the second half 2014?
Roberto Barcellan, Silke Stapel-Weber, Johannes Wouters      Abstract       Paper      

Technical challenges and opportunities for international exchange of national accounts data
Werner Bier      Abstract       Paper      

National accounts data sharing between international organizations
Silke Stapel-Weber, Christine Gerstberger, Remigio Echeverria, Peter van de Ven      Abstract       Paper      

Methodological challenges of SNA2008 and ESA2010
Peter van de Ven      Abstract       Paper      

STS041: Statistics as a career choice for women: Great rewards, persistent challenges and making the change happen

Statistics as a career choice for women in South Africa
Jacky Galpin      Abstract      

Statistics as a career choice for women in Russia
Irina Eliseeva      Abstract      

Statistics as a career choice for women in Mexico
Lilia Leticia Ramirez      Abstract      

Statistics as a career choice for women in Canada
Sylvia Esterby      Abstract      

Statistics as a career choice for women in Australia
Bronwyn Harch      Abstract      

Statistics as a career choice for women in Mexico
Amanda L. Golbeck      Abstract      

STS042: Subjective indicators and their role in measuring countrie's progress and wellbeing: Definition, construction and analysis

The role of subjective indicators in measuring the equitable and sustainable well-being in Italy
Adolfo Morrone      Abstract       Paper      

The OECD guidelines on subjective well-being: Towards a common measurement framework, and the statistical agenda ahead
Conal Smith      Abstract      

Measuring subjective well-being in the European Statistical System (ESS)
Marleen De Smedt      Abstract      

STS043: Using geospatial information in area sampling and estimation for agricultural and environmental surveys

Methodological developments for improving the reliability and cost-effectiveness of agricultural statistics in developing countries
Monica Pratesi, Elisabetta Carfagna      Abstract       Paper      

Pilot point sample area frame survey for agricultural statistics in Nigeria
Sarah Hoffman, Michael Steiner      Abstract       Paper      

Design and estimation for recreational fisheries surveys
F. Jay Breidt, Jean D. Opsomer      Abstract       Paper      

Using remote sensing cropland classification data to update area sampling frame
Xinhua Yu      Abstract       Paper      

Automatic stratification for an agricultural area frame using remote sensing data
Stephanie Zimmer, Jae Kwang Kim, Sarah Nusser      Abstract       Paper      

STS044: Measurement error models

Nonparametric density estimation in case of measurement errors: A survey
Irène Gijbels      Abstract      

Censored quantile regression with covariate measurement errors
Guosheng Yin, Yuanshan Wu, Yanyuan Ma      Abstract       Paper      

Coefficient of determination for multiple measurement error models
Shalabh Shalabh, G. Garg, C.L. Cheng      Abstract       Paper      

Bickel-Rosenblatt type goodness-of-fit test in linear errors-in-variables model
Weixing Song, Hira L. Koul      Abstract       Paper      

On rank methods in errors-in-variables models
Silvelyn Zwanzig      Abstract       Paper      

Total least-squares adjustment with prior information vs. the penalized least-squares approach to EIV-models
Burkhard Schaffrin, Kyle Snow      Abstract       Paper      

STS045: International statistics - Supplying international statistics for decision making

Composite measure of industrial performance for cross-country analysis
Shyam Upadhyaya      Abstract       Paper      

Why are the G-20 data gaps initiative and the SDDS plus relevant for financial stability analysis?
Robert Heath      Abstract       Paper      

Should international organisations use also non-official sources when providing official international economic statistics?
Per Nymand-Andersen, Werner Bier      Abstract       Paper      

Reviving statistical yearbooks to meet changing needs of users
Artur Andrysiak      Abstract      

The challenge of supplying comparable international statistics to professional users
Maurine Haver      

STS046: Limit theorems for high frequency data

Between data cleaning and inference: Pre-averaging and other robust estimators of the efficient price
Per A. Mykland, Lan Zhang      Abstract      

Estimating the efficient price from the order flow: A Brownian Cox process approach
Mathieu Rosenbaum, Sylvain Delattre, Christian Y. Robert      Abstract      

Linear regression of drift in continuous semimartingale models
Masaaki Fukasawa      Abstract       Paper      

Kolmogorov-Smirnov type tests for local gaussianity in high-frequency data
George Tauchen, Viktor Todorov      Abstract       Paper      

STS048: Statistical network - Showcasing a new approach for international collaboration in industralising the production of official statistics

Generic statistical information model: An innovative collaboration which facilitates international collaboration
Jenine Borowik, Aurito Rivera, Carrie Ashley, Steven Vale      Abstract       Paper      

Utilizing international collaboration to assist Statistics New Zealand in delivering on its modernisation program
Gary Dunnet, Michelle Feyen      Abstract       Paper      

Towards a common business architecture for the statistical network
Erica McCoull, Eden Brinkley, Robert McLellan      Abstract      

Business architecture principles to foster industrialisation and standardisation at the Italian National Institute of Statistics
Nadia Mignolli, Giulio Barcaroli, Piero Demetrio Falorsi, Alessandra Fasano      Abstract       Paper      

Standardisation of statistics production - Approach, results and making use of international cooperation
Mats Bergdahl      Abstract       Paper      

STS049: Small area estimation for business statistics

Impact of sampling on small area estimation in business surveys
Ralf T. Munnich, Jan Pablo Burgard, Thomas Zimmermann      Abstract       Paper      

Robust small area estimation for discrete outcomes
Nikos Tzavidis, Ray Chambers, Nicola Salvati      Abstract      

Small area estimation applications in the US Census Bureau
Yang Cheng, Bac Tran, Partha Lahiri, Carma Hogue      Abstract       Paper      

Small area estimation for semicontinuous data
Hukum Chandra, Ray Chambers      Abstract       Paper      

Small area estimation in business information technology
Ana F. Militino, M. Dolores Ugarte, Tomás Goicoa      Abstract       Paper      

STS051: Source and feature detection in astronomy

Bayesian object detection in astrophysics
Farhan Feroz, Mike Hobson      Abstract       Paper      

Have we seen a signal yet? A necessary condition for claiming discovery
Bodhisattva Sen, Michael Woodroofe      Abstract       Paper      

Detecting dark matter signatures in Fermi/LAT Gamma-Ray data
Roberto Trotta      Abstract      

A Bayesian hypothesis test
Daniel J. Mortlock      Abstract      

Cosine directions using Rao-Blackwell theorem and Hausdorff metric in Quasars
Byron E. Bell      Abstract       Paper      

STS052: Official statistics in the Arab Region - Challenges and the way forward

Challenges in statistical capacity building in the Arab countries
Sava? Alpay      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical capacity building in Iraq
Mahdi Al-Alak      Abstract       Paper      

Challenges facing the official statistics in the GCC Countries - Oman as a model
Sabir Said Al-Harbi      Abstract       Paper      

Challenges facing official statistics in Egypt
Awatef Hussein Emam Abou Gendy      Abstract       Paper      

Official statistics in the Arab region: Viable Arab framework to respond to common challenges
Ola Farah Awad/Shakhshir      Abstract       Paper      

STS053: Robustness and stability measures

Very robust regression: Frameworks for comparisons
Anthony C. Atkinson, Marco Riani, Domenico Perrotta      Abstract       Paper      

Robust sparse regression in high dimensions
Andreas Alfons, Christophe Croux, Viktoria Öllerer, Sarah Gelper      Abstract       Paper      

Influence measures for CART classification trees
Servane Gey, Avner Bar-Hen, Jean-Michel Poggi      Abstract       Paper      

Robust risk estimation using exact resampling criteria for the kNN algorithm
Tristan Mary-Huard, Alain Celisse      Abstract       Paper      

Robust multimode clustering
Maurizio Vichi      Abstract       Paper      

STS054: Large sample covariance matrices and high-dimensional statistics

A note on central limit theorems for linear spectral statistics of large dimensional F-matrix
Shurong Zheng, Zhidong Bai      Abstract       Paper      

On the goodness-of-fit test in a factor model with high-dimensional data
Damien Passemier, Jian-Feng Yao      Abstract       Paper      

On generalized expectation based estimation of a population spectral distribution from high-dimensional data
Weiming Li, Jianfeng Yao      Abstract       Paper      

STS055: Non-parametric curve estimation: Theory and applications

Nonparametric curve estimation under monotonicity constraint
Rabi Bhattacharya, Lizhen Lin      Abstract       Paper      

Recursively generated control theoretic splines for on-the-fly approximation
Clyde F. Martin, Shan Sun      Abstract       Paper      

Nonparametric modeling of dynamical seasonality and trend with heteroscedastic and dependent errors
Ming-Yen Cheng, Yu-Chun Chen, Hau-Tieng Wu      Abstract       Paper      

Application of nonparametric quantile regression to body mass index percentile curves from survey data
Yan Li, Barry I. Graubard, Edward L. Korn      Abstract      

Quantile correlations and quantile autoregressive modeling
Guodong Li, Yang Li, Chih-Ling Tsai      Abstract       Paper      

STS057: Methodological and compilation review on bank interest rates statistics

Experience of compiling interest rate statistics
Sosang Moon      Abstract       Paper      

Quality issues in the compilation of bank interest rate statistics: A European perspective
Andreas Kuchler      Abstract       Paper      

The Federal Reserve’s role in the collection and dissemination of information on interest rates
Matthew Lieber, Charles P. Thomas      Abstract       Paper      

Interest rate statistics in Nigeria: Its sampling techniques and computational procedures
Abiola O. Adeleke      Abstract       Paper      

Quality measures in non-statistical sampling: MFI Interest Rates Statistics (MIR)
Josep M. Puigvert, J. Huerga, S. Pérez-Duarte      Abstract       Paper      

STS058: Frontiers in quantile regression

Nonparametric series quantile regression: Modeling, estimation and inference
Ivan Fernandez-Val, Alexandre Belloni, Victor Chernozhukov      Abstract       Paper      

Of quantiles, copulas, ranks and spectra: An L1 approach to spectral analysis
Stanislav Volgushev, Holger Dette, Marc Hallin, Tobias Kley      Abstract      

Quantile analysis for human quantitive traits in GWAS data
Ying Wei, Mengling Liu, Iuliana Lonita Laza      Abstract      

Quantile estimation for nonstationary time series
Wei Biao Wu      Abstract      

STS059: Spatial and spatio-temporal models for environmental epidemiology

The INLA approach for Bayesian air quality models
Michela Cameletti      Abstract      

Functional kriging in air quality
Rosaria Ignaccolo, Jorge Mateu, Ramon Giraldo      Abstract      

Bayesian modelling for estimating adverse health effects of exposure to multiple air pollutants in a time series framework
Monica Pirani, Georgios Papageorgiou, Nicky Best, Richard W. Atkinson, Gary W. Fuller      Abstract       Paper      

The effects of preferential sampling in spatial epidemiology
Gavin Shaddick      Abstract      

STS060: Toward a better economic statistics

Use of administrative sources for statistical purposes: The Case of Jordan
Mohammad Mahmoud Khalaf      Abstract       Paper      

Building macroeconomic models; challenges and obstacles: The Palestinian experience
Mohammed S.A. Qalalwa      Abstract       Paper      

The informal sector and its impact on the Sudan economy. A case study at locality of Karari 2009.
Hagir Elzubeir Abdelmageed      Abstract       Paper      

Economic censuses in Egypt and the world
Mohamed Ismail, Nany Abd Elkader Hashim      Abstract       Paper      

A Perception and Exposure Local Corruption Index (PELCI): Egyptian experience
Magued Osman      Abstract       Paper      

STS062: Synthetic establishment microdata – Enhancing access to confidential data in novel ways

The Synthetic Longitudinal Business Database: Experiences and lessons learned
Lars Vilhuber, Javier Miranda      Abstract      

SynLBD: Providing firm characteristics on synthetic establishment data
Satkartar K. Kinney, Jerome P. Reiter      Abstract      

Replicating the synthetic LBD with German establishment data
Jörg Drechsler, Lars Vilhuber      Abstract       Paper      

The Synthetic Longitudinal Business Database (SynLBD): Access to Data and Remote Processing
Thomas A. Louis, Ron S. Jarmin, Javier Miranda, Lars Vilhuber      Abstract      

STS063: Role of population and housing and agricultural censuses in the national statistical systems

Building a master sampling frame by linking the population and housing census with the agricultural census
Pietro Gennari, Naman Keita      Abstract       Paper      

Modern approach to censuses in the case of Poland - Advantages and constraints
Gra?yna Marciniak      Abstract       Paper      

A population census based on registers and a 10% survey. Methodological challenges and conclusions.
Antonio Argüeso, Jorge L. Vega      Abstract       Paper      

The population and housing census in a register based statistical system
Anita Lange      Abstract       Paper      

Agricultural Census 2010 in Hungary
Gyorgy Lengyel      Abstract       Paper      

STS064: Statistical methods for risk management

Asymmetry and long memory in realized covariance
Manabu Asai, Mike K.P. So      Abstract      

Earthquake statistics and a FOSM seismic hazard analysis for a nuclear power plant in Taiwan
Jui-Pin Wang, Yun Xu      Abstract       Paper      

On the computation of seismic loss tail probability distributions for stochastic structural dynamic systems
Sai Hung Cheung, Sahil Bansal      Abstract      

A hierarchical Bayesian approach to model extreme precipitation risk
Raymond K.S. Chan, Mike K.P. So      Abstract      

Calibration of spectral risk measures for risk management
Chi-Ming Wong, Mike K.P. So      Abstract      

STS065: Statistical techniques in heterogeneous learning

Nonparametric Bayesian multi-task learning with max-margin posterior regularization
Jun Zhu      Abstract       Paper      

Bayesian inference from non-ignorable network sampling designs
Simon Lunagomez, Edoardo M. Airoldi      Abstract       Paper      

A semi-parametric Bayesian framework for performance analysis of call centers
Xiaowei Zhang, Bangxian Wu      Abstract       Paper      

NOTAM: Nonparametric Bayes multi-task multi-view learning
Hongxia Yang, Jingrui He      Abstract       Paper      

Supervised heterogeneous multiview learning for joint association study and disease diagnosis
Zenglin Xu, Shandian Zhe, Yuan Qi, Peng Yiu      Abstract       Paper      

STS066: The use of modern technology in statistics

The ERA of big data: Statistics, data mining in the cloud computing ERA
Ben-Chang Shia      Abstract       Paper      

Address based sampling technique in developing country
Weidong Wang      Abstract      

The exploration of technology in official statistics: China's experience
Jiang Shu, Pan Fan, Cong Yajing      

Distributed computing and Hadoop in statistics
Xiaoling Lu, Bing Zheng      Abstract       Paper      

STS067: Using technology to improve efficiency of population censuses - Some experiences from the 2010 round

Using technology to achieve efficiencies in census - Experiences from the Abu Dhabi Census 2011
Badria Abdulla Obaid, Nancy McBeth      Abstract       Paper      

Internet option for improving the efficiency of population and housing census in Korea
Hyong-Joon Noh      Abstract       Paper      

Efficiency in population censuses - The situation of the European register-based 2011 Censuses
Eric Schulte Nordholt      Abstract       Paper      

Modern technologies in Omani Censuses
Khalifa Bin Abdullah Bin Hamed Al barwani      Abstract       Paper      

STS068: Analysis of high-dimensional data and graphs

New challenges for (biological) network inference with sparse Gaussian graphical models
Julien Chiquet      Abstract      

Modeling and prediction of financial trading networks: A case study in the NYMEX natural gas futures market
Abel Rodriguez, Brenda Betancourt, Naomi Boyd      Abstract       Paper      

Adaptive generalized fused-lasso: Asymptotic properties and applications
F. Picard, V. Viallon, S. Lambert-Lacroix, H. Hoefling      Abstract      

Global criteria for sparse penalized partial least squares
Alfred O. Hero, Tzu-Yu Liu, Laura Trinchera, Arthur Tenenhaus, Dennis Wei      Abstract      

Dynamic patterns analysis meets social network analysis in the modeling of financial market behavior
Caterina Liberati, Paola Zappa      Abstract       Paper      

STS069: Youth in Arab countries, facts and challenges

Iraq youth empowerment - Challenges and opportunities
Mahdi Al-Alak      Abstract       Paper      

Young Moroccans: Profile, expectations and perceptions
Abdellah Sougrati      Abstract       Paper      

The economic participation of young women in the Jordanian labor market, facts & challenges
Manal George Sweidan      Abstract       Paper      

The young people in Egypt 2010
Salwa yousof Abd ELGhany      Abstract       Paper      

Youth and mapping poverty in Palestine
Hani Al-Ahmed, Fida Twam      Abstract      

STS070: Beyond the new public management theory: Understanding NSO operations in a changing environment

Impact of new public management theory on NSOs: An international case study
Derek Bond, Elaine Ramsey      Abstract       Paper      

The development and present status of statistics on basic characteristics of cities in China
Xiaolong Chen      Abstract       Paper      

UK official statistics - From new public management to public value
Richard Laux      Abstract       Paper      

Open data, open cities. Case Helsinki region infoshare www.hri.fi
Asta Manninen      Abstract       Paper      

New public management in an economic crisis - Reflections from CSO Ireland
Padraig Dalton      

STS072: Graph theoretic methods for spatial data analysis

Graph analysis for space-time scan statistics
Marcelo A. Costa      Abstract       Paper      

The use of spatial graphs for optimal obstacle placement: A study on impact of the clutter spatial distribution
Vural Aksakalli, Elvan Ceyhan      Abstract       Paper      

Vulnerability analysis of weighted graphs: A measure of vulnerability of spatial network by using betweenness centrality
Zhe Zhang, Virrantaus Kirsi, Hannes Seppänen Aalto University      Abstract       Paper      

Testing spatial clustering using relative density of two random geometric digraph families
Elvan Ceyhan      Abstract       Paper      

STS073: Finance and contemporary issues

A practitioner's perspective on bid-ask bounce
Samuel Po-Shing Wong      Abstract      

Time series of functional data for forecasting the yield curve and electricity prices
Rituparna Sen, Claudia Klüppelberg      Abstract       Paper      

Cointegration pairs trading strategy on derivatives
Pak Kuen Lee, Ngai Hang Chan, Lai Fan Pun      Abstract       Paper      

Costly information, finance and firm investment: New directions of research of empirical methodology
Pranab Kumar Das      Abstract       Paper      

A structural approach to credit risk in a Markov modulated market
Mrinal K. Ghosh, Tamal Banerjee, Srikanth K. Iyer      Abstract       Paper      

STS074: The services sector of the economy: Is it possible to measure?

Conceptual and practical problems measuring service productivity
Roland Gnoss      Abstract       Paper      

The challenges of measuring the UK service sector
Louisa Nolan, Darren Morgan, Paul Smith, Mark Stephens      Abstract       Paper      

Measuring producer price indices and productivity growth in services
Anne-Sophie Fraisse, Anita Wölfl      Abstract       Paper      

Price and volume measures for non-market output: State of play in Europe for health and education
Mariagnese Branchi      Abstract       Paper      

STS075: Memorial session: Gad Nathan and his contributions to survey sampling

Gad Nathan, 40 years of contributions to official statistics
Luisa Burck      Abstract       Paper      

Some issues in the design and analysis of longitudinal surveys
Graham Kalton      Abstract       Paper      

The analysis of survey data
Alastair John Scott      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical disclosure control, new directions and challenges
Natalie Shlomo      Abstract       Paper      

Selection always matters
T.M. Fred Smith, Roger A. Sugden      Abstract       Paper      

STS076: Cooperation between national central banks and national statistical institutes-challenges in the next decade

Enhancing statistical co-operation in Ireland
Joe McNeill      Abstract       Paper      

Adjustment of domestic value added: Need for close cooperation between the National Bank (MNB) and the Statistical Office (HCSO) - Trade balance example
Péter Bánhegyi, Péter Szabó, Zsuzsanna Sisakne Fekete      Abstract       Paper      

Cooperation between the NSI and Central Bank: The Chilean experience
Ricardo Vicuña      Abstract       Paper      

The framework cooperation agreement between Oesterreichische Nationalbank and Statistics Austria: Providing official statistics in a more efficient way
Walter Stübler      Abstract       Paper      

The relationship of central banks and national statistics offices: The Australian experience
Ian Ewing      Abstract       Paper      

STS077: Central banks and the role of sample surveys in an age of abundant administrative data

Enhancing the Philippine's external sector statistics through cross border transactions surveys
Rosabel B. Guerrero      Abstract       Paper      

Are administrative records an alternative to sample surveys? The case of the Italian survey on household income and wealth
Andrea Neri      Abstract       Paper      

Census and sample in capital surveys in Brazil
Katherine Hennings, Thiago Said Vieira      Abstract       Paper      

Collecting data through surveys only when all else fails? The case of surveys in the ECB
Sebastian Pérez-Duarte      Abstract       Paper      

Business expectations survey in Nigeria: Its techniques, uses and challenges
Olorunsola E. Olowofeso, Sani I. Doguwa      Abstract       Paper      

STS078: Open data and statistics with special focus on urban and regional statistics

The challenge of open data and GIS
Derek Bond      Abstract      

A statistical spatial framework to inform regional statistics
Gemma Van Halderen, Martin Brady      Abstract       Paper      

Pulling it all together: Developing the spatiotemporal layers to support location-based integration
Wendy Thomas, Tracy Kugler      Abstract       Paper      

Make your statistics work: The first results with open data in Amsterdam
Lieselotte Bicknese, Manilde Van Der Oord      Abstract       Paper      

The power of open statistics for advancing the smart city and citizens participation
Ari Jaakola      Abstract       Paper      

STS079: Measuring real effective exchange rates

Real effective exchange rates - The BIS methodology
El?d Takáts      Abstract      

The effects of transit trade on measuring real effective exchange rates
Bernadette Lauro, Thomas Tilley      Abstract       Paper      

Alternative measures of real effective exchange rate: A different story on price competitiveness?
Biljana Davidovska Stojanova      Abstract       Paper      

Weighted average relative price (WARP): A supplement to standard real effective exchange rates (REERs)
Charles P. Thomas, Jaime R. Marquez      Abstract       Paper      

STS080: The use of microeconomic data in compiling macroeconomic statistics

Who faces higher prices? An empirical analysis based on Japanese Homescan Data
Naohito Abe, Kyosuke Shiotani      Abstract       Paper      

How micro data can contribute to an extended macro statistical framework for the assessment of stability?
Tardos Ágnes      Abstract       Paper      

Impact and benefits of micro-database's integration on the statistics of the Banco de Portugal
Paula Menezes, Luís D’Aguiar      Abstract       Paper      

Improving the real sector confidence index for Turkey as a leading macroeconomic indicator
Özgül Atilgan Ayano?lu, Emine Meltem Ba?tan, Gülsüm Çinar Dolgun      Abstract       Paper      

Analyzing stakeholder data: Capturing community conditions, economic inclusion and emerging issues
Bárbara J. Robles, Joseph A. Firschein      Abstract       Paper      

STS081: Measuring domestic and international inflation

Measuring core inflation for Lebanon
Sana Souaid Jad      Abstract       Paper      

The impact of global commodity prices on inflation in Malaysia
Kue-Peng Chuah, Eilyn Chong, Jay-Sern Tan      Abstract       Paper      

Discussion on inflation measurement by the Irving Fisher Committee on Central Bank Statistics
Christian Dembiermont      Abstract       Paper      

Introduction of a survey on inflation outlook of firms in the bank of Japan's short-term economic survey of enterprises in Japan
Masahiro Higo, Hidenori Tanaka      Abstract       Paper      

Assessing the measurement of inflation expectations under South African inflation targeting
Nonhlanhla Nhlapo      Abstract       Paper      

STS082: Reviewing measures of external debt

External debt profile of Chilean companies
Valeria Orellana, Nelson Loo      Abstract       Paper      

Measuring external debt in a context of macroeconomic imbalances
Joo Cadete De Matos, Ana Margarida De Almeida, Lígia Maria Nunes, Daniela Black Miranda      Abstract       Paper      

Reviewing measures of external debt - The case of Turkey
Osman Cagatay Mutlu      Abstract       Paper      

Securities data for enhanced analysis of external debt - Challenges due to non-ISIN securities
Jyry Hokkanen, Gunnar Blomberg, Anders Lindström      Abstract       Paper      

Review of measures of private sector external debt in a small offshore financial center
Vikram M. Punchoo      Abstract       Paper      

STS083: Improving measures of capital flows including speculative flows

Global flow-of-funds: Mapping bilateral geographic flows
Luca Errico, Richard Walton, Alicia Hierro, Hanan AbuShanab, Goran Amidzic      Abstract       Paper      

Risks associated with international capital flows
Paul Van Den Bergh      Abstract       Paper      

Cross-border capital flows on gross basis
Lydia Troshina      Abstract       Paper      

Gaps in capital flows surveillance: Dealing with flow and valuation effects in non-resident equity holdings
Tengku Muhammad Azlan Ariff, Jarratt Ma      Abstract       Paper      

Evolution of the capital flows to the Brazilian economy after 2008
Katherine Hennings, Fernando Alberto Rocha      Abstract       Paper      

Capturing portfolio flows statistics - Purpose for use matters
Zeph Nhleko      Abstract       Paper      

STS084: Is distribution theory still relevant?

Confidence distribution: A sample-dependent distribution function for inference
Min-ge Xie      Abstract       Paper      

The extreme value Birnbaum-Saunders model in athletics
M. Ivette Gomes, Marta Ferreira, Victor Leiva      Abstract       Paper      

Some recent developments in probability distributions
Felix Famoye, Carl Lee, Ayman Alzaatreh      Abstract       Paper      

Near-exact distributions - What are they and why do we need them?
Carlos A. Coelho      Abstract       Paper      

How about modeling with flexible families?
N. Balakrishnan      Abstract      

STS085: Measuring green economy

Green economy and measuring the Environmental Goods and Services Sector (EGSS)
Daniel Clarke      Abstract       Paper      

Designing a method for the effective use of indicators for green economy policy making
Fulai Sheng, Andrea M. Bassi, Markus Lehmann      Abstract       Paper      

Mexico's environmental accounts and derived indicators
Raúl Figueroa Diaz      Abstract       Paper      

A measurement on green economy in Korea: Green industry statistics
Kyungsam Min, Ho Seog Jung      Abstract       Paper      

STS086: Latest development in national censuses

Evaluating the performance of coverage assessment and adjustment for the 2011 Census: What can we learn for the future?
James J. Brown, Owen Abbott      Abstract      

Results and products from the Census Coverage Measurement Program for the 2010 U.S. Census
Scott Konicki      Abstract       Paper      

The census systems of China: Formulation and development
Fujiang Liu       Paper      

Local post-stratification in censuses
Cheng Yong Tang      Abstract      

STS087: Official statistics in the service of business and industrial statisticians

What are official statistics for anyway?
Steve MacFeely      Abstract       Paper      

How to motivate businesses to report and to use the official statistics?
Irena Križman, Genovefa Ruži?      Abstract       Paper      

Business statistics making an impact: A personal story
John Pullinger      Abstract       Paper      

The opportunities for small to medium enterprises from official statistics
Shirley Y. Coleman      Abstract       Paper      

Factors influencing integration of official statistics into business study programmes: In search of evidence
Irena Ograjenšek, Mojca Bavdaž, Lejla Perviz      Abstract       Paper      

STS088: Seasonal adjustment - New statistical tools for analysing economic developments

X-13ARIMA-SEATS and iMetrica
Brian C. Monsell, Chris Blakely      Abstract       Paper      

JDemetra+, an open framework for seasonal adjustment
Jean Palate      Abstract       Paper      

Time series-dependent selection of an appropriate seasonal adjustment approach
Karsten Webel      Abstract       Paper      

Comparing seasonally adjusted results obtained with Demetra and JDemetra+
Faiz Alsuhail      Abstract       Paper      

STS089: Fuzzy Bayesian inference

Probability measures of fuzzy sets
Nozer D. Singpurwalla      Abstract      

Fuzziness and Bayesian analysis in engineering
Matthias Stein, Michael Beer, Vladik Kreinovich      Abstract       Paper      

Possibilistic Bayesian models
S. Mahmoud Taheri, Reinhard Karl Viertl, Mohsen Arefi      Abstract       Paper      

Fuzzy probability distributions in Bayesian analysis
Reinhard Karl Viertl, Owat Sunanta      Abstract       Paper      

STS090: Statistical education and thinking development

Research on the modes of statistical education and training in China
Rongpo Xia      Abstract       Paper      

Between media datalization and statistical literacy: China's logic
Zhongliang Zhang, Weizi Zhang      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical modelling and mathematical modelling
Fengshan Bai      Abstract      

Statistical thinking development of youngster
Hui Sun      Abstract      

STS091: High dimension and causal inference

Preconditioning for consistency in sparse inference
Jinzhu Jia, Karl Rohe      Abstract      

Structure analysis of high dimensional tensor data
Jianxin Yin, Shiyuan He      Abstract       Paper      

Reversible MCMC on Markov equivalence classes of sparse directed acyclic graphs
Yangbo He, Jinzhu Jia, Bin Yu      

Identifiability of treatment effect in a pretest-posttest study with missing data
Xueli Wang, Xiaohua Zhou      Abstract      

Acceleration of the EM algorithm using the vector epsilon accelerator and a re-starting procedure
Masahiro Kuroda, Zhi Geng, Michio Sakakihara      Abstract      

STS093: Semiparametric inference and variable selection

Composite quantile regression for the receiver operating characteristic curve
Xiaogang Duan, Xiao-Hua Zhou      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical inference for right-censored data with nonignorable missing censoring indicators
Zhihua Sun, Tianfa Xie, Hua Liang      Abstract       Paper      

Efficient estimation and model selection for single-index varying-coefficient models
Peng Lai, Qingzhao Zhang, Heng Lian, Qihua Wang      Abstract       Paper      

On a partially linear single-index transformation model and its nonparametric estimation
Xiao-Hua Zhou, Xiaobo Ding, Qihua Wang      Abstract      

Dimension reduction based linear surrogate variable approach for model free variable selection
Pengjie Dai, Xiaobo Ding, Qihua Wang      Abstract       Paper      

STS094: Statistics in biopharmaceutical research

A new scheme to estimate median progression-free survival time in oncology clinical trials
Peng Li, Xing Sun, Cong Chen, Anderson Keaven      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical issues in the analysis of rodent carcinogencity studies
Keith A. Soper      Abstract      

A univariate statistical parameter assessing effect size for multivariate responses
Xiaohua Douglas Zhang      Abstract       Paper      

Power simulation of incomplete block design in early phase clinical studies
Yuming Chen      Abstract      

Adaptive designs in dose-finding oncology drug combination trials
Lian Liu, Bingming Yi, Yuehui Wu      Abstract      

STS095: CCSA panel discussion - International statistics - Supplying international statistics for decision making

Assuring high quality international statistics: A perspective from the BIS
Paul Van den Bergh      

International trade in services in statistical frameworks
Andreas Maurer      Abstract       Paper      

Politics and statistics: A happy marriage?
Peter Van de Ven      

New collaborations to assess the reliability and relevance of food data collected in National Household Surveys
Grant Cameron      Abstract      

Supplying evidence based international statistics for decision making
Per Nymand-Andersen      

STS096: Intra-customs and trans-border statistics: Prospects for cross cooperation

Processes in trans-border areas significant impact on the economic growth
Marek Cierpial-Wolan      Abstract       Paper      

The indexation and monitoring of the modern trans-border processes
Serhii Ustych      Abstract       Paper      

Joint implementation of the project “Index of cross - border cooperation”
Vasil Hudak      Abstract       Paper      

Poland border dialogues. Developing a CBC Index for Europe
Rune Rafaelsen      Abstract      

Intra and trans statistics: Requirements and parameters of modern IT platforms review and new paradigms
Sergey Nesterov, Vasiliy Simchera      Abstract       Paper